Best HomeKit Smart Plugs in 2023 Best HomeKit Smart Plugs in 2023

Best HomeKit Smart Plugs in 2023

Figuring out which is the best HomeKit smart plug you can buy can quickly and inexpensively give life to your dream of smart home living.

Have you considered upgrading your living space to a "smart home" with the Apple HomeKit and remotely controlling your electrical devices? Figuring out which is the best HomeKit smart plug you can buy can quickly and inexpensively give life to your dream.

Many devices already have built-in compatibility with the Apple HomeKit, but many others don't, so you can't control every device in your home that you may want. Therefore, you need a HomeKit smart plug to control your home's electrical devices and appliances remotely.

Once your home is adequately equipped, every electrical appliance and device in your house is at your command using a Smartphone app, tablet, or computer, whether in the next room or on the other side of the world, so long as you have an internet connection.

In this article, we're going to show you that the smart home of your dreams isn't a far-off Sci-Fi fantasy by reviewing the best HomeKit smart plugs that turn tomorrow's science fiction into today's reality. 

What is the Apple HomeKit? 

The Apple HomeKit is an integrated intelligent home system that gives you control over every electrical device in your home via your local area network connection. What does that mean? It's just a fancy way of saying that you can use your standard home internet service to send commands to the appliances in your home. 

Doesn't that sound amazing? We think so, and it's much easier to accomplish than you might imagine when you choose one of the best HomeKit smart plug options discussed in this article.

You frequently see the term "The Internet of Things" when researching smart home solutions. The term refers to any device connected and controlled through the internet by several major smart home platforms such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Samsung SmartThings. Each vendor has its own protocol and can make selecting a smart plug difficult, but Apple has solved that problem.

best homekit smart plug

The Apple HomeKit is their implementation of the internet of things by connecting all your devices through an integrated ecosystem and controlling them from anywhere you happen to be at any given time.

The best HomeKit smart plug can even transform "dumb" devices, no matter how old they may be, into smart devices and give them new capabilities and uses with minimal effort.

Integrating your HomeKit smart plugs into your HomeKit ecosystem is easy. The first step is to plug one into every electrical outlet with a device you want to control. Then you plug in the device to be upgraded. After everything is in place, you control the plugged-in devices using your iPad or iPhone mobile devices from anywhere in the world. You can enhance your system further when you're at home with a HomePod smart speaker from Apple, giving it voice commands to control your devices.

The best HomeKit smart plug applications can control many different devices and appliances, including:

  • Air Conditioners
  • Air Purifiers
  • Computer Routers
  • Door Locks
  • Electric Fans
  • Electrical Outlets
  • Front Doorbell
  • Garage Doors
  • Humidifiers
  • Lawn Sprinklers
  • Lighting
  • Security Cameras
  • Sensors
  • Speakers
  • Televisions
  • Thermostats
  • Window Blinds

The best uses for HomeKit are controlling multiple devices in your home and coordinating their activities using scenes or creating automation to develop a symphony of practical actions. One good example is to make your home appear occupied when you're away on vacation by turning various indoor and outdoor lights on and off as if someone is moving about the house. Switching the stereo, television, hairdryer, and other noise-making appliances on and off at strategic times makes your home unattractive to burglars.

Best HomeKit Smart Plug in 2022 

The possibilities are endless for the best smart plug for iPhone remote control and other HomeKit-enabled devices. The following is a brief discussion of several popular brands. You can also learn about Best Smart Plug for Google and Alexa.

Evvr Energy Monitoring Smart Plug and Relay

Evvr Energy Monitoring Smart Plug and Relay, which are HomeKit compatible, can operate "dumb" devices, connect both older and newer home gadgets, and give outdated appliances new and smart life. With Apple HomeKit, you can automate and control your appliances from anywhere at any time, use Siri voice commands as well. The Evvr App allows you to monitor power usage in real-time to save energy and money.

This home energy monitor can be used with 2-core and 3-core cable for home appliances and can carry currents up to 16 amps, allowing even older home appliances to be integrated into your HomeKit smart home. You may even have an appliance-specific home energy monitor with exciting application possibilities.

home energy monitor

Eve Energy

Effortlessly control lighting and any appliance by tapping or giving voice commands to Siri while simultaneously monitoring their power consumption.

Eve does double duty as a power meter for residential homes and is one of the best HomeKit smart plug devices that helps you save money. Knowing how much power a device uses gives you the information you need to know when to replace aging equipment at the most cost-effectively and select new, more energy-efficient equipment when you buy.

Its intelligent features include integrated schedulers that automate any device in your home to add convenience, comfort, and a higher level of security to your life. You can enter the rate you pay for electricity to know how much each device costs to operate and gain a comprehensive view and control of your budget.

best smart plugs for homekit

Evvr In-Wall Relay Switch HomeKit

Another excellent option to control lighting is the Evvr Homekit light switch. While technically not a HomeKit smart plug, it offers superior lighting control with automation and scenes to give your home that "occupied" look, thereby adding security, comfort, and convenience to the quality of your life.

Its unique design is divided into two modules: the Smart Relay and Smart Switch Sub-Assembly. The Smart Relay utilizes Homekit wireless technology and is excellent for managing a wide range of lighting devices carrying different loads, including incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, LED lamps, and fluorescent lamps. Its miniaturized footprint can be installed directly into the light fixture boxes on your wall. The optional Smart Switch Sub-Assembly allows mechanical switch panels to accept switch commands through the Homekit network.


iDevices has cleverly integrated independent control of each electrical outlet in their HomeKit smart plug, allowing you to use each receptacle in your wall outlets via their iDevices app or with Siri voice commands from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

iDevices wall equipment plug directly into your home's existing outlets, blending well with the décor of your home furnishings. As a bonus, you can save money on energy bills by monitoring the power consumption of every connected device to help you make better economic choices when buying or replacing appliances.

Its energy-efficient, compact size and minimalist design easily integrate into the aesthetics of your home, letting you remain connected and in control whether you're present or away. Make any device intelligent with iDevices smart plugs. 

best smart plugs for homekit


Add comfort and convenience to your lifestyle with the Satechi Dual Smart Outlet. It's the best HomeKit smart plug for iOS device users wanting to control lighting, televisions, and several other appliances and devices remotely or automatically. It seamlessly interfaces with your existing 2.4GHz wireless network, allowing you to create automation and scenes to minimize the chore of manually controlling devices.

You also can monitor your devices' power usage and turn them off when not in use to save energy and money.

Each plug can control two connected devices simultaneously to maximize outlet utilization in your home. The Satechi Dual Smart Outlet is engineered explicitly for Apple HomeKit compatibility for effortless communication with iOS devices such as your iPhone, iPad, or HomePod speaker for voice command control via Siri for ultimate convenience.

best smart plugs for homekit


The Sylvania HomeKit-enabled plug is a Bluetooth-powered device that communicates with your iPhone to control appliances and other electronic devices in your home. One of the most meaningful features of the Sylvania plug is the high level of customization it allows. 

For example, you can name every outlet in your home and add them to appropriate rooms through the iPhone app, making it ridiculously easy to program automation and scenes for highly sophisticated intelligent home autonomy. 

No hub is required to use this device. You can immediately control devices using the Bluetooth interface through your Apple iOS device. It's also compatible with Siri, giving you advanced voice control over your home appliances.

best smart plugs for homekit


WeMo is a prominent smart plug brand in home automation devices. It’s compatible with the Apple HomeKit and has a built-in “AwayMode,” that toggles your indoor lights on and off to make it appear that your home is occupied while you’re away.

Switching lights on and off in a seemingly random pattern can discourage would-be thieves from burglarizing your home, sending them away to choose easier pickings elsewhere. With hands-free voice commands, you can control lighting from anywhere using Siri, Amazon Alexa, or Google Home.

In addition, you can control other appliances and devices such as dimmers, outdoor lights, a video doorbell, and more.

best homekit smart plug


Installing several of the best HomeKit smart plug devices into your electrical outlets can and layers of convenience, comfort, and security you've never known. You can control lights and other appliances locally or remotely through various devices, utilizing touch, tap, or voice commands. You can also program your home with automation and scenes to autonomously turn devices on and off while you're away.

The best way to control the lighting schema in your home is with Evvr Homekit light Switch technology to achieve maximum benefit. For a free consultation, you can reach out to us through our contact page.

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