Best Apple HomeKit devices in 2023 Best Apple HomeKit devices in 2023

Best Apple HomeKit devices in 2023

Apple has reached our everyday life more than ever with its smart gadgets and home appliances. But what are the best Apple HomeKit devices in 2023? Read on to know.

Whether you want to control your thermostats with an app or unlock your front door with a voice command, Apple's Homekit devices got your back. For example, the EVVR HomeKit In-wall Relay switch can be used for automated switch control.

You probably remember that in the early years after 2010, many big names came with their smart home devices. Apple joined the club in 2014, and the rest is history. In the present time, it has over hundreds of devices to make our life a little bit easier and smarter.

But what is Apple Homekit? In short, it is Apple's platform for smart home products. It is a software framework for compatible devices that can be configured, controlled, and communicated using Apple devices. There are almost all sorts of home appliances whose smart version is available and compatible with Apple products. These include door locks, lights, Homekit smart plug, cameras, etc.

So, naturally, there are many more to learn about Apple Homekit accessories or Homekit accessories and their trends. Here, we will learn about them. Moreover, we will learn about the 5 best Homekit devices in 2023. Read on to learn about them.

What are Apple Homekit accessories trends in 2023?

Before we look up the Apple Homekit accessories trends in 2023, we must gather a little more knowledge about Apple HomeKit itself.

According to Apple, Apple HomeKit is "a software framework in iOS and iPadOS that lets users configure, communicate with, and control smart-home appliances using Apple devices.” In simple words, it allows you to control smart home devices that are compatible with Apple, however possible. Although there are a lot of devices that are not compatible with Apple, those numbers are diminishing day by day.

Now that you know enough about Apple HomeKit let us learn about the Apple HomeKit device trend and best homekit devices in 2023.


The topic of integration comes with the idea of a smart home system. Nowadays, we live in a society where people aren’t satisfied with devices or appliances that only follow commands. This is not compromisable if you truly want to build a smart home.

Take a lighting system, for example. You may desire to have lights in a certain room for a certain period of time. A smart lighting system can keep up with the schedule and turn the lights ON or OFF accordingly. For that to happen, there must be an integrated system where communication is needed among devices.

The present progress of technology is such that not everyone will need to be tech-savvy to enjoy its benefits. A smartphone, a Wi-Fi connection, and a tablet are enough to use an integrated smart system.

best homekit devices

Security & Privacy

A combination of interconnected devices can secure your living home like a fortress. For urban life in big cities, smart home security systems are always recommended.

You can equip your house with motion sensors, alarms, a camera, and even pre-programmed light that will go up once movement is detected. Burglars will give it second thoughts before attempting to break into your house.

Since modern security procedures include cameras, many sensors, and data of your house, keeping your privacy should be the number one priority. Big companies take this issue very seriously, and they keep updating their software to avoid a potential breach.

AI & IoT

AI stands for " Artificial Intelligence " and IoT stands for "Internet of things." To put it simply, AI is nothing but a simulation of human intelligence. This is processed by computer systems. On the other hand, IoTs are physical objects with the ability to connect and exchange data over communication networks like the internet. Examples of IoTs are sensors, software, etc.

Now, how do these two get into play? Well, AI helps the user to play music or listen to a command. You, things that Siri does, whereas IoT are the devices that carry out the command, like the speaker that will start to play music. Gadgets like smart fans, smart lights, smart air-conditioners, and smart thermostats are in full demand now.

Touchless Technology

It is only recently that this technology has gained mainstream popularity. Remember the Covid period back in 2020? People were fighting not to touch anything unsanitized. People were fighting not to get infected.

This is where the need for touchless hand sanitizer came to its full potential. The scope for development and use of this touchless technology is expanding. For example, a touchless doorbell might just be the next big thing. Guests do not have to share a common surface while arriving.

Moreover, the touchless cash system has also gained popularity during the covid-19 pandemic. People didn’t want to share banknotes due to the risk of the potential virus spreading. So, many people switch to a digital payment system, keeping themselves and their families safe.


There can be an extensive discussion on this particular area. The priority of technological advances has shifted very rapidly towards the health sector due to the pandemic. People are now more health concerned than they were 10 years ago.

The truth is global warming and carbon emissions have polluted our air, water, and the nature of climate predictability. Although thermostat has always been the most popular smart tech in the previous decade, that attention is slowly shifting towards other necessities like air and water.

You can also find smart toilets that can analyze waste for you and send early warnings before things turn irreversible. Early checkups and necessary actions can save lives as well.

Best HomeKit devices in 2023

So far, we have talked about Apple Homekit and its trend in 2023. But only knowing about it is half the wit. You should also know which product is best for its genre. Here, we give you the best HomeKit devices in 2023.

EVVR Homekit In-wall Smart Relay Switch

EVVR Homekit light switch is one of the best switches you can use for Apple Homekit. If you want to control your light system anytime from anywhere in the world, this is your best bet.

To establish the connection with light control, you will need no neutral wire or an additional hub, and it can be controlled with Siri. The most noticeable feature it has is its size- "It is exceptionally small." You can put it in any electrical box to support up to 4-gang switches.

It can work for any regular bulb as well as halogen, fluorescent, or LED. Moreover, it is also hardware 3-way or 4-way control.

Eufi Indoor Cam 2K

If you are looking for an indoor camera for security, the Eufi indoor Cam is your best bet. Even though it is one of the best Homekit devices, its integration features will also work wirelessly with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Its smart recording is what captures most of its consumers. Its equipped AI can distinguish between a pet, a car, and an actual human being. Unlike other cameras that record 24/7, its smart algorithm will make it record in 1080p only when it's interesting, saving precious space in the server. Moreover, its night vision feature lets you see clearly at night.

You can even communicate with people near the camera because of built-in two-way audio in real-time. The camera is very easy to install and will add a new height to your home security.

best apple homekit devices

Nanoleaf Hexagon

Nanoleaf Hexagon is the next big level of smart lighting, offering over 16M+ colors that you have been waiting for all these years. If you do aesthetic works, you cannot deny that to appreciate the beauty and the taste of color in things. Nanoleaf Hexagon will secure all your appreciation.

The Nanoleaf will create a surreal vibe in your room whether you play Fortnite or listen to Coldplay. You can easily customize it to the color of your mood. You can also transform your favorite rock music into a color fest as the lighting play will also change with beats.

The Nanoleaf will also respond to your touch as well. You can change brightness and scenes just with a swipe of your hands. Also, you can play Whack-A-Mole anytime you want. So no additional app is a must for the continuation of the operation.

best apple homekit devices

Ecobee3 Lite Thermostat

Surely, not all thermostat is compatible with Apple devices or software, but Ecobee3 Lite Thermostat is. This extremely light thermostat weighing only a pound, will work in both AC and DC power sources and is able to automatically pause its cooling and heating if it detects an open window or a door( you will need to install an Ecobee smart sensor).

Most importantly, its combined integrated smart system ensures power savings to their fullest. Combined, it will save up to 23% of your energy cost for heating and cooling annually.

best apple homekit devices

VOCOlinc Apple HomeKit HEPA Air Purifier

Joined with Apple HomeKit, VOCOlinc Air Purifier is the easiest to-control smart Air Purifier out there. No special installation is required as this works with Siri. VOCOlinc purifier comes with an app that allows you to change settings and set sleep modes.

The mode you set is dependent on the speed of the fan in the purifier. In the night mode, the speed of the fan will be reduced from the day mode. Remember that it needs a Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz.

best apple homekit devices

Bottom Line

We live in the most technologically advanced, and technologically dependent time in the history of mankind. In only one generation, we have observed a significant change in lifestyle and living in the last 100 years.

We must admit that we have a favorite. EVVR HomeKit In-wall Smart Relay Switch is the one that touches our hearts for its versatility to fit any electrical box and for any electric bulbs. Moreover, the new generation will gladly welcome no additional hub and no neutral wire.

If you are an Apple fan, remember that your purchase should always be an asset to you, not a liability. No matter how great a gadget is, it is a liability if it is not what suits your needs. Here, we talked about the Best Apple HomeKit devices for 2023. So, now you have better knowledge to make a well-thought decision.

EVVR can offer you a comprehensive smart home solution whether you are an integrator, professional installer, distributor, or DIYer.  Get in touch with us and book a product today!

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