Wireless Lights For Living Room - Build A Smart Living Room Wireless Lights For Living Room - Build A Smart Living Room

Wireless Lights For Living Room - Build A Smart Living Room

A smart living room built with automated control over all the appliances and devices is everyone’s dream. Find out more about how you can build a smart living room!

What comes to mind when you hear the term 'smart living room'? You must have thought of a living room and something related to automation and wireless control. And you are right.

A smart living room is a living room that you can manage from anywhere in the world.

To create a smart living space, smart devices and appliances like wireless lights and switches are used. So, you have control over them immediately through just a few taps.

Why Do We Need to Get Good Lighting in the Living Room?

The living room is the most important room in a home depending on the fact that it is the most used room in the house. Whether it be meeting guests, watching movies, having meals, or even just spending a relaxing time, the living room is the first place that comes to mind.

While organizing a living room, we often look for the best couch or the paint color to go with the room's aesthetic. But those are not everything.

Lighting plays one of the most important roles in creating the perfect ambiance for your living room. A well-balanced lighting system makes the living room warm and inviting.

living room lighting ideas

At the same time, it’s important that the lighting can be balanced to accommodate the different activities that take place in the room.

We can even point out some very specific reasons why we need good lighting in the living room.

  • Good lighting sets the tone for the room
  • Can be used to highlight different parts of the room separately
  • Create the right ambiance for different activities
  • Cool, soothing light help relieve stress after a long day
  • Good lighting can make the space look more spacious

Living Room Lighting Ideas

To give your living room a tasteful illumination along with some cozy furniture and an artistic interior, lighting is important.

There are so many different living room lighting ideas on the internet that you can personally try out.

Not only it gives the room a nice break from the boring regular lighting fixtures, but pairing with different fixtures like a smart lamp, LED lights, ceiling lights, etc, you can transform your regular living room into a stylish and smart one.

So let's get started on some of these incredible lighting ideas for your living room.

living room lighting ideas

Pairing with the Interior

This is a good old trick that most people use when setting up their living room. Lighting that complements the interior helps balance the whole atmosphere of the room. So none of the elements seems like an afterthought rather than a combined project.

It is important to think beforehand about what kind of lighting and decor you want and find a way to create symmetry between the two. Otherwise one may feel like the main element while the other one was chosen as an afterthought to force into it.

Pairing doesn't always mean picking the same colors or something of that sort. Rather it can also mean mismatching.

Overall, the space should have a feeling of harmony and balance with the light and the interior( couch, rug, curtains, wallpaper, etc.)

Picking A Centerpiece

Centerpieces can be a good option to add to the list. Instead of adding a bunch of random lights, pick a single eye-catching centerpiece like a chandelier or geometrical lights.

A bold centerpiece can highlight your living room in the best way. It also eliminates the need to add an unbelievable number of additional lights. A geometrical or architectural light paired with some much smaller simple light pieces creates a tasteful space in your living room.

In fact, most of the time, the centerpiece compliments the space in such a way that the rest of the room doesn't get noticed even if it’s a bit deranged.

Simple Statement Pieces

Some simple statement pieces with minimalist designs can never go wrong with a smart living room. They are neat, they are not distracting, and most importantly, they are easy to maintain.

Oversized Lamp

Oversized lamps are almost an integral part of the living room lighting system. They can either be an extra large shade or an overhanging floor lamp.

While they can be considered as a statement piece, make sure to match a piece of the interior like a simple rug or the curtains with it. So that they don't look too out of place.

Besides acting mostly as a decoration, oversized overhanging lamps are great for providing task light while reading or working.

Wireless Ceiling Lights

For small living rooms where there’s not much space for standing lamps, you can use wireless ceiling lights.

They are pretty functional depending you can control them with a remote or app through your smart device. It also makes the room less cluttered.

Layering Ambient, Task, and Accent Light

You can also try some layering using the three elements- ambient, taste, and accent. All three elements are equally important and a popular method to add some texture and depth to your living space.

Ambient affects the overall lighting of the room and creates a general illumination or structure. A chandelier, wall-mounted light, or anything mounted high up on the wall can be used as ambient light.

Task lights are a more localized type of lighting and assist the daily activities performed in the room. This is why their placement is important.

And finally, accent light is used to highlight very specific parts of the living room that you wanna emphasize.

7 Ways to Use Smart Devices to Create A Smart Living Room

Evvr In-Wall Relay Switch

In-all relay switches are one of the popular appliances to use in smart homes.

For example, we can look at the Evvr in-wall relay switches. Their unique split-type design of smart relay and smart switch along with easy installation and management makes them one of the best smart products for your smart living room.

living room lighting ideas

It has multiple exciting functions that make the lighting system so much more convenient. Let's take a look at them.

  • They work with all types of wall switches
  • You can use any type of bulb with them, not only smart bulbs
  • The app is easy to use
  • They are compatible with the apple home kit
  • Can turn off/on all the lights with a single tap
  • Doesn't require a neutral wire
  • Works with voice command

LED Light

Kelvin-controlled LED Lights are one of the recent additions to smart appliances for smart living room light ideas.

We already know that LED lights are great eco-friendly options for energy-efficient lighting fixtures. On top of that, these smart lights can control the light by controlling the kelvin number.

A higher kelvin number indicates a colder light tone. It's perfect for an office or workspace and helps with productivity.

On the other hand, a lower kelvin number refers to a warmer light which is generally used for relaxation.

LED Light Strips

LED light strips can be a fun little addition to your living room light. Especially among the younger generation, LED light strips are very popular due to their flexibility and easy installation.

They can be easily set up on almost any smooth surface like artwork, kitchen counters, paintings, corners of the walls, and just about anywhere you want with the help of some duct tape. They can also be conveniently cut to any length to use accordingly.

Smart LED strips can be added to related apps to control the color scheme, brightness, on/off, etc with just a tap. Especially during any party, movie, or game night, they are the perfect accessory to set the mood accordingly.

You can look at these products for smart LED strips: Phillip Hue LED StripsGovee Indoor LED Strip Lights.

Smart Lamps

You can also use smart lamps for your living room instead of regular lamps. Smart lamps have several functions including the ability to change color, intensity, and direction.

The smart lamp is also popular for increasing productivity throughout the day.

Not only that but they can also be programmed to change the color and intensity rhythmically to help you fall asleep at night.

Smart Bulbs

Smart lamps are the most common but neat addition to smart appliances for your living room. 

It's not unusual for any of us to accidentally leave the light on at home while leaving for work. But smart bulbs can be controlled through different apps and bridges. So you can turn them off even from outside your home. 

Besides they also have other functions like color-changing ability, dimming, voice control, etc.

Accentuate Wall Art

If you own any wall art, this can be a pretty neat way to liven up your living room.

Setting up some downlights on the art piece with small spotlights can drastically change the whole vibe of your living room. It adds texture and more depth to the art piece as well.

However setting the lights up might be a bit tricky since many art pieces like glass frames, and oil canvases reflect light. So they are not the best art options to cast light on.

Ambiance is the Key

Overall, think of an overall ambiance that you’d like to maintain in your living, and go with it.

Since you are going to be using the room at different times of the day for different activities, it’s better to mismatch and keep a few options open.

Dimming lights are great for the living room as you can effectively control the intensity to match the mood and energy.

Make sure the overall setup is flexible and has a balance between them so as not to look messy and disarrayed.

FAQs of wireless lights for living room

  • Do we need to get into the walls to install the Evvr in-wall relay switch?

Ans: No, they are exceptionally small-sized to fit the space behind the switch box.

  • Do we need a hub for the relay switch?

Ans: In most cases, yes.

Final Words

A fully automated and controlled living room has been a dream of every homeowner for a long time. But with the soaring popularity and availability of smart appliances, it's not a dream anymore. Now you can build your own smart living room with complete automation control dedicated to your convenience. Evvr can offer you a comprehensive smart home solution whether you are an integrator, professional installer, distributor, or DIYer.  Get in touch with us and become our partner today!

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