Is A Smart Water Heater Worth It? Best Water Heaters Is A Smart Water Heater Worth It? Best Water Heaters

Is A Smart Water Heater Worth It? Best Water Heaters

A smart water heater is an upgraded and intelligent version of your conventional water heater that does everything a regular  water heater does, and more! Follow through for more interesting facts.

Smart water heaters are replacing market demands for conventional water heaters. And I'm sure you have also thought of getting one if there isn't one already at your home.

Imagine not having to turn on/off the heater every time you want to take a hot shower. At the same time, keeping the heater on all the time is not even an option considering the completely unnecessary power consumption and the nightmare of an electricity bill it’s going to raise.

But what if your water heater could do the thinking in your place and automatically turn on during your usual shower time? Convenient, right?

Well, a smart water heater does exactly that!

What Is A Smart Water Heater Control Device?

A smart water heater control device is a smart device that controls a water heater.

Basically, it determines when hot water is needed in your home and turns on the water heater accordingly. The controller also turns off the smart water heater when the specific need is met.

This whole operation is automatic, meaning you don't need to manually operate the controller, rather it does the whole job automatically to save energy consumption and utility bills.

smart water heater

How Does A Smart Water Heater Work?

Just like any other smart device, a smart water heater works by taking consumption data and comparing it with different variables to offer energy-efficient options for your everyday needs.

In a household, a smart water heater observes the usage routine and the water demands throughout the day. Paired with the temperature levels, they prepare a systematic routine of when hot water is needed or not.

If we look at conventional water heaters, they waste a lot of electricity by heating water even when they are not needed to.

Since they can't be programmed to a schedule, you’d need to turn them on/off manually every time you need to use hot water.

On the other hand, smart heaters can be controlled remotely through various apps on your smartphone. This offers you the convenience to control them from anywhere just with a few taps.

For a regular household with 4 to 5 people, a standard 50 gallons smart heater is enough. However, for larger homes and greater demands, there can be more than one smart water heater.

smart water heater

Is A Smart Water Heater Worth It?

Energy-Efficient Choice

Just like any smart product, the main benefit of using smart water heaters is that they are energy-efficient.

In a usual household, a big part of the energy consumed is spent on heating water. In fact, studies show that, because of the way conventional water heaters are designed, almost 15% of the overall power is used by them.

It also doesn't help that you need to constantly turn them on and off, depending on when you need hot water. As a result, unnecessary energy loss can’t be helped.

But smart water heaters give us an eco-friendly option for heating water. They can detect your schedule for hot water usage and adjust their functioning hours based on that. The whole process is automatic, you don’t need to constantly turn them on or off as well.

You can also enter your schedule manually to set their functioning hour as per your liking.

Saves Money

In this modern civilization, if there’s anything constantly expensive that is energy. So, basically, by saving energy, you are also saving money on electricity bills.

Many people are hesitant to choose a smart water heater since they cost more than conventional ones. However, smart water heaters generate lower electricity bills than the latter.

So, in a way, they are paying for their worth a little at a time. And by the end of the year, you’ll be surprised at how much money you have saved on bills, by paying more for a smart water heater.

There are also areas, though very rare, where the unit bills change throughout the day. In these areas, smart water heaters are a lifesaver since you can plan your hot water usage, avoiding those hours and saving tons on energy bills.

Complete Control

The key condition of any smart device is that you have complete control over them and smart water heaters are no different.

We already know about their ability to adapt to your daily routine and function accordingly. Not only that, you can also override their predicted schedule and enter your new one.

For example, if you decide that you are going to take a hot shower at 9 am every day for the next week, you can punch in that schedule. And the heater will operate on that schedule for the next week.

On top of that, smart water heaters also offer wireless control over them. Which means you can turn them on/off remotely from your smartphone.

The proximity doesn't matter as well so you can do this from anywhere not only inside the house. This also means convenience on your part if your routine changes abruptly.

Imagine you are on the road and would like a shower as soon as you get home. You can turn on the heater in your car. And by the time you're home, your hot water is ready!


Safety is something that is expected with any electrical device and smart water heaters offer you just that.

The smart sensors connected to the heater keep track of any unusual activities or irregularities. So, when there is a leak, suspicious power consumption, or system failure, it can alert you right away on the related apps.

Moreover, you can also program your smart water heater with an emergency switch that can go off in times of catastrophic incidents or natural disasters to keep your home safe from any further blow.

No More Bacteria

When conventional water heaters start to cool down, they have lukewarm water inside the tank. Such an environment is heaven for Legionella bacteria which can grow in the tanks and give you diseases like different flu, Pontiac fever, etc.

But smart water heaters are designed to be bacteria-smart. So, they can periodically heat the water to a temperature, enough to kill off any bacteria.

3 Best Smart Water Heater For Home

1. A.O. Smith

A.O. Smith's signature 50-gallon smart water heater is one of the best smart water heaters on the market right now. With their attractive features and efficiency functionally they are undoubtedly a great option for you.


  • Can provide up to 81 gallons of water in the first hour
  • Built-in pressure relief valve for safer operation
  • Energy-efficient with uniform energy rating
  • Can provide water for households with 4+ members

2.  Rheem Performance Platinum 50 gallon

Rheem is a trusted name when it comes to smart water heaters. This natural gas smart heater won’t disappoint with its outstanding performance and efficiency.


  • Can provide up to 77 gallons of water in the first hour
  • Suitable for a household with 4+ residents
  • Comes with a vacation button to save more energy than regular
  • Easy to use

3. Rheem Performance 50 Gallons The Electric Heater

Another Rheem product on the list is the Rheem Performance 50 gallons electric heater. It’s efficient and reliable and comes with several benefits.


  • 61 gallons of water in the first hour
  • Suitable for a household of 3-4 people
  • Easy installation
  • Built-in overheat protection

How To Control A Smart Water Heater and Monitor Energy Usage?

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