Revolutionize Pet Care with Smart Devices: How to Create Efficient Environments Revolutionize Pet Care with Smart Devices: How to Create Efficient Environments

Revolutionize Pet Care with Smart Devices: How to Create Efficient Environments

Smart pet care devices, like an electric cat litter box, change how you nurture and engage with your animal companions. You enjoy real-time insights into your furry …

Picture a typical weekday morning, and you are heading to your work. Your pet is left alone at home, and the thought of their well-being lingers in your mind throughout the day. But not anymore! Smart pet care devices put an end to all your concerns. Now, there are smart gadgets like an electric cat litter box for a cleaner and stress-free environment, pet cameras for monitoring your pets through apps on your smartphone, and more.

These solutions provide stress relief, simplify pet care, and enhance the overall quality of life for your furry friend. Thus, the digital pet products market is growing rapidly, and it's expected to reach USD 46.56 billion by 2030. Continue reading to know more about smart pet care products like an electric cat litter box.

The Rise of Smart Pet Care

56% of pet owners have now bought a special tech for their pets. This surge is due to benefits like time-saving convenience, enhanced monitoring, and improved well-being for pets. The goal of smart pet care is to cater to the changing needs of modern pet owners in this fast-paced world.

A few trends that are on the rise in the smart pet care industry are given as:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: AI and ML are really helpful in determining the health of pets. Its integration with pet cameras and other devices is increasing as it helps detect unusual patterns in pet behavior. This helps you in early detection of diseases or other underlying health conditions.
  • IoT Solutions: IoT is a technology that connects various smart devices and technologies to offer a comprehensive pet care experience. IoT solutions help you remotely monitor and engage with your pets through various smart devices. From smart or automatic feeding systems and an electric little box to real-time health tracking, IoT is leading the tech revolution in pet care.

smart cat litter box

Unveiling the Smart Cat Litter Box

A smart or electric cat litter box is the way to keep your home tidy and fresh when you have a feline. It's a device that automates removing cat waste from the litter. There are sensors detecting when a cat uses the litter box and other features like odor control and timers. Hence, it ultimately enhances the overall efficiency and cleanliness of managing a cat's litter box.

How Does an Electric Cat Litter Box?

The working of an electric cat litter box is simple:

  1. There are sensors that detect your cat's presence and allow time for the cat to exit and for the litter to solidify.
  2. The cat's leaving initiates a gradual rotation of the globe present in the electric cat litter box.
  3. Then, during the rotation, a sifting process separates the clean litter from the clumps.
  4. Subsequently, all waste clumps are deposited into a sealed drawer below to effectively control odors.
  5. After the waste deposits, the globe smoothly returns to its normal position, leaving a fresh litter bed for the next use.
  6. Finally, when the waste drawer is complete, you simply replace the bag and dispose of the collected waste.

smart cat litter box

Advantages of an Electric Cat Litter Box

Let's look at a few advantages of an electric cat litter box:

  • Odor Control: No one likes a smelly house, especially if you have guests coming over. An electric cat litter box proves to be a great help in this situation. It cleans and disposes of the litter quickly after use, ensuring the smell associated with your feline fellow litter is under control.
  • Best for Multiple Cats: If you've multiple cats at home, you must get tired of all the litter scooping. But not anymore! An electric cat litter automatically cleans the litter, so the next cat finds it clean and easily uses it. This self-cleaning box may not need you to throw litter after every few hours, but you need to change the litter bed more often.
  • No More House Soiling: If a cat finds their litter box is dirty, they may tend to pee or poop in other areas of your home. This makes the house dirty, and the odor situation also worsens. However, an electric litter box automatically cleans the litter bed, so when your cat uses it again, it's clean and tidy. Hence, there will be no house soiling and unwanted bad odors.

DIY Solutions for Smart Pet Care

Let's look at a few DIY smart pet care solutions you can try at home:

Smart Pet Camera

A smart pet camera helps you keep an eye on your pet's activity while away from home. Here's how you can build a smart pet cam easily:


  • Raspberry Pi
  • Raspberry Pi Camera
  • Camera Housing
  • Power Supply

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. First, connect the camera module to the Raspberry Pi.
  2. If using a housing, assemble it and install the Raspberry Pi and camera module.
  3. Next, download the MotionEyeOS operating system, choosing the latest full release.
  4. Now, format the micro SD card, ensuring it's empty.
  5. Copy the MotionEyeOS file to the micro SD card.
  6. For Mac users, utilize alternative imaging software.
  7. Afterward, insert the SD card into the Raspberry Pi.
  8. Connect an Ethernet cable to your network (for initial setup and configuration) and provide power to the Raspberry Pi.
  9. Finally, boot up the system; once booted, your camera is ready for use.

smart cat litter box

Smart Fan

A smart exhaust fan for an electric litter box is necessary to keep the cat litter odor to a minimum. Here's how you can make a DIY smart fan:

Materials Required

  1. Computer Fan
  2. Plastic dryer hose
  3. Sheet of Lexan
  4. 2 Plastic cups that fit about 3/4 of the way into the dryer hose
  5. Outdoor electrical junction box
  6. Screws
  7. Glue
  8. 12 Volt wall power adapter

smart cat litter box

Step-by-Step Guide

Here are the steps to follow to make a DIY smart fan:

Step 1: Construct the Fan Box

Here's how you can construct a fan box:

  1. Cut a square hole in the bottom of the box as per the fan's size.
  2. Mount the fan to the back using screws at the corners of the hole.
  3. Place a screen across the hole on the exterior side of the box to prevent bug entry.
  4. Cut a circle in the cover of the electrical box (fan box) to fit one of the plastic cups.
  5. Cut the bottom off the plastic cup and push it through the hole in the electrical box cover.
  6. Glue the plastic cup in place to secure it.
Step 2: Mount the Fan Box in the Window

Now you need to mount the fan box in the window for the electric cat litter box:

  1. Cut a piece of Lexan so it fits the window's size.
  2. Cut a square hole in the Lexan matching the size of the hole in the electrical box, leaving one side uncut to create a mini awning.
  3. Screw the electrical box to the Lexan window.
  4. Mount the Lexan and fan box assembly in the window.
Step 3: Install the Dryer Hose on the Fan Box

It's time to install the available dryer's hose on the fan box:

  1. Slide the dryer hose over the plastic cup.
  2. Adjust the tightness by sliding the hose up; it should get tighter as you move it further.
  3. If needed, apply tape to secure the hose if it is too loose to stay on.
Step 4: Install the Dryer Hose into the Electric Cat Litter Box

To install the dryer hose, follow these steps:

  1. Cut a round hole in the litter box lid, allowing the plastic cup to slide only 3/4 of the way in.
  2. Pass the end of the dryer hose into the hole in the box.
  3. Push the plastic cup from the inside into the dryer hose, ensuring a tight wedge.
  4. Cover the top of the cup with a screen to prevent cat hair from entering the fan; alternatively, use a filter for added protection, considering that dust may still pass through the screen.
Step 5: Power Up

Here's how to power the fan of the electric cat litter box:

  1. Power the fan by utilizing a 12 Volt power adapter.
  2. Connect the leads from the power adapter to the leads of the computer fan.

And all done! This product will improve the air quality of your home.

Role of EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug and Relay

The EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug and Relay makes your smart pet care products smarter with the following features:

  • HomeKit-enabled Control: Effortlessly manage appliance on/off functions via Apple HomeKit, EVVR App, or the built-in button with this Energy Monitoring Smart Plug and Relay.
  • Universal Compatibility: Connects seamlessly with older and newer home or pet care gadgets, breathing new, smart life into outdated appliances.
  • Real-time Monitoring: The EVVR App enables you to monitor real-time power data and hourly energy consumption for a comprehensive view of your home's energy usage.
  • Versatile Power Handling: Compatible with 2-core and 3-core cables, this energy monitor supports currents up to 16 Amps at 85-245 Volts, surpassing the capabilities of ordinary smart plugs and relays.
  • Customizable Control: Utilize the Energy Monitoring Smart Relay to connect power and appliances, allowing for energy monitoring and remote control of various electrical devices.

Integrating Pet Care Devices with EVVR Center Lite

Next, you should integrate your pet care devices with EVVR Center Lite, a perfect smart home hub that has the following features:

  • Pet-Centric Integration: Made to effortlessly connect with various smart pet care devices, EVVR Center Lite enhances the cohesion of your pet care ecosystem. It ensures a harmonious and interconnected environment.
  • Intuitive Pet Management: Simplify pet care with the user-friendly EVVR App. The robust EVVR Console web application consolidates all features, providing a comprehensive pet management experience.
  • Craft Custom Pet Automation: Empower yourself as the true owner of your pet's environment with the intuitive drag-and-drop interface of EVVR Console.
  • Secure Pet Data: Prioritize your pet's privacy and security with enterprise-level data encryption through a P2P network connection. EVVR Center Lite processes and stores pet-related data locally in real-time, eliminating reliance on cloud storage for superior data security in smart pet care.

The Impact of Smart Devices on Pet Care

Smart pet care devices, like an electric cat litter box, change how you nurture and engage with your animal companions. You enjoy real-time insights into your furry friend's activities and health metrics. This fosters a more proactive and attentive approach to care. These devices keep your home tidy even when your feline or furry fellow moves and plays around. You can also bid farewell to house soiling and foul odor.


Smart pet care devices have taken the world by storm. They are becoming part of most homes with pets to ensure pet owners can give their fellows the best care and nourishment. In case you are wondering how you can make your ordinary pet gadgets smart and control all smart devices through one platform, EVVR has you covered. We offer products like EVVR Center Lite, EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug and Relay, EVVR Pad S, EVVR In-Wall Relay Switch, and more. Get in touch with us and enjoy pet care automation at your fingertips!

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