Top 10 reason to purchase a smart home security system Top 10 reason to purchase a smart home security system

Top 10 reason to purchase a smart home security system

A smart home security system can effectively take a stand against advanced theft. Here we will discuss the top 10 reasons to purchase a smart home security system in 2022! All you need to know.

One of the most trending topics these days that concerns the interior enthusiasts is smart home security systems. It basically is a system that lets the user control their home security tools and appliances from one place, all at once and from anywhere.

It can be used to create custom automated security systems and control them from any part of the world, hence upgrading the way home security is perceived. Even simple appliances and other smart devices can be easily controlled with the help of a smartphone or tablet.

Top 10 Reason To Purchase A Smart Home Security System

Receiving Real-Time Alerts

Installing a custom smart home security system will enable you to receive direct and real-time alerts if something goes wrong in your home. You may customize the notifications you get based on the features of your system.

Others can detect smoke and carbon monoxide, while a few systems can only detect motion and direct touch. The best part is that even if you don't have a fob to physically press the call button, you can set the system to automatically alert local authorities to confirm that aid is on the way. 

It is to be mentioned and kept in mind that automatic dispatch might not be free and will probably require a paid plan, which would vary accordingly. Regardless, it completely depends on the user whether they choose to go for it.

No Contracts To Be Concerned About

DIY security systems are nearly fully self-run, in contrast to traditional security systems that sometimes come with contracts. The only reason we say nearly is because some systems include extra features like automated dispatch, the ability to arm and disable your house remotely, etc. that need monthly memberships (that you may cancel at any time without being punished for doing so). Ultimately, it varies by device.

Alexa, Google Assistant, And Siri Are All Compatible With Them

It might get tiresome at times to navigate through apps and hit buttons. Fortunately for us, a lot of DIY home security systems support Alexa, Google, and/or Siri, allowing us to activate and disarm them with voice commands from the companion app, a smart speaker or smart display close by, or even using the companion app itself.

Although it can sound risky, these systems are built to request your unique speech code to guarantee that it is impossible for an intruder to disarm your house using spoken commands.

They May Aid In Reducing Crime

DIY home security systems can aid in the deterrence of criminals from wishing to commit a crime, in addition to assisting house tenants and owners to be more aware of their surroundings (and the people that enter them).

Similar to professionally installed home security systems, many DIY alternatives include a number of stickers that you can place on your windows and doors to deter any would-be burglars or bad people from trying to get into your house.

Some systems can even work without a network. For reference, the Evvr Hub is an excellent system that, if loses network connectivity for more than five minutes, it switches to LAN mode. You can operate Zigbee devices that are connected to the same Pad without a network.

Assist You In Monitoring Strange Behavior Around Your House

Consider the case when your home has one or more security cameras on the exterior. You'll be able to get motion sensor notifications when people drive or walk by if you install that gadget in your house.

As a result, you may pay attention if the same individual frequently drives or walks past your property. By doing this, you might be able to notify the neighborhood watch and try to apprehend a criminal before they have a chance to conduct a crime. 

Use Them To Keep An Eye On Your House Day Or Night

A DIY home security system is a scintillating investment if you've ever wondered what's going on in your house while you're gone or if you just want to know what your dog does all day when you're not home. You can check in on your house whenever you want, day or night, thanks to these gadgets. Generally speaking, the only permanently free feature of do-it-yourself or custom home security systems is general house monitoring.

However, there may be additional fees for recording what's happening on camera or in video form, based on your choice of product.

Facilitate Your Access To Emergency & Medical Support

Users of DIY home security systems have a few options for dispatching law enforcement. Others include panic buttons, key fobs, and in-app support so that you may still ask for help if you are in danger even if you are not close to the main panel, unlike some systems that immediately deploy aid when an alarm is activated.

When necessary, a smart home security system can aid you in obtaining medical care. If you currently have a home security system, you might be able to seek assistance if you do. You might need to get in touch with your home security provider to see if they can help. It is doubtful that a security firm with a poor reputation will provide a high-quality service. Consider your pets when buying a home security system.

Contribute In Offering Comfort Of Mind

One thing comes out of all of these advantages: better mental tranquility. Because experiencing fear in your own house is the worst possible situation. Having an advanced, automated system can provide you the necessary reassurance and protection that is required to have a peaceful mind. Since it conveniently provides protection both when you are present or absent, it effectively reduces much mental and physical effort that would have been previously required.

DIY home security systems may make you feel secure and guarded from all sides (depending on the type of system you opt for). 

Make Renters' And Homeowners' Insurance Less Expensive

You may be eligible for discounts and lower rates on home insurance plans if you install a security system with professional monitoring. The sum varies depending on the insurance provider, so be careful to inquire about any reductions and rebates that could be offered. 

A DIY home security system might potentially help you save money in addition to making you feel more comfortable in your residence. 

Reduce Your Household's Energy Use

This is the tenth and last rationale for getting a smart home security system. You can help your home use less energy by installing a smart home security system. A smart home system links the appliances in your house to the internet so you may control them from any place with an internet connection. The technology may be used to automate appliances, lights, and other devices. The smart home system may alter the temperature of your heating and cooling system based on the time of day or switch on lights when it becomes dark outside. A smart home system is more than a simple piece of furniture in your home. 

A Subtle Recommendation: The Evvr Hub

The Evvr Hub is a modern day, customizable automated home security system that addresses almost all the necessities that clients are on the lookout for. The primary features of this product are: 

  1. For connecting smart devices, many protocols are supported, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, and Z-Wave. The device may also serve as a Wi-Fi access point.
  2. The connected building's wireless signal might be extended by acting as a wireless access point to reach every corner
  3. Provide dependable local connectivity and local device control when there is no internet.
  4. Protect user privacy by storing device and user data locally rather than on the cloud.
  5. Provide TLP Studio, SDK, and APP to developers to enable limitless compatibility with the Thing Link Platform.

The Evvr Hub is a gateway that supports a variety of smart device protocols. Several Evvr Hub products may be simply connected to one another to provide a strong wireless connection across a sizable region. It may link to Evvr Center and use its powerful computational capabilities.

In case of modern apartments, users could use the TLP APP to control all of the connected devices via the Evvr Hub, which is wirelessly connected to all of the lights, switches, outlets, sensors, and speakers in the apartment. For the smart devices in every room, a number of Evvr Hub products could be linked together to provide a dependable wireless connection. In the APP, the user may program preferred procedures to operate the devices automatically. Additionally, users may link the hub to smart speakers so they can control linked devices with voice commands using Google Assistant or Alexa.

For hotels, to operate all of the gadgets in a room from a single console, install one Evvr Hub in each room and link all Evvr Hub items to the Evvr Center. By utilizing the information from sensors, the hotel management might program the thermostat to automatically heat or cool the room a few minutes prior to the visitor entering the room. When no one is in the room, program the air conditioner or lights to switch off automatically. 

Moreover, Evvr - Contact Us can be utilized to conduct any business inquiry or if the clients require any assistance regarding the product.

Bottom Line

Automated home security systems are about to become a necessity considering how quickly we are getting technology involved in all our daily aspects.

And due to the availability of cost-effective customizable systems, it is becoming more evident day by day.

So, for someone who is actually concerned with home security, it is time to get an automated one installed and the suggested product might be a very feasible option.

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