Are smart toilet worth the money - Best smart toilet of 2023 Are smart toilet worth the money - Best smart toilet of 2023

Are smart toilet worth the money - Best smart toilet of 2023

Learn all about smart toilets and some of the best picks for 2023. Get EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug to ensure your appliances are not wasting electricity!

Do you detest cleaning the toilet? Do you constantly run out of toilet paper? A smart toilet or bidet that does most of the cleaning for you might be worth purchasing.

Despite not being as common in the US as overseas, smart toilets are becoming increasingly common in homes because of their special characteristics that regular home toilets lack. Smart toilets have many useful features, including spray cleaning and air drying. Still, they can also automatically flush the toilet when you're done using it, close and open the lid automatically, clean the toilet bowl after each flush, and heat the seat. To ensure the most abundant and comfortable experience every time, some even include user-storable preferences and adjustable water and pressure settings.

Despite being a significant financial commitment, smart toilets can range in price from $1,000 to $7,000. However, the additional features might be well worth it for your house.

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Benefits of Installing A Smart Toilet

This section discusses the advantages of having a smart toilet with a bidet in your smart bathroom and good reasons to install one.

Better Hygiene

The most private parts of your body can be cleaned quickly and easily with a smart toilet, just like a regular toilet visit. In addition to allowing you to clean your anal and perianal regions with water, toilets with built-in bidets frequently have a drying feature that uses heated air to gently dry your skin after cleaning.


Smart toilets are made to adjust to the user's demands; some models have many features (even sound effects!), while other designs emphasize how important hygiene is for various body types.

The In-Wash WC blends functionality and versatility. Its side panel has a few buttons that are easy to use and let you choose between the standard cleaning and drying options. Additionally, you may use the remote control, which magnetically fastens to a wall bracket, to modify any of the settings. This gives you three degrees of control over the water pressure, hot air drying function, and nozzle position. It lets you change the air and water temps to suit your preferences.

Made For Families

A bidet toilet not only offers a multitude of configurations so that every family member can find the ideal setting for them, but it also makes it possible to freshen up after a long day quickly. Choosing a smart toilet with an easy-to-use interface also means anyone can learn how to utilize the features of drying and cleaning.

Some designs have extra options suitable for families: The infrared sensor on Roca's smart toilet only turns on when it senses movement on the seat, ensuring that the washing and drying processes begin when needed. The LED lights, which have four different modes and can be set to stay on for eight hours, are another comfort and safety element.

Support For The Injured And The Elderly

Installing a toilet with a bidet can also benefit older adults and others with mobility problems. Daily intimate area washing will be much simpler with the cleaning and drying features, reducing the possibility of slips and falls in the shower or bathtub.

Easy To Clean

There are excellent illustrations of how a bidet toilet may be simple to use and maintain. Its retractable nozzle cleans itself before and after each use to ensure optimal hygiene. You can also effortlessly remove the seat and cover from the pan while cleaning the bathroom by removing the nozzle's tip.

Additionally, most of the models of smart toilets are rimless, meaning they lack the typical rim found on most regular WCs. A rimless toilet has smooth inside walls with no crevices or corners where debris can collect.

Space Saving

Installing a smart toilet offers a 2-in-1 option that will take up less room than installing a separate bidet and WC. Because of its small size and simple design, it blends in nicely with most bathroom decor styles and never shows any cords.

A standard power outlet and a water outlet are typically all needed to install a toilet with a bidet; many models are available in wall-hung and floor-standing configurations. Additionally, a brand-new variant with the cistern integrated into the restroom is available on the market.

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Best Smart Toilets In 2023

Now that we have gone through the benefits and made a solid case for smart toilets let us go through the best options available for you to buy in 2023! Of course, you can get the EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug and hook it up with your smart toilet to learn about its power consumption and remote control capability!

American Standard Advanced Clean 100

There is much to like, including an auto-flush feature, a warm-air dryer, five temperature-adjustable heated seats, changeable water temperature, and numerous nozzles for a customized cleaning experience. We value the automated opening and closing of the toilet seat (no more leaving it up!) and the soothing light that helps you navigate in the middle of the night.

There's also a handy deodorizer to help keep things fresh and clean the air in the bowl. This ultramodern smart toilet is a worthwhile purchase for those seeking cutting-edge features and enhanced comfort, even though its low-height design might turn off some buyers. Our pros admire the extended shape, which gives you an oval-shaped design with a few more inches for comfort, convenience, and a more modern appearance.

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Woodbridge B-0960S Smart Toilet

A heated seat, purported air purification, auto opening and closure, and automatic flushing are just a few of the features. Our experts appreciate several wash options (feminine wash, posterior wash, etc.) and that the touchscreen remote control is convenient and can be put on the wall or used by hand.

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Toto Neorest 700H Dual Flush Toilet

With a maximum water usage of one gallon every flush, this smart toilet outperforms the rest, providing the largest savings on your water bill. Although its exceptional efficiency comes at a price, this opulent smart toilet has many other wonderful features like numerous customized cleaning options, temperature adjustments, two user memory settings, an accessible wall-mounted remote control, an automatic seat opener and closer, and auto flush.

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Kohler Karing Elongated Toilet

This Kohler smart toilet is small and sleek, so that it will look great in any bathroom.

Its many great features are its self-cleaning wand, air dryer, temperature controls, hands-free seat opening and shutting, and LED light that lights up the bowl at night. The WaterSense-qualified single-flush toilet uses 1.28 gallons of water every flush, comparable to most smart toilets on our list.

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Duravit Sensowash Starck F Shower Toilet Seat

Sensowash Starck F model from Duravit, designed by famous industrial and interior designer Philippe Starck, is a sleek and contemporary model that can be hung on the wall to conserve space.

In contrast to other toilets in the same category, you may configure profile settings using an app on your phone or use a remote control to operate its features. This smart toilet also has a heated seat, a warm-air drier, multiple washing settings, auto flushing, automated opening and closing, and more.

You may find the front and back bidets surprisingly clean initially, but you'll adore them for their exceptional performance. The powerful heated seat is fantastic, and the nightlight feature is wonderful.

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These days, the term ‚Äúsmart plug‚ÄĚ does not produce as much awe as it used to, but we are sure that your living experience will be better with the EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug. Compatible with the Apple ecosystem, you can remotely turn on or off your smart toilet from the application. In addition to this, get control of your utility bills by optimizing water and other accessories usage!

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