What is Apple HomeKit? Everything you need to know What is Apple HomeKit? Everything you need to know

What is Apple HomeKit? Everything you need to know

What is Apple Home Kit? How will it help you? Let our definitive guide answer all your questions and unravel the endless possibilities it offers!

Apple is undoubtedly one of the leaders in the tech industry. You’d notice a certain degree of uniqueness in each Apple product they launch. They take time to bring something to the market making sure that it offers the ease users look for while using them.

The ease of use is just the tip of the iceberg, since apple designs their own hardware and software they produce some of the high-performing and most optimized devices. All these reasons made Apple what it is today. They also have an outstanding profile in designing home automation devices.

However, some may prefer Google Home or Amazon Alexa over Apple HomeKit because of its price tag. Still, the premium home automation performance offered by Apple is worth a try!

What is Apple Homekit?

Apple homekit is an easy-to-use smart home system for putting together a secure DIY smart home. You can start from scratch and have a fully equipped smart-home system up and running in just a few minutes with a few HomeKit-compatible gadgets and an iPhone or iPad to operate them as homekit control is exclusive to apple devices like iPhone and iPad.

You can also rapidly do Automations which enables your devices to run independently or Scenes from their sets of commands that go to several devices simultaneously. Alternatively, you may control any of your gadgets via an app or even voice commands using Siri, Apple's digital assistant, which is deeply embedded into apple phones, tablets, desktops, watches, and HomePod Mini smart speakers.

Features Apple HomeKit Offers

Reputation alone should not be the compelling part of a product’s selling point, and for that, we need to determine if the product is offering what we actually need and provide the service in a reliable manner, let's see if Apple Homekit provides enough reliable service to consider its steep price.

Control Over Various Home Appliances

A house consists of many home appliances. We use devices for different tasks that require automation, and most of them are not from the same brand. So, we need a brain of smart homes that can control all of them.

With Apple HomeKit, you can control a range of different electronic devices including, Smart Lights, Smart Switches, Homekit plugs, Homekit Thermostats, and tonnes of other devices like TVs or refrigerators. 

Judging by the list you can already see that the apple HomeKit is an all-in-one smart home conversion solution. It covers almost everything that you need to manage.

what is apple homekit

Apple HomeKit Secure Video

Apple launched its HomeKit Secure Footage In with iOS 13. Secure footage is an API that analyzes video taken by compatible smart home cameras in your house using the iPad, Apple TV, or HomePod. Footage recorded by a smart home camera contains your most personal and sensitive information since they are installed right into your home.

Activity observed by compatible cameras is processed by your home hub using on-device intelligence to determine whether its people, dogs, or automobiles are present with HomeKit Secure Video.

When significant activity is spotted, you and anybody with whom you share your Home app will receive a notification allowing you to see the footage directly from the Lock Screen. It lets you monitor your home through video footage in real time from anywhere in the world.

The recorded video is accessible via the Home app for ten days. It is safely kept in authorized iCloud accounts for free and does not go against your current storage quota.

what is apple homekit

Privacy and Security

When setting up an Apple HomeKit device for the first time, it employs some security features, such as end-to-end encryption, non-reusable encryption keys, and two-way authentication. Apple validates your HomeKit device and your HomeKit device does the same.

For example, a HomeKit camera provides video and audio streams straight to an iOS device. Those streams are encrypted with randomly generated keys to prevent someone from intercepting your video feed.

All HomeKit data on your devices is securely stored, and HomeKit synchronization across devices is accomplished by iCloud and iCloud Keychain, both of which have their own security. Apple must also approve any gadget that receives the HomeKit designation which eliminates any shady device out there.

Diy Apple Homekit Solution

Smart home conversion is relatively expensive and apple doesn't hold back when contributing to the cost. But if you go a DIY route you can minimize the cost to a tolerable amount.

In this section, let's discuss some of the home appliances that work best with apple homekit.

Evvr Homekit In-wall Smart Switch

If you already have an Apple Home ecosystem or a Zigbee network of IoT devices, the Evvr Homekit in-wall relay switch will be a perfect choice. The two-part gadget is well-thought-out and enables simple installation, thus not having to rely on third-party smart home software is a huge plus.

Furthermore, it has an excellent range, and can readily pass through thick exterior walls. Fancy functions like dimming or changing the color are not accessible, but if you don't need such a function then evvr will be the perfect smart switch for the Apple Homekit owner.

apple homekit compatible devices

Lyric T5

The Honeywell Lyric T5 smart thermostat is a relatively inexpensive thermostat that will allow you to smartly control the temperature in your home. It has many of the same features as more costly versions but at a considerably lower price.

This programmable thermostat can be paired with smart home platforms such as Google Home, Apple HomeKit, and Amazon Alexa, allowing you to operate the unit with your voice. Unfortunately, unlike other offerings in the market of thermostats, the Lyric T5 is not compatible with as many smart home devices.

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August Smart Lock Pro

For sub 300$, you can get a DIY smart lock, a Connect Wi-Fi module, and a DoorSense sensor with your August Smart Lock Pro order but no hub is included. The Smart Lock Pro also works with Amazon Alexa speakers, Google Home, Apple HomeKit, and Nest and supports Z-Wave.

If you want a lot of integrations, August's included Smart Lock Pro is a terrific option, but anyone looking for a simpler lock should seek elsewhere.

what is apple homekit

Eve Aqua Smart Water Controller

The Eve Aqua is ideal for your sprinkler or irrigation system in your garden since it prevents overwatering and works even while you are away for work or a holiday. The gadget connects through Bluetooth or Thread and does not require registration or cloud services. It just uses local data and is not reliant on a bridge or the cloud. This is fantastic news for everyone concerned about their privacy. To utilize your Thread network with the Eve Aqua, you'll need a HomePod mini as a border router.

If you want to directly connect to a regular hose spigot Eva Aqua Water system is your only option. The Aqua's spigot design allows it to function with typical above-ground sprinklers and irrigation systems, making it extremely versatile. The Aqua is also very simple to connect to your HomeKit home, you can connect it through  Bluetooth and Thread connection, so you can start watering right away.

what is apple homekit


Apple products are slightly expensive they offer quality that is unparalleled. Going for such a brand is natural but if you are on a tight budget and want to have apple reliability then you can do some research and go with dor DIY approach. With the DIY approach, you get to reduce the cost of a smart home system with an Apple HomeKit and get all the available functions of a smart home system.

Evvr can offer you a comprehensive smart home solution whether you are an integrator, professional installer, distributor, or DIYer. Evvr can offer you a comprehensive smart home solution whether you are an integrator, professional installer, distributor, or DIYer.  Get in touch with us and become our partner today! You can also shop now through our Homekit product page directly!

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