Smart home & Covid 19

How smart home tech can help you avoid viruses?

Hand sanitizers and masks sold out, people asked to stay indoors and avoid social interactions – will this be enough to keep us safe from the virus? Most of us still need to go out for one or another reason, such as grocery shopping. Sure, we can wash hands and items bought from shops, but will this be enough? Here are some tips about how smart home technology can keep us more protected against the virus.

1. Automated lights 

Automated light in hallways and bathrooms can significantly reduce the possible bacteria or viruses being transferred from switches. For example, you could use a motion sensor in your hallway to detect when you arrive home and switch on lights automatically. Also, you could set a similar scenario for bathrooms. This way you could enter your home and go to wash hands easily without first touching switches that are perfect for transferring all kinds of viruses and bacteria between people.

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2. Smart faucet

Smart faucets have been around for a long time and are mostly used in public places such as malls, airports, or cinemas. These days it could also be useful to install one to your own home. It is especially useful for families and houses with many people. If you stop and think about common washing hands procedure – how often do you actually clean the faucet handle? We go to the bathroom, open the water, wash hands nicely with soap, and close the water. But when we close the water, we touch the same handle we just touched with dirty hands first. It doesn’t seem to be the safest option for me. Smart faucet, paired with a smart soap dispenser can really help us better avoid viruses and bacteria.

3. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Yes, they will clean your home with a button touch from your phone or the sound of your voice asking it to do it. No need to worry about the laziness of cleaning. You can even set them to clean automatically every day at a specific time. Did you know that some of them even have a UV light to kill bacteria? Although not all robot cleaners are perfect, they do remove most of the dust. Therefore this smart home product can indeed do you a big favor in terms of lowering the threat from possible viruses and bacterias on the floors of your house.

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