Best Lighting Control Systems for Homes in 2024 Best Lighting Control Systems for Homes in 2024

Best Lighting Control Systems for Homes in 2024

The best lighting control systems for homes will depend greatly on the circumstances of individual homeowners. We present top 10 best lighting control systems for homes in 2024.

The best lighting control systems for homes will depend significantly on the circumstances of individual homeowners because it’s such a prosomal set of choices.

Consequently, manufacturers of light control systems are partnering with lighting manufacturers to devise more ways to control the activation of lights, in addition to the brightness, hue, and color of lighting options.

Infinitely personalized lighting choices are growing exponentially in the smart home automation industry. 

Best Lighting Control Systems for Homes in 2024

  1. EVVR In-Wall Relay Switch

The EVVR In-Wall Relay Switch is a revolutionary no-neutral smart lighting product designed for every existing home or new construction. Its innovative design combines a smart relay and a smart switch, allowing it to convert any single or multi-bulb combination into an intelligent lighting system.

EVVR lets you control your lights and more with your existing wall switches or wirelessly with voice commands powered by Siri, a physical tap on the controller, or with the EVVR App, whether you are in your home, at the office, or enjoying a vacation. 

The power to the switch is constantly flowing, whether you flip off the physical wall switch or not. The Smart Relay remains connected to the network and online, giving you continuous wireless remote access to your smart lights via apps or voice commands.

A big selling point for the EVVR lighting technology is that it doesn’t require a neutral wire. Essentially, that technological advance widens its appeal to a global audience who don’t have to incur the expense of rewiring ceilings and walls.

Its compact design exposes a small footprint, effectively doubling its capacity to support smart devices in a single electrical box. It’ll function appropriately with many wall switches, including push buttons, toggles, and smart remotes.

EVVR Center Lite - Integrating EVVR Smart Lighting Devices

EVVR Center Lite is a highly compatible smart gateway that revolutionizes your home lighting management. It operates seamlessly with Z-Wave, Zigbee, Bluetooth, and WiFi, offering functionalities such as automatic matching, driver creation, and development kit, ensuring compatibility with various smart lighting devices like bulbs, switches, and Dimmers. 

Don't worry about the learning curve - our EVVR Console allows you to easily create automated workflows for your home lighting with simple drag-and-drop nodes. Set up automation like lights-on when you leave, theatre mode, work mode, and more. With the intuitive user interface on our App, Web Application, and Tablet, everyone can smoothly control smart lighting devices at home.

  1. Control4 Smart Lighting 

The Control4 Smart Lighting system is an ideal add-on to your physical security strategy. Using Control4’s Mockupancy™ setting, you can open and close shades and toggle lights on and off at preset intervals to simulate an occupied home while you’re gone. This innovative feature will also continuously flash interior and exterior lights if an alarm is triggered to alert neighbors and authorities that something is wrong at your home.

The Control4 Essential Lighting offering extends your ability to increase the lighting intelligence of your home. It’s a budget-friendly option designed for infrequently used portions of your home like bathrooms, closets, garages, and laundry rooms, providing a consistent and flexible lighting solution that spans your entire living space.

In addition to making your own lighting changes, 4Sight also lets you check in on your lights and cameras from across town or around the globe. You’ll be able to remotely turn on the lights for your in-laws who have arrived earlier than expected or turn off lights that your kids left on by accident.

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  1. Lutron Residential Light Control

Lutron automated light control systems can dramatically enhance your lifestyle, improve comfort, and add convenience to everyday living while saving energy and money.

Lutron’s light control technology offers many ways to improve the environment and simultaneously beautify your home. Its light control systems and dimmers use only the light you need to function in your home, thereby conserving electricity and extending the life of your light bulbs. This technology proves that saving energy and money can be accomplished without sacrificing family style or comfort.

Optimize natural daylight in your home with their shading solutions, reducing heating and cooling expenses and increasing comfort.

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  1. Leviton Lighting Control Solutions

Leviton lighting control solutions offer innovation in their design and next-gen features for residential and commercial use cases. You can choose daylighting, dimmer, distributed, fan speed, or wireless controls, occupancy or vacancy sensors, relay panels, timer switches, and more.

Their lighting control systems for homes give dependable and precise lighting control that complements any residential or commercial living or working space and delivers potentially significant energy savings.

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  1. Light Switch

Light Switch is an innovative smart switch that can automatically change the color of your lighting. Use it for mood lighting or security purposes. Because of advancing technology and innovative designs, Light Switch has significantly improved its utility and value.

Controlling your lighting environment with a Light Switch is easy because they do everything. It has full remote capability so you can toggle lights from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. There are many applications suitable for this smart lighting system that bring greater comfort, convenience, and security to your home with little effort.

Buying a Light Switch smart switch is an intelligent investment for any homeowner or business.

  1. Meros Smart Light Switch

The Meros Smart Light Switch offers greater flexibility and increased options that ordinary switches miss. Switching lights on or off always leave your lighting in a binary state. But people aren’t always binary; they often want something in between, like when using a dimmer on their lights. A 3-way smart switch gives you flexibility with multi-states that set your lighting how and when you want.

Ordinary light switches found in most homes don’t work the way people live. They’re either always on or always off, with no other choices. You can change that with the Meros Smart Light Switch with Apple support. Their smart switches effortlessly connect your lights and enable you to light up your home as you see fit. Each switch can connect up to three devices without requiring multiple wiring.

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  1. Signify lighting

The Signify (formerly Philips Lighting Company) lighting systems address four primary market segments:

  1. Home lighting control systems
  2. Lamps
  3. LED
  4. Professional lighting 

They’re a global lighting market leader well versed in developing, manufacturing, and implementing innovative, eco-friendly, energy-efficient lighting systems.

They provide everything from dumb in-wall dimmers to advanced lighting system management software. Whatever your needs, Signify can provide lighting control systems for homes that fit the bill.

Their sophisticated lighting system management software provides centralized, remote lighting management that supports connected lighting systems to offer the best brightness for each application, maximize energy savings, and provide a unique value proposition.

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  1. GE CYNC Lighting

The GE CYNC Lighting family includes LEDs in various configurations capable of adapting to a wide variety of use cases. It is also growing its utility in the best home lighting control systems category, introducing a suite of smart lighting systems with simplified connection points yielding new lighting possibilities.

Homeowners can easily and quickly upgrade the intelligence of their homes with light bulbs from C by GE paired with a CYNC or C by GE smart plugs that enable remote app control of connected devices. 

You can create the best lighting control system for home by adding the optional Amazon Alexa plug, mastering your internal and external lighting system entirely with voice commands.

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  1. Aqara Smart Light Switch

The no-neutral, double-rocker Aqara Smart Light works seamlessly with the AQARA HUB and Zigbee Switch, and remote control and a timer for total home automation.

The Aqara Smart Light Switch is copiable with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant, and Google home light control, allowing voice command control of lighting from anywhere, so long as you have internet connectivity. Instantly transform your existing light bulbs and lighting fixtures into an intelligent lighting system that you can easily remotely control with your smartphone. 

Enjoy a hands-free experience with this innovative technology that turns on a light whenever you get up at night, so you’re not stumbling in the dark.

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  1. Wandsworth Electrical Smart Lighting

The Wandsworth Electrical smart lighting control system offers effortless control of your lighting levels. Create soothing ambient light to decorative lighting scenes with their premium switches and sockets without sacrificing the quality of your ecosystem.

Wandsworth can be found in lighting control systems for homes, hotels, and new suburban developments, lighting the way with innovative technology and masterful applications. There’s no need to settle for ordinary lighting control.

These designer lighting control switches incorporate uncompromising beauty with intelligent software to deliver high-quality, exceptionally designed adaptive accessories for effortless convenience, enhanced security, and efficient energy savings.

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The adoption rate for lighting control systems for homes will continue to increase as more consumers are exposed to its benefits by friends and family. The pace of innovation in lighting control is accelerating so fast that these systems become more compelling daily.

There are few examples in history of a technology overtaking an industry as fast as the smart home automation lighting control technologies evolving today. EVVR can offer you a comprehensive smart home solution whether you are an integrator, professional installer, distributor, or DIYer.  Get in touch with us and book a sample product today!

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