How to Conserve Energy at Home with a Smart Energy Monitor How to Conserve Energy at Home with a Smart Energy Monitor

How to Conserve Energy at Home with a Smart Energy Monitor

If you are looking for ways to make energy efficient homes and the best devices to reduce and monitor your energy usage, you are at the right place….

We use energy daily in a variety of ways, and this usage not only adds up to our energy bills but also affects the environment. Although we cannot completely shut down energy from our lives, there are ways to reduce its usage. For this purpose, you should first know about the appliances that consume the most energy.

Once you know about them, you can take sustainable steps toward energy saving and incorporate devices in your home that bring convenience and cut down on your energy bills. So, let's discuss the top energy-consuming devices, ways to reduce energy usage, and ways to make energy efficient homes.

What Appliances Use the Most Energy in Your Home?

According to Energy.Gov, the US residential areas make up around 21% of the total energy used in the US. Below are the top energy-consuming appliances that will answer your "What Uses the Most Energy in Your Home?" question.

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1. Heaters

Heaters are among the most used energy appliances in homes and contribute greatly to the increasing energy bills. As per the United States Environmental Protection Agency, space heating makes up around 42% of the total residential energy usage.

So, it's suggested to do an energy audit and focus on areas where most energy is lost. You can also add an additional layer of insulation in your home to make it more energy efficient. This will reduce your excess heater usage and help your home stay warm for a long.

2. Water Heaters

For people using electric water heaters, this can be the second biggest reason for their high utility bills. You use a water heater for daily household work such as cleaning, showering, and washing dishes, which makes it a significant energy consumer. However, a smart water heater saves you from soaring bills as it performs all the tasks of a traditional water heater but uses less energy.

3. Lighting

As you need adequate lighting to perform most of your tasks, lighting appliances become a top energy-consuming system overall. According to a source, lighting takes around 4% of US residential energy usage. However, you can easily reduce this consumption by replacing halogen bulbs with LED bulbs and by inserting smart light bulbs. Soon, you will also see your home among the best energy efficient homes.

4. Refrigerators

Not placing your food in the refrigerator on time or not turning it on always results in a foul smell and getting attacked by bacteria and mold. Therefore, the refrigerator is always on and is one of the energy-consuming appliances. It's said that, on average, a refrigerator takes around $150 per year of your total energy bills.

5. Home Entertainment Devices

Whether you are watching a new show on TV or charging your laptop to have a fun-filled Netflix night with friends, home entertainment devices also take a considerable amount of energy. However, you can use smart plugs to decrease their overall usage and create more energy efficient homes.

6. Cooling Appliances

Just like heating a home is important, having cooling appliances in summer can save you from the blazing heat. Although a cooling appliance takes less energy than heaters, it's still among the top energy-sucking devices. However, like heaters, you can reduce their usage by focusing on areas where cool air escapes.

How to Conserve Energy at Home?

Now that you know about the appliances taking the most of your home energy, it's time to view some of the best energy-conserving ways. With these tips, you can make sustainable and energy efficient homes. So, let's dig into the details!

1. Use Natural Sources to Cool Down or Heat Up Your Home

You can significantly reduce your overall energy usage and make the environment clean by relying on traditional means instead of electronic ones. For instance, in summer, you can open the windows and let fresh air enter your space. This saves you from turning on the AC during extreme heat, and you can also save some bucks on your overall utility bills.

Moreover, in winter, you can close all the windows or doors to prevent cool air from entering your home. By following this, you create energy efficient homes and save the environment from further degradation.

2. Use Energy-Consuming Appliances During Off Hours

First, you should notice the peak electricity hours in your area as, during these hours, the electric company charges the most. Once you know about these hours, try to avoid running unnecessary lights or appliances at that time. Doing this helps you save money and take a step towards a greener world.

3. Adjust the Thermostat to an Eco-Friendly Setting

To conserve energy at home, you should set your thermostat to an eco-friendly setting. For instance, setting the thermostat to 78 degrees Fahrenheit during summer is ideal. You can also buy a Nest or programmable thermostat, so you can have full control over your home's temperature even when you are away. With this tip, you build eco-friendly and energy efficient homes!

4. Replace Traditional Lighting with Eco-Friendly Options

Halogen and incandescent lights radiate more heat than light which increases the overall temperature, and aren't very eco-friendly. You may find it crazy, but around 75% of the light these bulbs produce is in the form of heat.

Furthermore, they also take more energy than LED bulbs. Hence, it's best to use compact fluorescent and LED bulbs than traditional ones as they are more energy efficient and don't harm the environment. In addition, they run for a long time, which means you will need fewer bulbs and save more money. You can also use smart lights as they are environment-friendly and uses way less energy than traditional ones.

5. Seal All the Leaks

It doesn't matter if it's winter or summer; having leaks in your home means you are losing your hard-earned money. So, inspect all the leaks in your home and seal them. The sealing process isn't very costly as sometimes a little caulk is enough to make up for the air leaks. Once done, you'll see a noticeable change in the overall change in working of your HVAC system!

Best Ways to Make Home More Energy Efficient

Here are the best smart devices and ways to make your home more energy efficient and help you reduce overall carbon print:

1. EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug and Relay

Having a plug that connects your devices and helps you create energy efficient homes seems like a dream. But not anymore! EVVR has turned your dream into reality with its EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug and Relay.

energy monitoring smart plug

It's Homekit compatible and connects all your new and old devices without any delay. In addition, you can manage and control the connected devices from anywhere, anytime. It's very easy to install and set up and can be used with 2-core or 3-core cables.

This switch helps you save your home's energy as you get regular updates about your hourly energy consumption and consumes 90% less energy than many other devices of the same category. Its split-type design complements your space perfectly, along with giving you access to the hidden switches.

The most distinctive feature of this energy-monitoring smart plug is that it comes with thermal and overload protection. Therefore, children won't fall victim to electrical shocks with this EVVR Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring.

2. Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance Starter Kit

Philips Hue has a huge variety if you are looking for high-quality, energy-efficient LED bulbs to replace your home's traditional lighting. It offers a handful of colored, dimmable, and light-changing bulb options, so you can choose the one that best suits your interests.

In the Philips Hue starter kit, you get bulbs and a battery-powered light switch to mount on the wall. Moreover, the bulbs can change 16 million colors, so you can pick the one you like. The best part about this Philips Hue Starter Kit is that it consumes less energy than a traditional bulb and paves the way toward energy efficient homes.

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3. Nest Learning Thermostat

Not knowing when to turn your thermostat off can add a lot to your overall energy bills. That's where a programmable or smart thermostat helps you! Nest was among the top companies introducing a smart thermostat that not only makes your walls look stylish but also creates energy efficient homes. Once you install the Nest Learning Thermostat, you will use it just like a normal thermostat for one or two weeks.

After that, it'll get adjusted to your regular settings automatically, such as pre-warming your home before you arrive or turning off the radiator just when you leave your home. Moreover, it also sends your energy usage updates to your connected smart device, so you can keep track and cut down the energy when necessary.

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4. SmartThings Motion Sensor

If you are someone who often forgets to turn lights off while sleeping or when away, the SmartThings Motion Sensor is for you. It works with a SmartThings hub and can control all the compatible devices remotely. Whenever unexpected motion is detected, the motion sensor sends you an alert so you can take the necessary precautions.

Additionally, it automatically turns your home lights on and off, detecting your presence and absence. The best thing about this motion sensor is that it's compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, which means you can manage it through voice commands when busy.

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Having energy efficient homes can make your life easier and also gives you eco-friendly surroundings. You can adapt the above-mentioned ways to conserve energy at home along with incorporating smart energy efficient devices. The EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug is the best in this regard as it consumes way less energy and keeps a check on your energy usage.

Additionally, it's smart, which means you can manage all the connected devices with a few taps on your smartphone or through voice commands. If you need more energy efficient devices, EVVR is the best option. We have gadgets like the EVVR Center Lite, EVVR In-Wall Relay Switch, EVVR Hub, etc. With these devices, you will have full control over all your home appliances welcoming ease and comfort. So, don't wait and get your favorite ones now!

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