Best Energy Efficient Refrigerators for the Upcoming Summer 2023 Best Energy Efficient Refrigerators for the Upcoming Summer 2023

Best Energy Efficient Refrigerators for the Upcoming Summer 2023

The summertime can only be fun when you have a perfect refrigerator around the house. Make your refrigerator efficient with EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug &Relay

When looking for home appliances, energy use is a crucial consideration. Non-efficient appliances not only waste energy and raise your utility costs but also deplete the environment's resources and increase pollution.

Because of this, many households are seeking methods to cut back on their electricity use and better understand how much energy they consume at home. Refrigerators are among the most prominent electrical appliances in the house because they are always plugged in and used throughout the day. The good news is that modern products, such as refrigerators, use less energy than those manufactured a few decades ago.

EVVR has been at the forefront of development regarding appliances for smart homes. We have an excellent collection of convenient devices to blend into your smart home while performing exceptionally.

Energy Consumption of Refrigerators

A typical refrigerator consumes 300 to 800 watts daily. Age, type, size, and temperature are just a few variables affecting this number because refrigerators are all manufactured differently.

However, refrigerators do not continuously use energy because they turn on and off as needed. A fridge will use 0 watts of power when not in use.

A tiny refrigerator, such as one you could find in a hotel or dorm room, requires an average of 300 watts. However, if the unit doesn't seal effectively or is quite old, it might run for extended periods and use more electricity.

best energy efficient refrigerators

Calculating The Wattage of Refrigerators

The energy consumption of a refrigerator can be calculated in three straightforward methods:

  • Appliances frequently feature a sticker on the back that lists the unit's voltage and amperage. Multiply volts by amps to get watts. You may guess that your refrigerator uses 386 watts, for instance, if the sticker states that the voltage is 117 and the amps are 3.3.
  • The information on Energy Star labeling about an appliance's electricity usage is useful. Less energy will be used by more efficient models, which will cut electricity costs. This is a great approach to compare the energy consumption of one appliance to those of other comparable models.
  • You can get your hands on EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug. It has an in-built energy consumption calculator for the plugged device. Using your smartphone application, you can gauge how much power your refrigerator draws from the source.

Type of Plug For Refrigerators

A typical household outlet is used to connect a refrigerator. The appliance is powered by 110 volts of electricity from the outlet. Most building codes call for connecting the refrigerator to a particular circuit. This indicates that a circuit breaker in the breaker box exclusively operates that appliance.

The three-prong plug on the refrigerator is used to plug it into the wall socket. The plug's two square and one round prong are designed to fit into a three-prong typical household socket. The square prongs of the plug are connected to the standard and neutral wires in the electrical box, and the round prong is connected to the ground wire in the electrical box when the plug is put into the outlet.

If you need a smart plug to go with your refrigerator, EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug is best for you. It has all the latest technology that a typical plug-and-play switch has, along with an home energy monitor to calculate energy consumption for the device.

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Best Energy Efficient Refrigerators for 2023

We researched various energy-efficient choices. Following are some of the most energy-efficient refrigerators currently available:

Whirlpool 21 Cu. Ft. Side by Side Refrigerator

In addition to the necessities of a refrigerator, the Whirlpool Side-by-Side Refrigerator includes more features. It comes in stainless steel that is monochromatic, white, and black. With four freezer baskets/bins, three freezer shelves, four refrigerator shelves, and movable gallon door bins to maximize loading flexibility, the refrigerator offers plenty of freezer and refrigerator room. A crisper drawer with humidity control is one of the functional characteristics. Aside from an indoor ice dispenser, this refrigerator also has an outside ice and water dispenser. 

best energy efficient refrigerators

LG 20 cu. Ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator

This LG Top Freezer Refrigerator is a wise purchase if you want a great refrigerator but are on a tight budget. Thanks to its LoDecibel Quiet Operation technology, it received the Energy Star Most Efficient rating in 2020. Stainless steel or smooth white are the two available colors and finishes for the refrigerator. Two shelves, two humidity crisper bins, two gallon-sized bins on the refrigerator door, and one shelf for the freezer are all features of this refrigerator. When purchased, there is also the choice of an ice maker.

best energy efficient refrigerators

Dacor DRF367500AP Refrigerator

Considering all of its features, this Dacor refrigerator is a fantastic investment. It offers precise cooling, is Energy Star Certified, and maintains temps uniformly across the refrigerator and freezer areas. It contains an internal water filter that provides drinking water and an open-door warning. It includes six refrigerator door compartments and two freezer drawers.

best energy efficient refrigerators

Dacor 36" Counter-Depth Free-Standing Refrigerator

Dacor's free-standing refrigerator is ideal for storing more oversized items because it has slide-and-fold shelves and a flexible storage divider. French doors on this refrigerator allow for the storage of other significant things. A full-width storage drawer is available, and it may accommodate everything from deli goods to cold drinks. A 48-ounce pitcher-sized internal water dispenser with the possibility of an infuser and an external ice and water dispenser are also provided.

best energy efficient refrigerators

Frigidaire Top Freezer Refrigerator

The Frigidaire Top Freezer Apartment-Size Refrigerator is available in white, black, or brushed steel and is ideal for smaller kitchens or apartments. Two full-width door bins that can accommodate taller goods, gallon jugs, and two crisper drawers are among the storage possibilities. Two movable glass shelves can be raised and lowered to accommodate tall objects. Two bins and a frame are present in the freezer.

best energy efficient refrigerators

Top Tips For A More Energy-Efficient Refrigerator

Your fridge may be made to use less electricity in various straightforward ways. Consider having a home energy audit for further suggestions on enhancing home energy efficiency.

Get An Energy Monitoring Device

An energy monitoring device is connected to an appliance and lets the owners know how much power that thing is drawing. Based on the consumption over time, they can fine-tune their usage and save on electricity bills.

Place Them In Cool, Airy Spaces

Your fridge will use less energy if placed in a more extraordinary part of the kitchen or house. Place it away from the stove and windows that receive direct sunlight, for instance. Homeowners frequently install a second refrigerator in the basement since it is typically more relaxed and uses less energy.

Never Leave The Doors Open

Warm air might enter if the door is left open, which increases your need for electricity. Close the fridge door as soon as you are through using it to get what you need.

Optimize The Temperature

It takes some balance to find the perfect temperature setting. Microorganisms, including salmonella, E. coli, and listeria, will develop more readily if too high. If it is too low, you will need more energy to keep your food cool than necessary, and some things may freeze. The Food and Drug Administration advises maintaining a temperature below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Regular Cleaning of Coils

If you have shedding pets, cleaning your coils every six months to a year or more is imperative to maintain the fridge functioning correctly. Depending on the model, the coils are either in the appliance's bottom or back. You may even need to unscrew a cover if the unit is in the back. A vacuum cleaner is frequently used to eliminate dust.

Check Door Seals

Warm air will enter if the gasket around the door is not adequately sealed. Take a piece of paper or a dollar note and close the door with half of it hanging out to see if your gasket is sealing correctly. Pull the remaining portion of the bill now. If there is some tension, the refrigerator is correctly sealed. If not, the seal is malfunctioning. If there is a problem, you can fix it or even replace the gasket, which will be far less expensive than buying a new appliance.

EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug & Relay - Best Companion For Your Refrigerator This Summer

Say you have a perfectly working refrigerator around the house, but the utility bills are through the roof. Instead of going all in with a new one, you can optimize its power consumption through EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug. It is a HomeKit-enabled device that lets you know the amount of power draw, turn on or off the refrigerator, and so on. To save big, you can schedule it to turn off the fridge for a few hours during nighttime. Order yours today!


best energy efficient refrigerators


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