Best Z-Wave Thermostat with Smart Home Hub of 2024 Best Z-Wave Thermostat with Smart Home Hub of 2024

Best Z-Wave Thermostat with Smart Home Hub of 2024

Best Z Wave Thermostats: 1. GoControl Z Wave Thermostat, 2. Honeywell Z Wave Thermostat, 3. Trane Z Wave Thermostat, 4. Stelpro Z Wave Thermostat …

Envision arriving home after a demanding day, greeted by a comfortably warm environment tailored precisely to your liking. The secret behind this perfect welcome? The best Z Wave thermostat! This thermostat seamlessly integrates into your smart home ecosystem and goes beyond mere temperature control.

It offers a variety of benefits, from energy efficiency to intuitive automation. That's the reason the Z-Wave, or you can say the global smart thermostats market, is expected to hit $6.4 billion by 2026.

In this exploration, we'll cover the best Z Wave thermostat options along with their key features. Let's dive in!

What is Z-Wave Technology?

Z-Wave is a wireless communication protocol that is useful in a smart home to communicate or exchange information within devices. The working of a Z-Wave is simple: just get a Z-Wave controller or smart hub and connect it to the internet.

As the Z-Wave hub receives information or commands from your smartphone, tablet, or voice assistant, it sends that information to the concerned device across a network of 232 devices. It operates on a frequency of 800-900MHz and, unlike ZigBee, doesn't face interference issues.

Best Z-Wave Thermostats of 2024

Here are the best Z Wave thermostats of 2024:

GoControl Z Wave Thermostat

The GoControl best Z Wave Thermostat presents a cutting-edge solution for smart climate control. It integrates with your home automation through Alexa voice commands (hub required, sold separately). With Z-Wave compatibility at version 4.5.5 and support for Z-Wave FLIRS functionality, this thermostat ensures reliable and efficient communication within your smart home network.

Versatility is a highlight, as the GC-TBZ48 caters to standard and heat pump HVAC systems, making it an ideal choice for retrofitting or new construction projects. Moreover, its compatibility extends to standard HVAC systems with 2-stage heat and 2-stage cool functionalities, offering comprehensive control over your home's climate. For those with heat pump HVAC systems featuring 3-stage heat and 2-stage cool, the GC-TBZ48 remains a reliable and adaptable choice.

z wave thermostat

Key Features

  • Alexa voice control compatibility (hub required, sold separately)
  • Z-Wave compatible (Ver. 4.5.5)
  • Supports Z-Wave FLIRS functionality
  • Suitable for standard and heat pump HVAC systems
  • Works with 2-stage heat & 2-stage cool on standard HVAC
  • Works with 3-stage heat & 2-stage cool on heat pump HVAC

Honeywell Z Wave Thermostat

The Honeywell best Z Wave Thermostat enhances your home's climate control. Adapting to your heating and cooling cycles with robust learning capabilities, the Honeywell Z-Wave Thermostat ensures optimal comfort and energy efficiency. Its sleek white finish adds modernity, while seamless installation and Alexa integration provide added convenience for effortless climate control.

z wave thermostat

Key Features

  • Learns heating/cooling cycles for personalized comfort
  • Sleek white finish by Honeywell Home
  • Touch screen for easy navigation
  • Easy installation
  • Dimensions: 2"D x 6"W x 7"H
  • Alexa integration

Trane Z Wave Thermostat

The Trane Z-Wave Thermostat is a smart home essential, seamlessly integrating with Alexa for convenient voice control (hub required, sold separately). Its 7-day programmability, featuring up to 4 daily schedules, allows for precise temperature management, ensuring optimal comfort and energy efficiency. This best Z wave thermostat gives the convenience of remote control as you monitor and adjust your home's temperature, reducing energy consumption via your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

The installation process is a breeze; most users complete it in 30 minutes or less. Note that a 24 Volt common and hot wire must be connected for operation, details of which can be found in the manual. The Trane XR524 goes beyond temperature control, offering filter and maintenance reminders. Receive notifications to extend the lifespan of your HVAC system, making it a reliable and proactive addition to your smart home.

z wave thermostat

Key Features

  • Works with Alexa for voice control
  • 7-day programmable with four schedules per day
  • Single-stage cooling (Y1)
  • Remote control via smartphone, tablet, or PC
  • Easy installation in 30 minutes or less
  • Z-Wave is compatible with home automation
  • 42 MHz Z-Wave RF communication

Stelpro Z Wave Thermostat

The Stelpro KI emerges as a groundbreaking Z Wave thermostat, setting a new standard in North America as the first to operate with line voltage through a unique 2-wire connection to the heater. With this innovation, you gain unprecedented control over your heating system. It efficiently manages baseboard and convector heaters directly from your mobile device or computer (note: Z-Wave gateway controller required and sold separately).

Save intelligently with this one of the best Z wave thermostats by customizing temperature schedules to reduce energy bills effortlessly. The device's ECO mode adds an extra layer of efficiency, ensuring optimal energy use. Beyond basic temperature control, the Stelpro KI opens the door to advanced automation by seamlessly pairing with other Z-Wave devices. Trigger heating adjustments based on inputs from door/window sensors, temperature sensors, motion sensors, and more.

z wave thermostat

Key Features

  • 2-wire connection to the heater
  • Remote control of baseboard and convector heaters via mobile device or computer
  • ECO mode for optimal energy efficiency
  • Advanced automation capabilities with other Z-Wave devices
  • Z-Wave Plus and UL-certified
  • Compatible with SmartThings, Vera, HomeSeer, Nexia, and Wink platforms

TZ45 Z Wave Thermostat

Another one of the best Z wave thermostats is TZ45, meticulously crafted to take command of a wide range of HVAC systems. It offers a robust thermostat interface; the TZ45 is specifically engineered for seamless integration with communicating systems. This thermostat stands out for its versatility and compatibility, ideal for Central HVAC systems or separate heating/cooling systems with different RH/RC transformers (split).

z wave thermostat

Key Features

  • Z-Wave wireless digital thermostat
  • Compatible with a majority of HVAC systems
  • Robust thermostat interface
  • Designed for use with communicating systems
  • Enables remote temperature monitoring and control
  • Suitable for Central HVAC systems
  • Works with separate heating/cooling systems with split transformers (RH/RC)

Smart Scenarios with Z-Wave Thermostats

Here are some smart scenarios you can enjoy with a reliable and the best Z Wave thermostat:

  • Wake Up Comfortably: Set the thermostat to gradually increase the temperature before your alarm goes off and wake up to a warm and cozy environment.
  • Vacation Mode: Enable a vacation scenario by setting your thermostat to an energy-saving mode, conserving energy while maintaining a minimal, safe temperature in your absence.
  • Nighttime Relaxation: Coordinate your best Z Wave thermostat with other smart devices like smart lights and speakers for a cozy evening routine. Automatically lower the temperature as you wind down for a restful night.
  • Welcome Home Warmth: Program your thermostat to detect when you're on your way home. Ensure your living space is comfortably heated upon arrival, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

The Role of Z-Wave Controllers and Hubs

Let's look at the role Z-Wave controllers or smart home hubs play:


Z Wave controllers or hubs promote interoperability. This means they allow communication between Z Wave or smart thermostats and other smart home devices like smart lighting, smart toasters, washing machines, and ovens.

Automation and Scenes

Smart hubs enable the creation of automation routines and scenes. Users can set up scenarios where the Z-Wave thermostat adjusts based on specific conditions, such as time of day, occupancy, or weather conditions. This automation enhances energy efficiency and overall convenience.

Remote Access

Z Wave hubs also offer exceptional remote access. This means you can use it to monitor your thermostat remotely through a smartphone app or web interface, adjust temperatures, monitor energy usage, and receive notifications from anywhere with an internet connection.

Better Control

Z Wave hubs are the central command center for all Z-Wave devices, including thermostats in your home. They help manage and monitor various smart home devices from a single interface.

Spotlight on EVVR Center Lite

The EVVR Center Lite is a cutting-edge home control hub that effortlessly connects your smart devices through various protocols. The prominent ones are Zigbee 3.0, Z-Wave Plus, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, with future compatibility designed for Matter.

One standout feature of the EVVR Center Lite is its commitment to privacy and security. Utilizing enterprise-level data encryption through a P2P network connection, the hub ensures your data is processed and stored locally in real time.

By eliminating reliance on cloud storage and securing access to your connection, EVVR guarantees superior privacy and smart home security. Scaling up for more extensive or commercial spaces is made simple with the EVVR Center Lite.

Adding more EVVR controllers as bridges allows you to create a star network, centralizing control in one hub. In addition, the EVVR Console, a powerful web application, mirrors all the app's features and more. With just a few simple drag-and-drop actions on the EVVR Console, you can create custom automations and rules.

Key Features

  • Connects smart devices via Zigbee 3.0, Z-Wave Plus, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth (Matter compatibility designed for the future).
  • Enterprise-level data encryption for superior privacy and security.
  • Local real-time processing and storage, eliminating reliance on cloud storage.
  • EVVR App for easy device configuration and automation setup.
  • Powerful EVVR Console web application with advanced automation capabilities.
  • Compatibility with existing smart devices, saving from unnecessary replacements.


The best Z Wave thermostats are incredible devices that feature the Z Wave protocol and offer plenty of home automation benefits. You can connect it to a Z Wave hub and have all your smart home devices communicating with each other seamlessly. In case you are searching for the best Z Wave hub, look no further than EVVR.

Our EVVR Center Lite takes center stage with its Z Wave compatibility and future-proof design. Besides, you also get the chance to check out our other smart products like the EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug and Relay, EVVR In-Wall Relay Switch, EVVR Hub, EVVR Pad S, and more. Get in touch with us today and have an exquisite smart home experience.

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