In-Wall Relay Switch

50% smaller  ·  No neutral wire required  ·  No minimum load limit

Technical Specs

 Smart Relay
Smart Switch Sub-Assembly
Model numberW10-WW80SR01W10-WW80SS01
Product Size(L*W*H)59.4 * 39.3 * 21.2mm33.7 * 28.4 * 17.8mm
Input VoltageAC 85V~245VAC 85V~245V
Min. Load PowerNo limitNo limit
Max. Load powerAC 110V/800W Resistive load
AC 220V/1500W Resistive load
AC 110V/3A
AC 220V/3A
Operating Temperature-20~40°C-20~40°C
Relative Humidity5~85%RH5~85%RH
Wireless ConnectivityZigbee 2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4/
Zigbee ProfileZigbee 3.0/
RF CharacteristicsOperating frequency: 2.4GHz
Rang outdoor/indoor: 60m/30m
Internal FPC antenna

Supported Loads

 Minimum Load PowerMaximum Load Power
Incandescent/halogenNo limit2000W / 300W (with switch)
LEDNo limit1000W / 300W (with switch)
FluorescentNo limit1000W / 300W (with switch)

Note: The switch is an optional part of the wireless relay, and the maximum load power of the wireless relay is lower when connected with the switch