What is lighting control system? Best Lighting Control Systems for Homes What is lighting control system? Best Lighting Control Systems for Homes

What is lighting control system? Best Lighting Control Systems for Homes

With the rising demands for lighting control systems in city life, one can’t help but wonder what the best lighting control systems for homes are. Join us to know more.

Ever noticed walking up a level, and suddenly a light goes on? And similarly, when you walk past that level, it goes off automatically. No manual control is needed. You have probably seen one of them in modern apartments in New York. This can be done using a lighting control system.

But what is a lighting control system? Which is the best lighting control system? Here, we will have these answers. Moreover, we will introduce you to the 5 best lighting control systems for the home. Join us to know more.

What Is A Lighting Control System?

Lighting control usually refers to an intelligent network system of devices related to lighting control. It is an intelligent network-based lighting control solution. It uses communication between different systems input and output related to lighting control using a computer system. So, lights will be controlled just like you wanted without you controlling them manually.

Lighting controls use many kinds of devices, including occupancy sensors, time clocks, etc., and are hardwired to control fixed groups of lights independently. You can adjust the setting at your will.

Types of Lighting Control System

The most common knowledge that ordinary people have about lighting control systems is that they will turn on as you enter a perimeter and vice versa. You will find them in residential lighting control systems. But the scope is not limited to that only. There are many types of lighting control systems, and now, you will get introduced to them.

Occupancy Sensor

This is the best home lighting control system that will do the most savings of energy inside your home. How can you save the most energy but use just as you need in your home? You surely want the light to turn on when there is occupancy in the home, and you want lights to turn off when there are no people occupying the home, right? This is exactly what an occupancy sensor offers.

Research shows that with an occupancy sensor, an average household can save up to 35-45 percent of household savings, meaning 35-45 percent less energy/ electricity bill for the month. Not a bad choice for the home.

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Motion Sensor Controls

It is the most common and most used lighting control system for homes. Motion sensor controls can detect a motion and act accordingly to your settings. We’ve talked about lights getting turned on when you enter and turning off after you leave. Well, this is the work of Motion Sensor Control.

They are specially placed in particular homes or streets for security purposes. It will certainly scare away the burglars.

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Touch Dimmer

Sometimes, it's not that you want them ON or OFF at a certain point in time. Sometimes, you want to control the brightness of the light.  This is where Touch Dimmer comes to your aid. It will help you increase the brightness or dim the lights as you desire.

You will need a Touchpad (or anything that will allow you to control it) and lights that support similar technology. So, an ordinary bulb will not work in this case. It's all about how you customize it. You can make the luminosity of the room lighter or darker based on your requirement. You can also program it to switch OFF automatically once you leave the room.

Overall, using it efficiently increases the bulb's lifespan and significantly saves energy costs.

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Integrated Lighting Control

Lighting plays an important role in our living experience. Whether it's a mood or a requirement, sometimes we intend to change it according to our desire. That is exactly what is offered by Integrated Lighting Controls.

Lighting control system integration usually comes with a touch of a switch from a box or remote control. They offer preset lighting scenes inside a room; you can control them from a cell phone or another mobile device.

Networked Lighting Control System

Lastly, we have the Networked lighting control systems. It is a part of the BAS( Building Automation System) package or designed as a stand-alone system.  Some of the core features of networked lighting control systems are as follows:

  • You can control the lights from a computer or mobile phone containing light controlling software.
  • You can set timers for when it will light on and how long the light is going to keep ON.
  • They can store data and create usage charts so that you can monitor energy usage.

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Top 5 Best Lighting Control Systems for Home

Not everyone has the same taste, as not everyone thinks alike. But light control system manufacturers and light manufacturers are teaming up to meet your preferences nowadays.

That is why it's really hard to choose the best lighting control system for the home. Everyone has their Pros and Cons. Keeping that in mind, we listed the top 5 best lighting control systems for the home. If you want a more complete list, you can check out Best Lighting Control Systems for Homes in 2022

Evvr In-Wall Relay Switch

If you want to witness a revolution in smart lighting product design, you choose Evvr In-Wall Relay Switch for your home. Its design combines a smart relay and a smart switch so that whether your existing lighting system is a single bulb or many bulbs, you can convert it into an intelligent lighting system. Here are the key features of Evvr In-Wall Relay Switch.

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  • You will always be connected with the smart relay online, thus having absolute control over your lights all the time. You might need to use an app or a voice command for Lighting.
  • It doesn’t require a neutral wire. As a result, you are saving money for rewiring ceilings and walls.
  • It occupies a small area on the wall. Being in a small area, it can work with many wall switches, smart remotes, or even push buttons.
  • Easily pairable with Amazon, Alexa, Apple Siri, and Google Assistant.
  • Will not forget which lights were On and which lights were OFF in case of a power failure.

Control4 Smart Lighting

The fact intelligent lighting systems can secure your home, the Control4 lighting system is an example of it. Let us look into the benefits it has to offer.


lighting control systems

  • You can create a simulation that people are occupying your home by opening and closing shades at regular intervals. Thus creating an illusion that people are at home.
  • It can flash interior and exterior lights in case an alarm is triggered. In that way, it can alert neighbors or security personnel in the area that something is wrong inside your home.
  • A budget-friendly option.
  • This system allows you to monitor not only lights but also the cameras in your home from anywhere in the world. You can literally see your paper boy dropping newspaper at your doorstep in the morning while you’re out there enjoying your vacation somewhere in Europe. .

Leviton Lighting Control Solutions

Irrespective of residential or commercial users, Leviton's lighting control solution guarantees next-gen innovation and control. Here are some features worth mentioning..

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  • When it comes to daylight, you can not only control On and OFF, you control the overall luminosity of the home.
  • You can also control the operation of other electrical devices, such as fan speed.
  • Equipped with an occupancy sensor ensures minimum energy use as there will be light only when there are people.
  • Timer switches ensure that the lights will be ON only when there need to be.
  • Overall, the energy saving is significantly large.

Signify Lighting

Signify lighting works with 4 common market segments. They are given below.

  • Home lighting control systems.
  • Lamps
  • LED
  • Professional lighting.

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You should note a few things about Signify Lighting.

  • It is eco-friendly and saves a huge amount of energy.
  • They provide a huge range of products - from In-wall dimmers to advance lighting system management software.
  • It offers the best brightness with maximum energy savings. It is done using a modern lighting system management and is controlled centrally.

GE CYNC Lighting

GE CYNC usually works with LEDs with a wide range of adaptions. In the end, it is a Light control system, but it works a bit differently. Let us look into 2 of its main features.

  • It is easy and fast to install at home.
  • Compatible with the Amazon Alexa plug thus, you can control the lights with voice commands.

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Bottom Line

With rising security concerns and energy limitations worldwide, your home appliances should be smart and efficient. Right now, it is no longer Sci-fi but a hardcore necessity for the busy life of the average population to have access to smart solutions like lighting control systems. The world is changing fast, and the smart thing to do is to adapt to it.

In our guide, we talked about some of the  Best lighting control systems of 2022, where you get to know about their features.

Assess your requirements and pick the one you need right now.

Contact us and, let us assess your requirements and send you the best lighting control systems for a highly efficient home.

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