Best Z-wave Thermostat in 2022 Best Z-wave Thermostat in 2022

Best Z-wave Thermostat in 2022

We’ve found some quality Z-wave thermostats. Here, we’ll discuss some of them. Follow along to discover the options!

Imagine it's cold outside and you had a hectic day at the office. Finally, you come back home, take a shower and become cozy, start reading a book that has been collecting dust for a while.

Suddenly you notice that it's getting cold in your room and you figure your thermostat is acting up and need to change the temperature, but you have had a long day and finally, it's time for you to rest and now you have to walk in the cold to change the thermostat.

I believe most of us have faced such highly irritating situations and wished for some miracle through which you can change the temperature right from your comfort zone or automate the temperature to save your electricity bill.

Well, it's 2022 and there are features like that, all you need is a smart thermostat that uses Z wave.

Let’s find out more about Z-wave thermostats

What is Z-Wave

Z-wave is a wireless communication protocol developed by a Danish company named Zensys in 1999. To understand Z-wave we need to compare it to the wireless technology we all know, that is WiFi.

Anyone using broadband internet use WiFi to connect their device wirelessly. WiFi is best when it comes to penetrating the concrete wall, range, and bandwidth.  Z-Wave is similar in range and penetration however it may slightly lack the bandwidth WiFi is capable of.

best z wave thermostat

Why Z-Wave?

If you are thinking, “wifi is superior to Z-Wave why not use WiFi on Smart devices?” you are not alone. At first glance, WiFi seems the ideal choice for such an application but if you dig deeper you will realize that WiFi is a lot more expensive compared to Z-wave, and intelligent home Appliance doesn't need that much bandwidth as they will only transfer a few kilobytes of data.

Instead, it needs a secure connection so an attacker can intercept your connection. Z-wave will give you secure long-range, wall-penetrating wireless connectivity which is a lot more cost-effective than WiFi.

Its’ affordable production cost reduces the overall expense of smart devices since consumers usually install several of these devices and the cost comes down significantly.

So, you understand that all these factors contribute to why a Z-wave thermostat is the best choice.

Benefits of Z-Wave

Z-Wave technology is loaded with technologically advanced features. Here is a rundown of some of the major selling points of Z-Wave technology:

  • Simpler installation process.
  • A reliable connection that works without interruption.
  • Exceptionally secure more of communication which reduces the possibility of interception or hacking.
  • Unrivaled energy efficiency.
  • Wirelessly control devices.
  • Outstanding signal range.
  • Tremendously affordable solution which makes it ideal for hooking up the devices of the entire house.

Best Z-wave Thermostats of 2022

After reading about Z-wave hope you are clear about what it is and why it is the best choice for smart home appliances. Now comes the question of what Z-Wave thermostats are out there.

To narrow your search down, we’ll bring to light a list of quality Z-wave thermostats that you can buy in 2022. Even though these are smart Z-wave thermostats, they need a central hub to operate. If you are interested in Z-wave Thermostat then we suggest you consider Evvr Center Lite.

z wave thermostat

Evvr Center Lite is highly affordable than its competitor and comes with a native SDK for climate control devices, it is an economic all-in-one solution for your smart home system that provides reliable and secure control over your smart appliances and works with Z-wave, WiFi, Zigbee 3.0 and Bluetooth.

The order of the list doesn't mean anything; it is merely a collection of Z-wave thermostats that stands out from other thermostats in the market in terms of reliability, function, compatibility, look, and price.

Honeywell T6 Pro Series Z-Wave Stat Thermostat

This thermostat offers a simple and easily navigable user interface that provides basic heating and cooling management as well as other special capabilities. Compared to other smart thermostats on the market, the initial setup is a snap. Its Z-Wave connectivity is reliable and should offer a smooth operation. The T6 will work with the vast majority of Z-Wave controllers.

This thermostat's versatility in terms of being able to work without a C-wire, as well as its ability to successfully link with or Total Connect 2.0 through Z-Wave, makes it our favorite smart thermostat to date!

The T6 Pro Z-Wave Thermostat has a big, stylish touchscreen display, as well as adjustability features and easy comfort management capabilities. Z-Wave controllers are supported in this device. Power is supplied by three AA batteries or via hardwiring through a C-wire. To save on home energy expenditures, program the thermostat or modify the temperature based on the occupancy of the Z-Wave control.

honeywell z wave thermostat

TRANE 14942771 Z-Wave Thermostat

The TRANE 14942771 offers control via a smart hub; you will be able to handle the device remotely using the smartphone application. You may continually check and alter your preferences throughout the day as you please. You may also turn off the system remotely when not in use to conserve energy. The TRANE 14942771 installation is rather rapid, and you may finish configuring the device within 30 minutes after unpacking it.

After installation, you'll be able to connect to major Z-wave home automation systems like Nexia, Vera, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, and others. In terms of dependability, the item comes with a one-year warranty.

The thermostat takes approximately a minute to program, largely because it checks the sort of a/c heating system you have, which is not difficult. Instructions should have been clearer or more detailed; certain choices are nearly undocumented; this could be because they expect a professional to install it rather than the homeowner. Regardless, it is quite simple to install for a non-expert.

trane z wave thermostat

Stelpro Z-Wave Plus KI STZW402WB+ Thermostat

The Stelpro KI Z wave plus thermostat comes in a rectangular size. It has a small but clear LCD digital display, the specifications of which are given on their website or the amazon product page.

Below the display, there are two temperature-control buttons. However, there is no way to turn off the heater, so you must lower the temperature to the lowest possible setting. It is designed to be sleek and stylish, and it would look great on any wall.

It provides you the option of excluding the thermostat from your Z wave network at any moment. The Z wave menu option allows you to add or remove the thermostat from your Z wave network. You may also switch between the two temperature formats, 0C and 0F.

The thermostat comes with two temperature modes: comfort mode (which has a pre-adjusted temperature of 21°C (70°F)) and eco mode (with a pre-set temperature of 17°C (63°F). These preset settings can be altered and varied as long as the temperature remains between 41 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

best z wave thermostat Smart Thermostat

Style is subjective, but we can say that if you like the minimal design, you will like this thermostat.  The thermostat has a simple display with only three buttons on the front. Furthermore, the device has a highly modern and elegant appearance that follows the current trend of smart thermostats. Simply glancing at the item will make you realize why we picked it as our top offering.

It is voice control compatible with Amazon Alexa. However, the device is not programmable until it is linked to the Z-Wave hub, which means you will need to use the smartphone app to change climate settings and establish the temperature schedule. Furthermore, in order to use the gadget, you must have an Alarm-com account. The gadget is designed to work with the majority of common HVAC systems and may be powered by a C-wire or batteries.

best z wave thermostat

Final Thoughts

The devices mentioned in the list are not perfect. If one excels in one section it lacks in another one. The list is to help you narrow down your search for a Z-wave thermostat. You can choose the thermostat according to your needs whether you prefer style, reliability, or function, the devices mentioned in the list should cover your need.

Evvr can offer you a comprehensive smart home solution whether you are an integrator, professional installer, distributor, or DIYer.  Get in touch with us and become our partner today!

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