CEDIA Expo 2023: EVVR to showcase its new product CEDIA Expo 2023: EVVR to showcase its new product

CEDIA Expo 2023: EVVR to showcase its new product

EVVR, one of the fastest-growing names in the global home automation space, is all set to participate in the upcoming CEDIA Expo to be held on September 7-9, 2023, at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, CO.

EVVR is pleased to announce its participation at CEDIA Expo 2023, a renowned residential tech event that will bring together over 20,000 home tech professionals. The company's advanced smart home automation solutions and products will be on display at booth #3158, including the latest EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug and EVVR Multi-protocol Center Lite.

The latest innovation from EVVR, the EVVR Multi-protocol Center Lite, is a non-cloud-based multi-protocol home automation controller with extraordinary features, summarized below:

  • Seamless connection of smart devices to the home control hub via Zigbee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth.
  • Additional functionalities and enhanced compatibility with development kits, including EVVR Console, Controller SDK, and App SDK.
  • Creation of drivers for Zigbee or Z-Wave devices and development of multifunctional built-in features on EVVR Console.
  • Enterprise-class data encryption using a peer-to-peer network connection that processes and stores data in real-time and locally.
  • Support for multiple control methods.
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EVVR will also unveil its Energy Monitoring Smart Plug at CEDIA Expo 2023. It can connect with a multitude of appliances via the product's built-in button, Apple Home, or the EVVR App. This product facilitates accurate power monitoring of indoor electrical appliances with a maximum error rate of 1%, empowering users to effectively manage power consumption and reduce electricity costs. Unlike conventional smart plugs, the EVVR Smart Plug's distinct design enables seamless utilization in narrow areas, such as behind refrigerators, while maintaining cleanliness and orderliness. It protects users from electrical fires and shocks with overload and thermal protection features and a shell tamper-proof and button lock design.

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Some other EVVR products to be showcased at CEDIA Expo include EVVR Hub, In-Wall Relay Switch, In-Wall Relay Switch Lite, EVVR App, and EVVR Pad S. Among these brilliant products, the EVVR Hub, a CES 2023 Innovation Awards honoree, is likely to garner significant attention during the event. The EVVR Hub is an in-wall multi-protocol smart home controller that also serves as a Wi-Fi 6 access point, seamlessly connecting with various home automation devices.

"We are excited to participate in this year's CEDIA Expo. As an engaging event that brings together key decision-makers and thought leaders in the home automation industry, we look forward to utilizing the platform to announce our latest developments," said Martin, CEO of EVVR.

About EVVR: EVVR ApS, a home automation solution provider, is transforming the way people live, work, and play by developing automation tools that enable genuinely efficient lives. The EVVR team has been creating innovative smart home technology solutions for over seven years, led by a team of engineers and designers with a wealth of industry experience. Our robust home automation system connects various devices and operates them locally from one control unit. 

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