Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan Switch Timer and Light Switch Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan Switch Timer and Light Switch

Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan Switch Timer and Light Switch

A bathroom is a core part of every home. Check out our guide as we present some of the leading bathroom fan switch timer, their specs, and the benefits that will elevate your bathroom experience and reduce waste!

Do you frequently forget to turn off your bathroom exhaust fan when you get out of it? Do you want to reduce your monthly electricity bill? Then this is the blog you should go through. But first, you should know what a bathroom fan switch timer is.

Bathroom Timer switch lets you operate a fan by pressing a button for a predetermined period of time, and they turn the fan off automatically when that period of time is up. You will not only have a ventilated smart bathroom atmosphere, but you will also save money by not running the fan on for too long.

The Types of Devices Needed for Bathroom Fan Timer Switch

The time switch is ideal for a number of tasks, including switching on and off ventilation systems, interior or exterior lights, and other equipment. These actions are automatically carried out by the time switch. Thus saving you from having to remember to click the switch at a precise time each day.

People forget to turn off lights when getting out of the bathroom. This happens frequently when you are in a rush to go to school or to the work. In this case bathroom light timer switch might come in handy.

It is also common to leave the bathroom exhaust fan running when your work is done. It might run all day and end up with a higher electricity bill. The bathroom fan timer switch will help mitigate that issue.

bathroom fan switch timer

The Necessity of a Bathroom Fan Timer Switch

It is essential to have a bathroom exhaust fan to keep the air in the room fresh and avoid the growth of mold and mildew. However, if you have family members living with you who frequently forget to turn off the fan, you are wasting precious resources by leaving it running all the time.

Homeowners who follow a daily schedule can install Bathroom timer switch to program AC electricity, lights, and appliances to turn off at specific times of the day. By using Bathroom timer switch, you can control your home and make it safer, more energy efficient, and cost-effective.

Now let's look at some of the features of Bathroom timer switch below.

bathroom fan switch timer

Safety and Reliability

In order to discourage potential robbers, many homeowners keep a few lights on while they are away. However, this is a huge energy waste, and nobody is fooled by it.

In reality, it may serve as a sign that the house is unoccupied. The lights have just been left on, which is obvious to even the most dim-witted person. One of the best ways to stop a break-in is to use light timers inside your home.

Even when the building isn't occupied, you can indicate that it is by placing light timers both inside and outside. To prevent trespassers, many light timers have a random vacation setting.

In order to avoid slips, falls, and other accidents, light timers also assist in keeping your porch, entryway, and walkways lit at night.

Conserve Power and Money

Once a timer switch has been installed in your house, you won't have to bother about turning on and off lights in particular zones or rooms at specific times.

If you are used to going to bed with the lights on, then these switches will help you solve the issue. A Bathroom timer switch will help you In fact, you will eventually spend less on energy.

Timely Reminders

Electronic timers are an excellent method for keeping track of how much time has passed in addition to improving energy efficiency and home security.

You will be able to accurately track how long you have spent in the hot tub, and pool, thanks to timers. If you happen to fall asleep, they might also be able to save your life.

Many saunas, hot tubs, and pool owners prefer spring-loaded motorized timers due to their durability and simplicity.

Better Appliance Management

 Most of us must get out of bed in the dead of night to switch off the air conditioning. Moreover, you might need to get up again and turn on the AC once more when the room has warmed.

To make life simpler, you can use a Bathroom timer switch. Your AC switch can be set for 30 minutes, after which it can turn off for an hour. This process can go on without interruption as you sleep comfortably.

To limit your child's access to television and video games, you can easily set up timers. Simply set the timer, and the gadget will switch off when it's time. No more disputes about who has access to TV or video games.

Top 5 Best Bathroom Fan Timer Switch

Bathroom fan timer switch helps the user to automate the use of the exhaust fan in the smart bathroom. These switches are excellent for bathroom exhaust fans because you need to run the fan for at least 15 to 30 minutes after taking a shower to get rid of all the humidity.

And chances are that you won't remember to switch off the exhaust fan unless you have perfect memory. Let's look at the Best Bathroom timer switch available in the market.


You have an option of 5min, 10min, 30min, 60min, 2hr, or 4hr on this bathroom fan timer. To save energy, simply press the desired timing, and the fan will turn off.

Furthermore, it has a LED light that lets you know when the bathroom timer switch is set and assists in timer selection in the dark. These switches are made of heat- and impact-resistant thermoplastic and are simple to install.


  • Easy installation
  • Led lights for dark environment
  • 6 preset timers


  • A neutral wire is necessary
  • The light indication is not clear.

2.Lutron Maestro

It is a premium timer switch produced by a well-known company in the world of smart switches.

This timer contains six pre-set timers with a maximum duration of 60 minutes. Simply press the start button to begin, and then use the slider button to choose your favorite timer up to 60 minutes.

The time remaining will be displayed via the LED indicator light. There are DIY setup videos available from Lutron. These switches are easy to install.

bathroom fan timer switch


  • Simple installation
  • Slider Button
  • Time remaining display with LED


  • A bit more fragile than the competition
  • Wall plate bought separately


This powerful switch can easily adjust its timer for up to 60 minutes. It can turn off your bathroom fan with the flip of a simple knob. This knob timer was designed to be simple. It can also be used in the dark or with damp hands.

You can effortlessly use this timer switch to turn off any bathroom fan, as well as lights, heating lights, appliances, and more.


  • Convinient knob control.
  • Timer up to 60 minutes
  • Two wall plates are included.


  • Ticking noise is present
  • No lighting available


The EVVR In-Wall Relay Switch is a great option for your bathroom. Its innovative split-type structure allows for simple installation no neutral without taking the attention away from the appearance of the bathroom wall.

You can use voice commands like Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri to wirelessly operate your connected bulbs, ceiling fans, exhaust ventilation equipment, and water heaters.


  • Can continue to operate even with the wall switch off.
  • Voice control capabilities and mobile applications.
  • can be used without changing your current wall switches.
  • It fits electrical boxes easily thanks to its extremely small size.


  • No dimmers are available.

EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug

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The Woods is a pocket-friendly option in the world of Fan timer switches. It features four pre-set timers with durations ranging from 10 minutes to 60 minutes. It has LED indicator lights that let you see which bathroom timer switch you selected.

It features four pre-set timers with durations ranging from 10 minutes to 60 minutes. It has LED indicator lights that let you see which timer you selected.

Moreover, the LED light is quite bright, that's why it allows you to find the switch in the darkness and select your preferred setting.


  • Bright LED indication light.
  • On the side, a printed wiring diagram is present.
  • Up to 60 minutes of timer settings.


  • No manual control is present.
  • Some complaints about time accuracy are present.

Is it ok to leave a bathroom fan on all the time?

Leaving a bathroom fan on all the time has pros and cons. The advantages include improved air quality, reduced humidity, and better ventilation. However, there are also disadvantages such as increased energy consumption, potential noise disturbance, and accelerated wear and tear on the fan. Ultimately, it's a personal decision based on your priorities and circumstances.

Should a bathroom fan be on a timer switch?

Using a timer switch for a bathroom fan is beneficial for energy savings, convenience, maintenance, and noise reduction. It allows you to control when the fan operates, saving energy and providing automated operation. This helps extend the fan's lifespan, reduces maintenance needs, and mitigates noise disturbances.

Final Thoughts

We took the effort to include some of the top bathroom fan timer switches in this blog so that you could set up a smart bathroom. The EVVR In-Wall Relay Switch is an excellent choice if you want to manage the lights and fans in your bathroom.

Besides that, EVVR provides control hubs like the EVVR Hub and EVVR Center Lite as well as touchscreen home controllers dubbed EVVR Pad S. In a nutshell, EVVR offers a complete home automation solution.

Please let us know the performance of the switch you decide to use in your bathroom. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about this subject.   

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