Best Homekit Light Switch in 2022 Best Homekit Light Switch in 2022

Best Homekit Light Switch in 2022

A set of smart homekit light switches can modernize your home and its electric lighting system. You can find out more about this smart light switch solution.

Ever had any problem with switching on the lights in your room? Or feeling lazy to switch it off when it's time to sleep? The homekit light switch can be the solution to all these problems.

But what is the homekit light switch?

The homekit adaptive switch is the modernized electric switch that you can control with voice commands and your device using the Apple Homekit app.

This kind of smart in-wall or dimmers allows you to turn on or off the light just with a voice command. So, you no longer need to reach the switchboard again to turn the light on or off. Sounds interesting, right? Then why don't you learn more about it? 

What Is Apple Homekit?

Apple Homekit is a revolutionary modernized home appliance controlling solution for Apple users. This software lets you control all the smart devices, electric home appliances, switches, and others with your smartphones, remotes, and even voice commands.

It works like a virtual assistant that helps you manage all the home appliances smartly, and your voice command is enough for that. This high-end voice-controlled platform lets you take over the smart switching system, and once you make a command, it will act accordingly.

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How Does the Homekit Light Switch Collaborate with Apple Homekit?

Like Google Assistant and Alexa, Apple brought the idea of the smart Homekit for the users, and it needs a dedicated device with all the boards and other stuff. Also, you need to install a dedicated application to control the devices, and it needs integration of Siri for that.

Generally, this homekit solution is compatible with all the smart switch control ceiling fans, lights, humidifiers, bathroom fans, garbage disposals, homekit smart plug etc. You can control these devices with the Apple HomePod mini and Apple Home Hub.

Primarily, a homekit device is used with the connection to the homekit setup via different connecting systems. Bluetooth, Thread, Hub, and WiFi are people's most common cohesive systems. And thus, the homekit adaptive lights work with your command.

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What Kind of Lights Switches Are Compatible with Apple HomeKit?

For sure, a Homekit light switch is not something facile and ordinary. So, you cannot use the switch with just any lights. You must buy quality lights like Nanoleaf Hexagon, Philips Hue Iris, LIFX candles, etc.

If your home already has all smart lights, you can use dimmer or in-wall homekit light switches. For that, you need to connect those lights with the entire system. Otherwise, you need to buy a complete set of homekit compatible lights for sure.

But it is also essential to remember that not all smart lights are compatible with the Apple ecosystem or homekit. Authentic smart lights support the system and can work well with the switches. So, if you want to buy the homekit light switches, you should make sure to have compatible lights to connect with them.

What Are the Importance of Using Homekit Light Switches?

Using the smart switching solution at your home simply modernizes the entire electric system. The homekit light switches have enormous conveniences, and people won't hesitate to pay for them once they are well aware of them. Here are some of the major amenities of this wondrously smart Homekit solution.

  • The Apple Homekit light switches save you time to reach the switchboard and turn on or off the lights.
  • The smart Homekit switches are exceptionally smaller in size and look perfect on any place on the wall.
  • These high-end modern switches support any kind of switch wire and connections. It doesn't even require any neutral wire.
  • You can skip reaching the board to turn off the homekit night light switch when you are sleepy.
  • It lets you control the electric lights with voice commands, and you can set the voices of all your family members in the system.
  • Eventually, you can control the devices just by using your smartphone, even if you are not at home.
  • Most branded and smart bulbs are compatible with the Apple Homekit light switches. 

So, these incredible light switches will make your life easier and more comfortable. They are not too pricey, and once you buy a set, you can skip thinking about the home switches for years.

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What Should I check While Buying the Best Homekit Light Switches?

Undoubtedly, the homekit smart light switches are not for one-term use and are expensive. So, it is preferred to buy them after doing some research.

Generally, there are different types of smart switches out there. And not all of them are compatible with the Apple ecosystem. So, you need to check them properly before paying bills for them. The following tidings will help you choose the right homekit adaptive light switches for your home.

Bulb Compatibility

The first thing you must check is compatibility. Suppose you have installed all the Apple ecosystem compatible lights all over your home and then purchase the switches that are not compatible with the lights.

In such a situation, you’d have to change either all the lights or all the switches. So, before you pay the bill, you have to identify that all the switches are compatible with the lights and the homekit system. In this case, you should find the phrase, 'work with Apple Homekit' on the pack of the switches.

Apple Ecosystem And Homekit Authentication

The smart homekit system is solely dedicated to the Apple ecosystem users. So, the switch you are going to buy has to be compatible with the homekit system. Remember that there are different smart electric device control systems like homekit. And the switch dedicated for those systems may not support Homekit anyway.

Wire Requirements

Most smart switches don't require a neutral wire. Still, you must check if the switches have any requirements like this for security. You don't need to check this if you have used neutral wire all over your home electricity system.

Device Compatibility

Not just the compatibilities for the lights; you need to check the compatibility of the switches to your devices. Some smart homekit switches are not compatible with backdated Apple devices. That's why you should ensure your current device is compatible with the new switches.

Types of the Switches

The switches available on the market for homekit can be of different types. You can get in-wall push switches and dimmers for the same functions. Here, you need to be ensconced that you are buying the right switch for your home.

Away Mode or Remote Control

Not all smart homekit switches come with the away mode or the remote control function. This function is essential if you wish to control the devices even when you are not at home. You can control them using your smartphone, where you have the app and an account holding the authentication to control the device.

Besides, you must look for other essential facts while choosing the switches. Those are as follows.

  • Voice Assistant Support
  • Warranty and Brands
  • Offline mode
  • Built-in quality
  • Backup battery power
  • Built-in speakers' quality

Best Homekit Light Switches to Buy on 2022

Once you have learned the basics of the light homekit switch, you are ready to make your purchase. In this case, we can help you with a list of the best homekit light switches. We have selected the products on the cornerstones of their user's reviews, functions, and compatibility.

Evvr Homekit Smart Relay Light Switch

In the world of smart Homekit solutions, Evvr Homekit switch is the most popular and reliable name. Their homekit switches are flexible and require no neutral wire. The switches are exceptionally smaller in size and look great onward. Besides, it is pretty much affordable and good for most smart lights.

If you are looking for smart Homekit switches with all-in-one functions, maybe this one is your best fit. According to the users, the away mode works perfectly, and controlling the devices is smooth even from a distance.

Surprisingly, this in-wall relay switch works without altering a single conventional wall switch on your old home. Based on the user's opinion, this Apple homekit light switch's response to the voice command is very smooth.

homekit light switch

Lutron P-BDG-PKG1W Caseta Wireless Smart Light Switch

The geofencing function is pretty much rare when it's to the smart homekit switches. But Lutron has brought one with all essential features. This adaptive smart switch comes with a built-in Dual USB port which features 125V 6A.

This Dimmer kit pairs with a smart bridge that works without wire connectors. Also, the built-in control system is smooth and has the fullest compatibility with the Apple ecosystem. Primarily, it doesn't require any neutral wire and the updated device.

Not only the Apple Ecosystem, but this switching set is also compatible with most smart home ecosystems. Remember, you cannot use this switch without a dedicated hub for it. So, make sure to buy an additional hub with the switch.

homekit adaptive lighting

Elgato Eve Light Switch

How about a smart Apple Homekit light switch with the panel mount system? Elgato Eve launched this switch with a strong Bluetooth connection and a minimalist look. This single-slot switch works smoothly with any Apple device that supports a homekit.

This switch normally sucks low energy, and you can use it for any device besides the lights. But remember that this modern switch is only compatible with Apple Ecosystem, and you can use it with Google Assistant, Alexa, or Amazon Eco.

The inbuilt two-factor authentication system of this switching system ensures topmost security. Also, the voice command goes smoothly with it. So, you should think about this affordable switch for sure.

homekit adaptive lighting

Legrand On-Q Smart Dimmer Light Switch

Smart switches that support Alexa, Apple Homekit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Eco are highly complicated to find out. But once you have Legrand's On-Q Dimmer, you no longer need to look for another solution.

This smart Homekit light switch works smoothly with Bluetooth and WiFi connection too. Additionally, it is easier to install and requires no neutral wire. Furthermore, this wall mount switching system responds to the voice command smoothly.

According to the users' review, the app-driven control works better than the voice command in the case of this dimmer kit. Besides, it supports away mode and multi-location control as well. That's why you can control the entire electric system even if you are not at home.

Brilliant Smart Home Control Light Switch

We have got another smart switch that supports most smart home ecosystems. The brilliant home control smart light switch is not an ordinary wall mount switch or dimmer. Instead, it's a touchscreen switch with a TFT LCD.

There is no reason to think about its complexities as it's a modern touchscreen switch. Indeed, its slick touchpad ensures better control with both touch and voice commands.

Not just the Apple Ecosystem, Brilliant switches work smoothly with any smart home ecosystem that supports Siri. Additionally, it works well for any device, including your smart music and weather info devices.

homekit adaptive lighting

Bottom Line

In the era of technology, there is no reason to waste our time and energy on things that are easy to manage with the modernized system. The fact of smart Homekit light switches is pretty much like that. This smart home switch solution is ready to make things effortless and convenient.

You must check the different options for the best homekit switches and their details; choosing one must be easier. If you wish to go beyond the suggested list, indemnify the facts you need to consider while buying one.

All the listed switches have a satisfying user experience. Among them, EVVR got the best review. Indeed, this switch is affordable in comparison to what it offers.

Hopefully, all your confusion about the smart Homekit light switches has gone. Still, if you have any quarry, feel free to write to us. You can leave us an email. We will do our best to assist you.

Thank you for your time.

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