The Best Smart Lights with Apple Homepod Support! The Best Smart Lights with Apple Homepod Support!

The Best Smart Lights with Apple Homepod Support!

A comprehensive list of the best Apple Homepod integrated Smart Lights. What HomeKit Smart Switch should you use? What are the Best HomePod-compatible lights? Let's find it out!

Most people familiar with Apple know how much they love the Apple ecosystem. And what do they not have in their ecosystem! Phones, Laptops, Tablets, Smartwatch, TV streaming machines, Earbuds, Smart Speakers even. While they don’t have their own smart lights yet (Maybe one day), there are certainly dedicated smart lights in the market that are compatible with the Homepods. These homepod lights are not only controllable with the homepod, but they offer many Apple exclusive integrations that can take your Apple Ecosystem to the next level.

Can we Control Smart Lights with Apple Homepod?

Yes, of course you can. And you’re not just limited to turning the lights on and off either. The Apple Homepod comes with Siri which as you know, is Apple's custom smart digital assistant. Siri offers high levels of access to homepod lights. You can control the brightness of the light, setting it to dim or light according to your use case. You can control the lights across the house from any room or even from outside. If the homepod light bulbs come with RGB then you can control the color of the bulb, as well as lighting effects. You can also change the light settings to automatically adjust to the time of day. Depending on the smart lights list of features, the possibilities are quite high.

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What Homekit Smart Switch Should You Use?

First let’s discuss the Homekit Smart Switch. Basically a Homekit Smart Switch connects your electrical appliances to your smart devices. The old school switches required Neutral Wire installations which would cost a fortune. But modern day Smart Switches offer better alternatives.

The Homekit Smart Switch that we recommend is the Evvr in-Wall Relay Switch Homekit. It is arguably the most compatible Homekit supported Smart Relay Switch that works without Neutral Wires. Let’s Discuss it in detail:

Best Smart Lights with Apple HomePod Support

Evvr HomeKit In-Wall Relay Switch

The Evvr In-Wall Relay Switch comes with an innovative combination of a smart relay and a smart switch respectively. It is ultra-flexible and can work with most homes either old or new.

You can control your lights in the usual way using physical switches or using Siri from your Apple devices. Other major features offered by this product are:

Stays Connected Online, Even When The Wall Switches Are Off

Without power from the main wall switch, regular relays and bulbs don’t function. However, this product stays connected online, even when there is no support from the wall switch.

Say Goodbye to the Neutral Wires

Say you are trying to install your switch to an already built home. In most cases you need to rewire cables spread across the walls and ceilings just to get your relay switches working. So you can save your valuable time, money and the hassle of completing the rewiring procedure.

>> What is a neutral wire in a light switch

Supreme Switch Panel Support

Pretty much any switch panel you have, be it Toggle Switches, Smart Remote Buttons or Momentary Push Buttons. This Relay switch works just fine.

Turns Even Regular Bulbs Smart

That’s right! If the input voltage is between AC 85V to 240Vs then the Evvr In-Wall Relay switch can turn even regular bulbs like: Incandescent, halogen, fluorescent and LED bulbs into smart bulbs without replacing them.

Supports Apple HomeKit

If you want that Apple Ecosystem for yourself then this is it! Just complete the set up and now your bulbs can be controlled with any SIRI supported Apple device.

Compact Size and High Gang Panel Switch Support

The smart design makes sure the product is smaller than most of its counterparts and thus allows space for up to 2 switches in an electrical box which can then handle up to 4-gang panel switches.

Convenient, Reliable and Safe

This product has received safety certifications from across the region which include: CE, FCC, RoSH, UKCA and WEEE certifications. In case of power failure, it can maintain the state it was in before the power failure. Issues like electrical leakage during set up and low-wattage bulbs flickering are also solved with the extraordinary patented design.

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The market offers so many options in terms of smart bulbs that the selection process can often become tedious and tiresome. So to save you from the boredom and confusion, we have compiled 6 of the best lights that work with homepod.

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Starter Kit (Gen 3)

Firstly for our best overall pick we have the Philips Hue White and Colour Ambiance Starter kit. The bright and true to life colors, well-optimized app and unique features have made it an industry leader in terms of Smart Bulbs.

These bulbs come with bluetooth compatibility for short distance operations, the brightness is higher than all it’s predecessors and it comes equipped with Adaptive Lightning feature to adjust the color of the bulb with the time of day.

If you want the best in class dependability and performance, then the high price of this product shouldn’t be an issue. Complement your industry standard apple product with the industry leading Philips Hue products. However, please do note that you will need the Philips Hue Bridge to control the lights from outside.

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  • Simple set up process.
  • Well-optimized app.
  • Wide selection of color options.
  • Supports Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant.


  • Remote operation requires extra Philips products.

Meross Smart WI-FI LED Bulb

Do you want shiny and crisp colors from your bulb? Then consider the Meross Smart WI-FI LED Bulb.

It has a superfast and simple integration process after which you can easily control the bulb with your Smart Assistants. The product supports Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri and SmartThings.

At 810 lumens, this bulb isn’t the brightest but still has a ton of great features and is one of the best apple homepod smart lights.

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  • Great value for money.
  • Color options.
  • Can work with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri and SmartThings.


  • Peak brightness is lower than some it’s competitors.

Nanoleaf Essentials a19

The Nanoleaf Essentials have a super unique design and can get as bright as 1100 lumens. There are a wide range of colors to choose from and a lot of dimming options are also available. You can use its adaptive lighting feature with b0th SIri and Alexa.

The Thread compatibility feature ensures lightning fast response time while using Siri commands and your Apple Home Hub so you have the option of Apple homepod mini light control. It also comes with Bluetooth. How to connect HomePod to Bluetooth?

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  • One of the brightest bulbs in the market.
  • Unique design.
  • Thread Compatibility as well as Adaptive Lighting options.


  • Limited support for smart assistants. (Doesn’t even support Alexa)

Yeelight A19 LED Wi-FI Color Changing Smart Bulb

Do you want a long lasting bulb with a wide color pallet? Then look no further than the Yeelight A19. While their personalized app is a bit tough to navigate through, support for Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Tasker (For Android) as well as Siri and SmartThings should make up for it.

There are unique features in offer such as the Flow State which makes the bulb go through different colors at different speeds. Another unique feature is the Flash Notification which makes the bulb blink to catch the people’s attention. In a word, it is one of the better Apple homepod compatible light bulbs.

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  • Unique features.
  • Supports a wide range of Smart Assistants.
  • Customizable colors and visualization options.


  • App isn’t easy to navigate.

LIFX White

If you’re in the market for an affordable Smart Bulb then the LIFX White is a good pick for you. The peak brightness is at around 690 lumens and the lifespan is around 22 years. So while it falls slightly short from the average Smart bulb in the business, the unique features and the affordable price make it a competitive option.

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  • Supports Alexa, Google Assistant and SIri.
  • Unique features like Scheduling and fade timer.


  • Peak brightness is lower than other smart bulbs.

Feit Electric Color LED Smart Bulb

Amongst Feit Electrics wide range of smart bulbs, this product is an Apple Homekit supported one. While you might face some difficulty connecting the product to the Homekit, once connecte it functions just fine.

This bulb is well suited for damp locations which is a rare feature in most smart bulbs but the estimated lifespan of 15,000 hours falls quite short of its rivals. But it is in the homepod mini light bulb supported list.

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  • Suited for damp locations.
  • Apple Homekit compatible.
  • Tunable whites and changeable colors.


  • Shorter overall lifespan.

FAQs of HomePod lights

  • Can you control lights with a Homepod?

Yes you can. Not only can you turn the lights on and off, but you can also access most of the unique features that come with smart bulb, smart light switch, smart plug, etc.

  • How can I control my lights while away from home?

Simple. Once you are connected through your smart assistant, simply use voice commands like Siri to control the lights even as you’re away from home.

  • Can I only control the lights with a homepod?

No. Other products that support Siri should work just fine as long as you have completed the set up process properly.

Final Thoughts

Most Smart Bulbs today offer many unique features at an affordable price. So there has never been a better time to say goodbye to your old lights and embrace the future. The list of supported Apple Homepod lights is ever growing and when considering an apple homepod light switch, we recommend the Evvr Homekit In-Wall relay switch which is not only one of the market leaders for smart switches, it’s also still developing newer products to further the compatibility of smart home products with Apple Homepods and other similar smart hubs.

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If you need to learn more about our products or smart lights in general or want to become our partner, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll address your queries.

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