How to Power Cycle Router - Power Cycle Device Recommendation How to Power Cycle Router - Power Cycle Device Recommendation

How to Power Cycle Router - Power Cycle Device Recommendation

Your internet router plays a major role in creating a stable network around your home. Learn how to power cycle your router to make it function better.

Now is the time to discuss your home network.

An increasing number of people are discovering that their home networks could be better as their professions shift to more remote locations. Most residential networks have far lower bandwidth speeds than business-class networks used in companies, which might be problematic if several people utilize tfhe network simultaneously. Or even worse, if multiple users attempt to stream video or make calls simultaneously.

Let's examine why dependable home networks are crucial and some tips for maximizing your time spent online while at home as you and your family get used to working remotely.

EVVR has a string of appliances and software solutions to provide excellent smart home capabilities to its users. From smart home hubs to smart plugs and relays, everything is for you to try and get the best of in this day and age.

Why Do You Need A Solid Home Network?

Numerous Devices & Appliances

Everything will operate more slowly the more devices you have utilizing the same network at once.

This particularly applies to wireless gadgets. Just take a moment to count the number of wi-fi-enabled devices that are now within your reach. Then consider every other gadget in the house, including gaming systems, computers, tablets, phones, smart home technology, and a long list of other gadgets. Additionally, if everyone is participating in simultaneous video conferences or chats, things may get very slow very quickly.

Ensuring that all household members have access to their preferred gadgets at all times can be facilitated by a well-designed home network. It could mean the difference between being able to see and hear everyone in the group call and having to cut in and out of an essential call with a client.

power cycle router

Wireless Interference

An excessive number of wireless networks can have a negative impact on performance, just like an excessive number of wireless devices. There's a chance that the numerous wireless networks in an apartment building or neighborhood with lots of nearby homes are interfering with one another.

The good news is that you can easily take care of this on your own. Use your internet browser to navigate to the systems page of your router (typically and search for the wireless settings. It should be possible to adjust the channel that the router utilizes; doing so will assist in preventing interference from other routers that could be using the busiest channels.

Benefits for Work From Home

Not only would upgrading your router and streamlining your home network benefit your professional life, but it will also enhance your leisure time.

You are likely experiencing network troubles at other times as well if you are experiencing them when working from home. How many times has your family gotten into arguments with one another over too many individuals streaming Netflix at once and slowing down the stream? How about when your music stream keeps dropping out while one of the kids is downloading a large video game update? A better network could enhance each of these situations, and now that everyone works from home, there has never been a greater opportunity to upgrade your home's internet setup overall.

Solid Home Network Means Freedom

What more is there to gain from a strong home network? Liberty.

Or, at minimum, being untethered. Even though you might be accustomed to spending your entire workday seated at a desk, having a robust WiFi network at home will allow you to work from wherever in the house. Or perhaps beyond it!

Get rid of "dead zones" where you are disconnected. Forget about relocating your laptop in order to acquire a stronger signal from the router. These are issues from the past, and your system, designed to support the network requirements of a contemporary home in 2020, shouldn't be experiencing them.

Better yet, the improved range corresponds with greater stability. Would you want to enjoy the morning sun and a cup of tea while working on some emails on your laptop out on the front porch? That is precisely what a comprehensive home network will provide, along with the liberty to roam throughout your home, porch, and backyard while maintaining internet connectivity. Technology is amazing.

Power Cycling 101

Could you switch it on and off a few times? This first IT tip you receive has become so famous that it has become a meme on the Internet (yep, the viral video from The IT Crowd) and is now a widely-liked suggestion because, well, it works.

Background processes can also cause slow connection speeds. Rebooting your modem and router can fix this. You can also increase your connection speed by shutting down and restarting.

Removing an object's power supply, such as your modem or router, is known as power cycling. Electrical devices operate using both hardware and software, and their performance may be impacted by overheating or information overload. The gadget's internal memory, or RAM, is refreshed when the power is cut off, making the device perform nearly brand-new.

Resetting the system puts a stop to all open processes and restores it to a "known, base state."

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Better Internet Security & Improved Network Security

Although it won't provide you with a better Internet speed indefinitely, rebooting your router can increase it.

WiFi interference won't actually slow down your internet connection, but it may significantly restrict the bandwidth going to and from your laptop and other wireless devices. Your WiFi router may temporarily increase in speed if you reset the router and push it to select a less crowded channel.

Therefore, the short answer is that unplugging your router will not increase your overall Internet speed, although it can enhance Internet speeds from their existing level.

Enhancing network security is achieved by restarting your router when it's not in use. Hackers and WiFi wardrivers cannot target network devices that are down. Firewalls and other security measures are helpful and essential, but they are not infallible.

For added security and control, you can get EVVR Smart Plug to make sure that all the bases are covered in and around your smart home!

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Best Way To Power Cycle Your Router

How to reset router? Finding the power and reset buttons on your modem and router should be your first step. A paperclip is normally needed to access the reset button, which is typically a pinhole in the rear of the device. We advise against using the reset technique because there is a chance that it will wipe the setup and return your device to factory defaults. On the other hand, users can restart the networking device by pressing the power button without needing to unhook anything. If yours lacks a power switch, it's time to disconnect it in the old-fashioned manner.

For the best chance of making things better, follow the quick procedure below. Most router and modem brands and types can be restarted in this manner.

  • Take the modem and router out of the electrical outlet.
  • Give it at least thirty seconds.
  • Re-plug the modem first, then let it take a minimum of sixty seconds before turning on the router.
  • Before attempting to test your internet connection, wait until all of the panel lights on your cable modem become green.
  • Check to see whether the issue has been resolved. Use your PC to connect to the network and check your internet connection. Connect via an Ethernet cable to try this.

Pro Tip: Reset and restart buttons usually initiate the factory reset or restoration procedure, so avoid using them. Unplugging eliminates any uncertainty. However, it's probably okay to use a power button with a clear label.

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Why The Wait?

The battery on your device must be completely reset, meaning that it must run out of juice completely before turning it back on.

The waiting period is for all of the memory to be cleared and the power in your device's power capacitors‚ÄĒwhich are essentially tiny batteries that store energy‚ÄĒto discharge. By doing this, you may be certain that your modem or router will be correctly rebooted and stabilized.

You can achieve more than just faster Internet by resting your router. Try power cycling your devices the next time you're having problems with your internet service, whether it's sluggish, sporadic, or not functioning at all.

EVVR Smart Plug - Excellent For Power Cycling Your Router!

When it comes to the best smart plugs available in the market, there is no option better than EVVR Smart Plug . It is a nifty device that can help you remotely control appliances and devices from your smartphone. All you have to do is install the proprietary app, and you are set to go. If you have to power cycle your router, you can either schedule the shutdown or do it remotely without moving from your couch. Also, you can employ the smart plug to take advantage of other appliances and devices for better utility and saving electricity. So, what are you waiting for?

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