Bedroom Lighting Ideas - Create a Modern Bedroom Lighting with Smart Devices Bedroom Lighting Ideas - Create a Modern Bedroom Lighting with Smart Devices

Bedroom Lighting Ideas - Create a Modern Bedroom Lighting with Smart Devices

With innovative bedroom lighting ideas like smart bulbs and smart in-wall relay switches, you can improve your sleeping while doubling productivity …

Our bedrooms are where we are likely to spend most of our time, from sleeping to resting and for other purposes like reading, official work, etc. However, you can't do anything productive until there is proper lighting to uplift the environment of your bedroom. There are multiple devices and a handful of ideas that you can utilize to enhance the coziness and beauty of your bedroom. So, let's discuss everything from the importance of good bedroom lighting to different bedroom lighting ideas and devices that pave the way for smart lighting in your room!

Why is Bedroom Lighting Important?

It may surprise you, but the overall lighting in your bedroom greatly affects your sleep cycle. If you've bright light exposure while sleeping, you tend to sleep a little less compared to dim lights that promote good sleep. This means it's essential to have proper and programmable lighting in your bedroom that you can adjust according to your sleep cycle. Moreover, with the right lighting, you will see your productivity increase as your spirits get high in a well-illuminated space. It's also suitable for those people who are fond of bedtime reading.

Because even if you are reading on an iPad with a bright screen, you still need lighting in your bedroom to reduce strain from your eyes. This preserves your eyesight and keeps you away from all sorts of eye pains and headaches. However, lighting isn't limited to traditional lamps on bedside tables, as several unique bedroom lighting ideas make your bedroom visually appealing. Let's discuss those!

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Unique Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Whether you want modern bedroom lighting or small fancy bedroom lighting ideas, the following lighting styles are perfect.

1. Crystal Chandelier for Fancy Bedroom

If you have a fancy and huge bedroom, adding a crystal chandelier can be fruitful. It adds shimmer and elegance to your bedroom and provides adequate light. What makes them best is that they are available in multiple colors, so you can select the one that perfectly blends with your bedroom appearance.

2. Pendant Lights

The time when you were restricted to a few lighting options due to small space is the story of the past. Nowadays, you can find pendant lights that hang to the ceiling, illuminate the room beautifully, and don't occupy any ground space. You can decide whether you want them in traditional rattan or glass. Moreover, variable color schemes are available for pendant lamps, making them one of the best small bedroom lighting ideas.

3. Antique Lamps for Old Fashioned Look

If you have a traditional antique outlook of the bedroom, then going with antique lamps is among the top bedroom lighting ideas. You can find plenty of options in this category, like brass or vintage lamps that complement your space without overwhelming it.

4. Overhead Lights for Smooth Lighting

Overhead lighting is a suitable choice for those bored of traditional lighting fixtures that make their bedroom look dull and unproductive. You can either use multiple small bulb fixtures on the ceiling or a unique hanging light overhead to immediately brighten up the space. It also prevents direct light from penetrating your eyes, which can cause eyesight loss.

5. Add Colorful LED Lights for Dramatic Touch

If you are a fan of pop music and want some retro touch in your bedroom, the addition of colorful LED lights is exactly what you need. Neon lights are the most popular in this regard, as they make your room ambient when all other traditional lights are turned off. These lights are more commonly used in kids' bedrooms, so if you want to add extra lighting and aesthetic flare to your child's room, the installation of colorful LED lights is among the top kid's bedroom lighting ideas.

6. Wall Sconces to Achieve Simple Space-Saving Look

For someone who's a fan of minimalist bedroom lighting ideas, simple wall sconces are a good addition. It's one of the best space-saving bedroom lighting ideas and is installed on both sides of the bed by wiring into the wall. There are multiple designs available in wall sconces, such as circular, square, spotlights style, etc. You can pick the one that best blends with your bedroom and offer a clean and custom look along with saving space.

Top Smart Devices to Automate Your Bedroom Lighting

Now that you are well aware of the bedroom lighting ideas, it's time to dig into the details of smart devices that make it easy for you to manage and adjust the installed lights. Smart devices are those devices that are connected to other networks through different wireless protocols. Here are the top smart devices that make your dream of smart bedroom lighting come true:

Smart Bulbs

The first step that allows you to automate the lighting of your bedroom is to install smart bulbs and lamps instead of traditional ones. A smart bulb looks pretty much like a LED bulb; however, it captures signals from your home's wireless internet connection or hub.

All you have to do is to manage these bulbs either using voice commands or through phones and say Goodbye to waking towards the fixture to do so. Just add a smart bulb into the socket like you install other typical bulbs, and you are all set to go! Let's have a look at the top smart bulb option for your home:

Cync Full Color Smart Bulb

Our top choice in smart bulbs is this Cync smart bulb because of its easy installation and working. All you have to do is install this bulb and add it to the Cync app on your phone either manually or by scanning the QR code on the bulb box. With this bulb, you can easily control and manage your bedroom lighting by connecting it to your WiFi router and then giving commands through Alexa or Siri.

Moreover, if you are away from home, this intelligent bulb offers you additional security and convenience, and you never have to return to a dark house. What's the best part? These smart LED bulbs use 84% less energy than an incandescent bulb which means not only this device allows you to put your dream smart bedroom lighting ideas into action and saves on your energy bills.

Smart Light Switch

For those who think installing smart bulbs everywhere in the bedroom and home is quite heavy on the pocket, a smart light switch becomes the savior. Typically, a smart light switch is known as a fixture that gets connected to your wireless connection automatically or via a hub so that you can get complete control over your home lighting.  

Whether you have traditional bulbs or lamps, everything is managed through a smart light switch. However, it's not an ideal solution for old homeowners as you need to change the decoration of your home a bit to install the new smart light switch, which can be dangerous for an old home. Look at one of the top smart light switches that can automate your home!

Kasa Smart Light Switch

Having a standard plate size, this smart light switch is very clean and straightforward. All you've to do is install this switch like a normal controller utilizing a neutral wire and connect it to your home WiFi to be in charge of your home lighting. This Kasa smart light switch is convenient when you are trying out new bedroom lighting ideas and want to pave the way for technology.

You can monitor and control all your electronics through your smartphone or Alexa voice control. If you are on vacation, this switch allows you to schedule automatic lights to turn on during the day and off at night. 

Moreover, it needs a 2.4 GHZ of WiFi connection for smooth running. What's the best part? The Kasa intelligent light switch doesn't require a separate hub and is a perfect home automation package for those short of money.

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Smart In-Wall Relay Switch

Technology is quickly advancing, and the smart in-wall relay switch is an example. Typically, a smart in-wall relay switch works like a simple, smart light switch, but it has two parts: the relay and the controller. Additionally, it's usually tiny in size, and unlike a smart switch, it doesn't require a neutral wire for installation.

This thing makes it a perfect option for those who want to go with some smart bedroom lighting ideas but don't want to disrupt the interior. Install it in any of your existing sockets and connect it with WiFi or ZigBee/Z-Wave hub to adjust the bedroom lights quickly. Here's our top pick for smart in-wall relay switches:

Evvr In-wall Relay Switch

Although multiple in-wall relay switches are available in the market, they are either huge or inefficient. However, the Evvr in-wall relay switch is built differently as it is tiny and doesn't require a neutral wire for setup, it's also compatible with HomeKit. Whether you have a toggle switch or a momentary one, the Evvr in-wall relay switch works smoothly with all switches. With this switch, you can create 3-way or 4-way fixtures that enable you to control all the lighting from any connected switch at any location.

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As it's available in three different versions: Homekit, ZigBee, and Z-Wave select the one that best caters to your needs. The Homekit is an excellent choice for those who have Apple protocols devices and want to avoid the additional cost that comes with buying a separate hub. In contrast, ZigBee and Z-Wave versions of the Evvr in-wall relay switch need a hub for connectivity and working. What's the best part? There's no minimum load requirement for this in-wall relay switch, and you can even get the charge of your bedroom or home lighting through voice control!


Proper bedroom lighting is essential if your bedroom isn't only a resting area for you but also a working space. However, you can try different bedroom lighting ideas instead of traditional lamps and lighting to complement the overall place. The most common ones are going with a fancy chandelier, adding pendant lights, installing scones lamps, and much more.  

After shortlisting your favorite bedroom lighting ideas, decide whether you want typical lights or want to make your bedroom a good smart room. You can try smart bulbs, smart light switches, or an in-wall relay switch to make the bedroom smart. The best choice is the in-wall relay switch due to the convenience and comfort that comes with it. Evvr in-wall relay switch is best in this regard with its three different versions and the ability to work with all types of switches.

So, don't wait and grab your favorite Evvr in-wall relay switch from the Evvr store now! Other devices like the Evvr Center Lite, Evvr Hub, Evvr Pad S, and Evvr App also help you take a step towards complete bedroom automation. Evvr can offer you a comprehensive smart home solution whether you are an integrator, professional installer, distributor, or DIYer.  Get in touch with us and become our partner today!

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