Which Smart Bulbs are Zigbee? Zigbee Bulbs You Must Try Which Smart Bulbs are Zigbee? Zigbee Bulbs You Must Try

Which Smart Bulbs are Zigbee? Zigbee Bulbs You Must Try

Find out why having Zigbee connectivity in Smart light is important and what Zoigbee Smart light is around you.

Did you know that IoT devices are taking over regular households? If you are already not in the game you are missing out a lot. Smartifying is not just following the trend but it’s making your life more comfortable and adding a sprinkle of zing and pep.

Smart light bulbs are one of the building blocks of home automation. But not just any light bulb can offer you that.  The smart light bulb that uses Zigbee and other wireless technologies would be a perfect fit. Zigbee, however, is often preferred because of its’ energy-efficient operational capabilities and outstanding network strength.

Or you can kill two birds with one stone by buying a smart switch like Evvr smart switches,  that uses Zigbee devices. You can use the smart switch to automate lights on and off, control them wirelessly, and many more. More about them later.

Why is Zigbee Important

Wireless technology has been around for a long time, therefore there are many standards for wireless mediums. Having many options is good but it creates a problem of compatibility.

To resolve it, Connectivity Standard Alliance (CSA) came up with a wireless standard for IoT devices that fulfills all the needs of IoT device wireless connectivity solutions.

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When it comes to range, price, and security Zigbee is close to unmatched. The production cost is meager the power consumption is very low, and it has decent wall penetration and similar protection to WiFi.

All of these make Zigbee more compelling to the consumer. Since These wireless communication works with mesh technology and light bulb are installed far apart in a room extra range will greatly help with stable connectivity.

What is a Smart Light Bulb?

A smart bulb is a regular LED bulb connected to the internet via different wireless technologies like WiFi or Zigbee. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that only the control of the bulb is conducted using wireless technology. The bulb will be powered by outlets just like regular bulbs.

Smart light bulbs are comparable to traditional incandescent bulbs, however, smart lights can communicate with a smartphone, tablet, or mobile device. This connection is frequently made via a "hub," such as the Philips Hue bridge, which is a gateway between your smart lights and your phone or tablet. The hub is connected to a connection on your router, however not all smart lights have smart hubs.

You can use a smartphone application to control the smart lights. Other options such as a home automation hub are also available. They all use some sort of network connectivity such as Zigbee or WiFi as a medium to establish a connection between the smartphone/hub and the smart light and help you control the light wirelessly.

Because the bulb is internet-connected, suppliers may leverage edge computing to outfit smart bulbs with features such as built-in cameras, built-in speakers, and presence-sensing functionality. Many smart bulbs allow the house or building management to change both brightness and RBG color.

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Zigbee Smart Light Bulbs you Should Buy

If you are planning to buy Smart Light Bulb and thinking about what Zigbee bulb is near me then you are not alone. Zigbee bulb is the best option when it comes to Zigbee Home Automation. Finding the best Zigbee bulbs will take time to research, to simplify your life we have represented some of the best Zigbee bulbs you can consider. Still, if you feel confused you can contact our support team and they will walk you through the available options in your budget.

Philips Hue

The Philips Hue lighting lineup has become a powerful presence in the smart home market. All of these models show that you may entirely redesign your lighting system to make it internet-connected.

The single most significant issue though is the expense. Individual lights are expensive, even before you consider the switches.

Nonetheless, if you're willing to make a substantial investment, few other smart home gadgets seem are few other smart home gadgets that seem as handy as Philips Hue's light bulbs, lights, and switches.

Although Philips Hue is the most popular it is not perfect. The price of this light bulb alone is a letdown. Needing an extra hub makes it pricier than its competitor.

But since more features and supports are added to the light bulb the well-designed app, which supports both Bluetooth and Zigbee makes it an ideal choice despite the price tag.

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Innr Smart Bulb

A fun fact about this smart light bulb is that it is not as recognized as Philips but the Inner is created by two former Philips managers. You can think of Innr as the budget version of Philips Hue.

Innr Smart Bulbs supports Zigbee wireless hub so it is not limited to only Philips hub but you can try many available options. The bulbs are only available with a screw fitting; those who want a bayonet fitting must purchase adapters. As a result, the length of the bulb will increase and will protrude from its holder, and result in somewhat unattractiveness.

However, the Smart Bulb color is worth considering if you're seeking low-cost, responsive smart lights that can help you automate your house or boost your security approach while you're away.

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Cskyzk Zigbee Smart Bulb

If you already have a Hue hub and want to replace a few bulbs then this is a very cheap replacement to that. They have Zigbee wireless connectivity so they work flawlessly with a hue hub.

Because they are Zigbee compatible, they are extremely simple to set up using the Alexa app. There is no requirement for a third-party app. They were discovered almost immediately after installation and you will be to manage them through Alexa, either through an echo device or the app. You may also use Alexa routines to turn off and on a schedule or a button and automate the light.


The colors in Zigbee Gu10 bulbs are stunning and are just as bright as hue bulbs. They are the finest Zigbee smart bulbs you can buy for the money. The sole drawback is that, even at 1% brightness, they do not dim as well as color bulbs. But it's still money well spent.

These smart GU10 bulbs come in a bundle of two and are powered by LEDs, consuming only 5w. This is far less than the old conventional halogen lights, which used 50w per bulb, making modern LED versions cost-effective in the long term, saving you money on energy costs.

They also have a  frosted diffuser included providing a softer light that is equally distributed across your space and is less harsh on the eyes if you peek at it.

Ledvance Lightify Bulbs

Ledvance Lightify bulbs are meant to look like ordinary incandescent lights and to interact with the Lightify Gateway. The gateway is a compact ZigBee device that works like a hub and connects to any wall socket near where the bulbs are mounted, seamlessly connecting light bulbs to your smartphone.

Lightify is still a far more ideal option than the wired Philips Bridge, and it now works with the majority of major smart-home hubs, including Wink, SmartThings, HomeKit, and Amazon Echo.

Bottom Line

It is common knowledge that if you want to buy something to use it for a long time you have to do your homework. Especially when it comes to technological device, as they improve over the year and there are many versions available os compatibility become an issue.

We hope that in the search for the best Zigbee smart light bulb this article wine of help to you. The mentioned brand is available everywhere you can even find them in the amazon web store. Even if you decide not to go for a smart light bulb you can buy Smart In-Wall Switches to make your existing light smart at a fraction of the cost of the Smart light bulbs with the hub.

But if you are still confused or have any questions it will greatly help you if you have an actual person to guide you so we highly recommend contacting us and our support will be more than happy to guide you in the right direction.

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