Zigbee Smart Relay Switch &SmartThings hub

EVVR In-Wall Relay Switch works with SmartThings now!

SmartThings users, rejoice! Today, we are happy to announce that our Zigbee 3.0 In-Wall Relay Switch (IRS) is tested to work with the SmartThings Hub. Now you can use SmartThings Hub to build a safer and greener smart-lighting system with EVVR’s In-Wall Relay Switch.

What can you do?

With the EVVR IRS, SmartThings users can build the most energy-efficient smart-lighting system without worrying about light flickering or electricity leakage issues that are present with other smart relay switches. Additionally, IRS works without a neutral wire. People living in homes without neutral wires in their switch panels can build a smart-lighting system, without rewiring their entire home electrical circuits.

With this integration, you can use the SmartThings app to control EVVR IRS devices and setup automation/schedules rules e.g.

  • Every day at 6 pm, turn on the lights
  • When motion is detected in the bathroom, turn on the bathroom lights
  • When the door is opened, turn on the hallway lights
  • When the button is pressed, turn on the garage and living room lights

If you connected your SmartThings Hub to a Google Home or Amazon Alexa device, you could use your voice to control the lights e.g.

  • Alexa, turn on the living room lights
  • Ok Google, turn off the living room lights

How to connect?

Follow the instructions below to add the IRS to a SmartThings Hub

  1. Turn on the pairing mode of your SmartThings Hub
    • Open the app, click the ‘+’ button, then click on ‘add device’. After that, you have two options
    • (Option 1) ‘Scan QR code’ – Scan the QR code on the Smart Relay (Recommended)
    • (Option 2) ‘Scan Nearby’ – Wait for it to be discovered automatically
  2. Turn on the inclusion (pairing) mode of the IRS
    • (Option 1) If the IRS has never been paired before (LED is RED), press the button on the Smart Relay once. Else, long press the button for 3 seconds then short press once more
    • Option 2) If you have the Smart Switch and Smart Relay installed, press the physical light switch on-off 5 times (5 times off, 5 times on)

We recommend adding the IRS to SmartThings through QR code, as it provides an added level of security.


Unlike other Zigbee devices, EVVR’s In-Wall Relay Switch (IRS) works with third-party hubs. If you do not own a SmartThings Hub, you can also use an Amazon Echo Device with built-in Zigbee. Keep a lookout as we are testing more Zigbee Hubs in the future!

To learn more about EVVR In-Wall Relay Switch, please click here.

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