How To Connect HomePod To Apple TV How To Connect HomePod To Apple TV

How To Connect HomePod To Apple TV

It is normal to get confused with different Apple smart home products with similar names. This guide will explore HomePod, Apple TV, and HomeKit and their inter-relations!

Although we may not yet exist in the Smart Home world, we are moving in that direction. Our homes are increasingly equipped with connected lights, locks, alarms, cameras, thermostats, garage doors, and so on. How will everything function in harmony? How are you going to manage everything without opening a dozen separate apps? HomeKit, Apple's smart home standard that connects all of your devices with the Home app and Siri, is the company's response. You can learn what HomeKit Hub, HomePod, and Apple TV are and how they work together to bring intelligent solutions to your Home.

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What Is HomeKit Hub?

HomeKit is the foundation of Apple's smart home ecosystem. You can use the Home app to configure and manage your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Before being recognized as a HomeKit-compatible device, any smart home device that supports HomeKit must satisfy several requirements.

You must scan a particular code to connect a HomeKit gadget to your house, and that device will then be added to your Home.

HomeKit-enabled gadgets will connect using either WiFi or Bluetooth, two different technologies.

If the item is WiFi-based, it probably includes a separate mobile app that lets you control it independently and from outside your WiFi network. Additionally, Bluetooth devices frequently have their apps. Almost every smart home appliance has a dedicated app.

Unless you have a HomeKit Hub, a Bluetooth product will connect to the device you set it up with. Therefore, to control it, if you link it to an iPhone, the iPhone must be nearby, and Bluetooth enabled.

how to connect homepod to apple tv

What Is HomePod?

HomePod, which Apple spent years developing before its debut in 2017, was created to revolutionize how music is enjoyed at Home and, in Apple's opinion, does something that no other business has been able to do: combine a smart speaker with excellent sound.

Apple has also produced a smaller, less expensive HomePod Mini model for $99 to increase speaker market penetration and to add a new pricing point. Please refer to our HomePod Mini roundup for more information.

Apple put a lot of emphasis on audio quality to set the HomePod apart from rival products like the Google Home and the Amazon Echo. Even though the HomePod is slightly shorter than seven inches tall, Apple has crammed a lot of technology within its body. It has a 4-inch upward-facing woofer created by Apple, a 7-tweeter array with each tweeter equipped with its driver, and a 7-tweeter array for clean, distortion-free sound even at high levels.

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What Is Apple TV?

Apple TV Plus is the name of Apple's television service, which is where its financed original TV series and films can be found. A rundown of the numerous series that Apple has created and is currently developing is available in our unique Apple TV show guide.

With its original programming, Apple competes with streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Showtime, and others. It has also hired prominent personalities like Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, J.J. Abrams, and Oprah. Apple's original TV programs feature well-known actors and actresses like Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Tom Hiddleston, Claire Danes, Chris Evans, Elizabeth Moss, Samuel L. Jackson, and Steve Carell.

how to connect homepod to apple tv

How To Connect Apple HomePod mini To Apple TV

The HomePod mini can connect to the Apple TV 4K and be used as a speaker instead of your TV speakers or a soundbar. It also has a few new tricks in addition to the existing ones.

Once connected, the HomePod mini (or minis) will not only play your Apple TV 4K's audio, but you'll also be able to use Siri to control both your Apple TV and your TV, such as turning it on. Your HomePod mini can be connected to your Apple TV in several ways. The Apple TV hardware, or the Home app on your iPhone or iPad, will let you accomplish it.

Using Apple TV

You must first navigate to Settings on your Apple TV menu to connect your HomePod mini to your Apple TV so you can use it as a speaker.

The next step is to choose Video and Audio, followed by Default Audio Output. You should see your HomePod mini on the list and be able to choose it.

Using iPhone or iPad

You must first use the Home app on your Apple iPhone or iPad to connect your HomePod mini to your Apple TV. The next step is to confirm that your Apple TV and HomePod mini are connected to the same room.

Touch and hold the Apple TV tile in the Home app, scroll down to the Settings cog in the bottom right corner, tap on Default Audio Option, and choose the room that contains your HomePod mini.

Connecting More Than One HomePod mini Speaker

You can stereo-pair them if you're fortunate enough to own more than one HomePod speaker or mini speaker. To learn how to accomplish so, read our dedicated feature. The delivery of left and proper channels will provide a more immersive sound overall.

Two HomePod mini speakers or two HomePod speakers can be stereo-paired and used as the Apple TV's audio output. However, you cannot stereo-pair a HomePod mini with a HomePod.

If you have set up a stereo pair, place the HomePod mini speakers on either side of the TV, around 1.2 meters apart. If you only have one HomePod mini speaker, it needs to be placed in the middle of your TV and no closer than 250mm from a wall.

FAQs of HomePod and Apple TV

  • Do I need HomePod if I have Apple TV?

The finest soundbar for your Apple TV is your HomePod.

You can experience high-fidelity sound without spending money on a dedicated home theater by using a stereo pair or your HomePod as your Apple TV's default speaker. December 2021 update: HomePod mini stereo pairing and the default audio have been updated.

  • Can I use HomePod as a TV speaker?

Yes, you can. Hold the Home app's Apple TV button while scrolling down to the bottom and tapping Default Audio Output when using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. To use a HomePod or stereo pair for home theater audio, choose them. Click Back, then select Done.

  • How many Apple HomePods can I connect?

Two HomePod mini speakers or two HomePod speakers can make a stereo pair. (Using a HomePod mini and a HomePod won't let you make a stereo pair.) Both HomePod speakers must be placed in the same room to function as a stereo pair. Touch and hold a HomePod in the Home app on your Apple device to finalize the setup.

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connect homepod to apple tv

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