How to Lower Electric Bill in Winter Home How to Lower Electric Bill in Winter Home

How to Lower Electric Bill in Winter Home

Discover practical tips on how to lower your electric bill in winter. Stay warm, save money, and make your home more efficient with the best tips.

As the winter chill sets in, many of us grapple with rising electric bills that can put a freeze on our budgets. The good news is, you don't have to choose between staying warm and keeping your bank account in the green. With a few smart adjustments and using EVVR products, you can enjoy a cozy home and watch those electric bills melt away.

In this guide, we will explore practical and easy-to-follow strategies on how to lower electric bill in winter without sacrificing comfort. So, without further ado, let's discover the secrets to a more cost-effective and energy-efficient winter home!

Why is My Electric Bill So High in The Winter?

Have you ever wondered why your electric bill seems to skyrocket during the winter months? It is a common concern for many people, but the explanation is quite simple.

During the winter, we all want to stay warm and cozy. To do that, we turn up the heat in our homes. You may use natural gas, propane, or electricity to heat your house or apartment. No matter what you use, you are using more energy to keep warm. So, you must learn how to lower electric bill in winter in apartment or house.

This increase in energy use in the winter leads to higher energy bills. In other words, you are using more power to make your home nice and warm, which costs money.

Factors That Affect Electric Bills in The Winter

There are scenarios when your electricity bills in the winter are higher than the previous year. So, you must know the reason behind that. On that note, let's break down what factors affect the size of your electric bill:

  • Energy Consumption: The more electricity you use, the higher your bill will be. Using energy-efficient appliances can lower your electric bill. Plus, you have to be mindful of your energy use. It is wise to know some cold weather tips for home on how to save money on electric bill in winter.
  • Electricity Rates: The cost of electricity varies based on supply, demand, and the cost of generating electricity. Rates can change throughout the year. They depend on fuel consumption, power plant operation costs, regional regulations, and other factors.
  • Weather: The rate of electric bills will very much depend on the weather. In the summer, when people use more electricity for air conditioning, prices may be higher. And during winter storms, when more people need electricity to stay warm, your bill might be higher too. So, the question remains, ‚ÄúIs electric bill higher in winter or summer?‚ÄĚ

Winter Activities at Home

When the cold winds blow and the snow falls outside, it is a perfect time to enjoy some cozy winter activities in your own home. Here are some simple and fun things you can do during the winter months:

how to lower electric bill in winter

‚óŹ Get Creative

Find a large cardboard box. Usually, you will get one from a furniture store or your refrigerator. Tape up one end and reinforce the sides with duct tape. Now, let your imagination run wild!

Collaborate with your child to cut out doors and windows. Encourage them to add control panels using everyday items like bottle caps, toilet paper rolls, or string. You can build a fantastic cardboard fort or spaceship for endless indoor adventures.

‚óŹ Cooking Adventures

Why not try your hand at cooking classes? You can do it from the comfort of your home. What’s more, it won’t cost you a single penny. Many online platforms, like Skillshare, YouTube, and Craftsy, offer cooking classes.

Pick a recipe that interests you, gather the ingredients, and set aside some time to cook. Whether you are cooking solo or with the family, it is a delightful way to warm your heart and taste buds.

‚óŹ Gaming Time

Dive into video game marathons. Even if you are not a regular gamer, it is a great way to pass the time indoors. Play solo or invite friends for multiplayer fun. You can even set up a gaming competition. At the same time, keep the energy high with plenty of snacks and drinks.

‚óŹ Board Game Fun

Unplug from technology and have a board game night with your family or friends. Plenty of family-friendly board games like Mouse Trap, Monopoly, or Clue exist.

For a more adult crowd, consider games like Scattergories or Trivial Pursuit. It is a great way to bond and have a blast without screens.

‚óŹ Home Makeover

Beat the winter blues by giving your home a fresh look. You don't need a major renovation‚ÄĒsmall changes can make a big difference.

Try rearranging your furniture, changing decor, and so on. You can even add seasonal touches like string lights and candles. Create a warm and cozy atmosphere with soft blankets and throw pillows.

‚óŹ Read a Good Book

Curl up with a good book and escape the cold weather. Visit your local library if you don't have books at home. Alternatively, you can join a book club to share your love of reading with others. It is a fantastic way to relax and unwind during the winter.

‚óŹ Learn a New Hobby

Use the winter to learn something new and exciting. The internet is a treasure trove of tutorials. Try your hand at knitting, playing a musical instrument, or baking bread.

On top of that, you can find websites like Pinterest, Craftsy, and YouTube. These can guide you through the learning process. Don't forget to check your local library for hobby books and resources.

‚óŹ Stay Active

Keep your body and mind active to beat the winter blues. Create a small home gym with essentials like free weights, yoga mats, and resistance bands. You don't need fancy equipment to get a good workout.

No doubt, exercise is good for your physical health. In addition, it can help you stay motivated and combat boredom during the winter.

Average Winter Electric Bill

The average winter electric bill will depend on two things - where you live and how much electricity you use. The average monthly electric bill for a residential home in the US was $133 during the first quarter of 2023, as stated by the Energy Information Administration (EIA).

Your location matters when it comes to your electric bill. In general, electric bills tend to go up from north to south. The same scenarios can be witnessed from the west coast to the east coast. If you live in an area with more cold days, you might expect a higher bill.

The cost of electricity can also vary from state to state based on how much electricity people use. In 2021, Texas had the highest consumption. Electricity prices can range from 9.67 cents per kilowatt-hour to 22.71 cents per kilowatt-hour. So, where you live and how much you use can impact your bill.

how to lower electric bill in winter

How to Lower Electric Bill in Winter with Smart Devices

If you are looking to trim your winter electric bill while staying cozy, you need to learn smart ways to save on electricity. With the help of modern technology and smart devices, you can make your home more energy-efficient. Here is how:

  • Seal Out Drafts: Weatherstripping your doors and windows is a good idea to prevent heat from escaping. At the same time, prevent cold air from entering. Also, you can use door sweeps and draft stoppers for added insulation.
  • Smart Thermostat: Invest in a smart thermostat. Also, use it wisely with a smart controller like EVVR Center Lite to optimize your heating system. Program it to lower the temperature when you are not home or when you are asleep. As a result, you can save on your electric bill without sacrificing comfort.
  • Annual Heating System Checkup: You must always ensure your heating system is running efficiently. For that, you can schedule a yearly checkup. A well-maintained furnace prevents breakdowns during cold snaps. It also lowers your electric bills during the winter by operating more efficiently.
  • EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug & Relay: Consider using the EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug & Relay to monitor and control your energy usage. You can identify and manage power-hungry appliances by using this device. Ultimately, you can reduce your overall consumption.
  • Check Insulation: Adequate insulation in your home is key to reducing winter energy bills. Most importantly, you need to insulate your attic. Also, seal gaps around electrical outlets and utility entry points. You can keep the heat in and the cold out through proper insulation. This is a good technique on how to keep house warm in winter without electricity.
  • Clear Air Vents: Don't block your heating vents with furniture or drapes. This will make your furnace work harder. Clear vents ensure even circulation and keep your heating system efficient.
  • Water Heater Temperature: Adjust your water heater's temperature to 120 degrees. This is usually sufficient for most households. Consider adding a water heater blanket to retain heat and reduce the frequency of heating elements.
  • Insulate Pipes: Insulating hot water pipes can raise the water temperature by 2¬įF‚Äď4¬įF. This not only provides hotter water but also reduces the time it takes to get hot water.
  • LED Light Bulbs: Replace incandescent or CFL bulbs with LED light bulbs. LEDs are highly energy-efficient, using 75% less energy and lasting much longer. For optimum use, consider installing an EVVR In-Wall Relay Switch.
  • Unplug Unused Electronics: Many electronic devices continue to draw power when turned off. They are known as energy vampires. So, you should unplug devices like desktop televisions, printers, computers, and video game consoles when they are not in use to save electricity.

Customizable Winter Home Routines with EVVR Center Lite

Make your winter home routines truly personalized and efficient with EVVR Center Lite. This versatile device can seamlessly connect with various smart devices. It is like a cornerstone of your winter home decor and comfort.

Here is how EVVR Center Lite can enhance your winter home experience:

  • Simple Control Hub: Manage EVVR Center Lite with the user-friendly EVVR app. Monitor, control, manipulate, and troubleshoot your smart devices in real time through this app. Enhance your winter home experience further by pairing it with the EVVR Smart Plug and Smart In-Wall Relay Switch.
  • Seamless Compatibility: EVVR Center Lite effortlessly integrates with a wide range of smart devices. This includes lighting, thermostats, locks, cameras, and more. Say goodbye to worries about device compatibility ‚ÄĒ EVVR Center Lite makes your winter home smart, unified, and efficient.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The EVVR App and the website come with a friendly user experience. EVVR cares about its users, so it offers the best way to manage smart home decor and devices effortlessly. Control all your smart accessories from a single platform. Hence, you can customize your winter home to your liking.

how to lower electric bill in winter

  • Automation: Create automation rules in the EVVR app to control all your smart devices, from lighting to thermostats. Set up cost-saving automation rules using Wi-Fi, Z-Wave Plus, and Zigbee 3.0 to optimize your winter home's energy efficiency.
  • Extended Coverage: Connect all your smart devices to larger spaces with ease. EVVR Center Lite can expand your smart home network. Hence, it allows you to create a stable single-star network that covers your entire winter home.
  • Offline Connectivity: With EVVR Center Lite, you can rest assured that your connected devices will communicate even without an internet connection. It will provide a cozy and protected winter home experience by keeping your smart devices secure and functional.

Wrapping Up

If you have learned how to lower electric bill in winter, then you have also understood that it is a smart way to manage your expenses while keeping your home warm and comfortable. You can take control of your energy consumption by implementing the tips and strategies discussed in this guide. Now, you have the power to create a cozier and more cost-effective winter home.

So, start applying these simple changes today. Enjoy the warmth of both your home and your wallet throughout the winter season. To have a consultation on keeping lower electric bills using EVVR products, contact us here.

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