Smart Extension Cord With Switch To Control Your Appliances Smart Extension Cord With Switch To Control Your Appliances

Smart Extension Cord With Switch To Control Your Appliances

This blog post will cover the working of smart extension cords. We have also reviewed some of the best extension cords with switch for your selection!

A bright power strip can be ideal if you want to add innovative home accessories but wait to replace everything. These intelligent Wi-Fi power strips let you manage, control, and keep an eye on all your gadgets from anywhere in the world. Most of these smart power strips also have surge protection to protect you and your electronic equipment. The APC Smart Plug Surge Protector is our top pick for the finest smart power strip because it combines smart home control with the renowned power protection the company is known for. However, all of the other choices on this list are equally excellent.

EVVR is leading the pack with a solid range of software and hardware solutions for clients. EVVR Center Lite is exceptional in weaving a mesh of security, control, and reliability for all the appliances across your smart home. Want to know more? Head to our products page now!

What is A Smart Extension Cord?

Power flow to devices is also controlled by smart power strips, which have the same appearance as standard power strips. You can wirelessly connect them to your phone or a smart hub like Constellation Connect to control each outlet, and the gadgets hooked. They should be taken into account while you set up your smart home.

Smart power strips come in various sizes and feature USB ports, allowing you to free up outlets for devices with regular plugs. Everything you put into a smart power strip becomes a component of your innovative home system. Forgetting to disconnect appliances is among the most widespread energy-wasting practices in homes. A smart power strip automates this process.

Types of Smart Power Strips

One example of an energy-saving technique for smart homes is smart power strips. Not every smart power strip is created equal. The features that smart power strips have an impact on how they function. Here are a few of the more typical examples.


A timer-equipped power strip is a valuable way to set the timing for turning on and off specific devices if you have gadgets you use on a regular basis.


Sensors in certain smart power strips may recognize the movement in a space and control gadgets accordingly. They will turn off devices if they notice no one is present. They turn on when someone enters the room. Most let you program how long they wait so that nothing turns off if you briefly leave a room.


Some intelligent power strips have a sensor that can notice when the current lowers. It will automatically turn off the power to a device when it shuts down or enters sleep mode. When the appliance is turned on, it restores potency to the outlet.

How Does A Smart Extension Cord Work?

The circuitry that monitors and controls the outlets on smart power strips, which come with various bells and whistles, is the same. For instance, the power consumption of a printer connected to a simple, bright strip decreases when the printer enters standby mode. When something changes, the circuitry shuts off the electricity to that outlet. The remaining outlets continue to function.

There are usually one or two outlets on and unattended on smart power strips. You would use these to plug in appliances like your cordless phone base or an alarm system that require constant power.

Your overall electricity use can be reduced by keeping an eye on many outlets and shutting off the power to each one independently. Still, in some cases, there are more effective solutions than this. Think of the appliances like a DVD player, a PlayStation 3, speakers, and an A/V receiver that you can only use while the TV is on. Using some power strips, you can simultaneously group similar devices and turn them on or off.

Energy Saving With Smart Extension Cords with Switch

A quick and straightforward approach to start saving money and improving your home's energy efficiency is installing a bright power strip (also known as an advanced power strip). Why do I bother using a power strip when switching my electronics off?

The solution is simple: vampire loads, and no, this isn't some masked lousy guy who breaks into your home and turns on your electronics when you're not looking. Even while your gadgets are sleeping, vampire loads keep using energy. Consider your smart TV, laptop, and cable box devices that use energy even when off.

Make sure you're looking for a smart power strip to incorporate one into your home office or entertainment center easily.

Appliances That Take Full Advantage of Smart Extension Cords

Think about what uses the most electricity at home when choosing what to plug into a smart power strip. Energy vampire devices, many of which we include below, are the finest devices to plug into a smart power strip. Among the best uses for smart plugs is to stop energy waste.


Televisions in the modern day hardly ever shut off. They become alert and prepared to respond to commands from your clicker, an infrared gadget. They are using electricity while on standby.

Multimedia Stations

Similar to your television, these gadgets are always on standby and waiting for you to turn them on. You can prevent them from squandering electricity by connecting them to a bright strip.

Gaming Consoles

These appliances use a lot of electricity. They are in standby mode while not in use, ready to turn back on when a controller is picked up. Games also use energy to save player positions and status.

Computers & Speakers

It is convenient that computers and speakers in sleep mode immediately resume operation. One can take more than five minutes to start up from scratch. Because these devices use electricity, you pay for the convenience if they aren't turned off.

Printers & Accessories

Peripherals like printers, scanners, and other devices use power while on standby like PCs do. Therefore, connecting them to a smart strip might be advantageous.

Top 5 Best Smart Extension Cord For 2023

EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug and Relay

EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug and Relay, which are HomeKit compatible, can operate "dumb" devices, connect both older and newer home gadgets, and give outdated appliances new and smart life. With Apple HomeKit, you can automate and control your appliances from anywhere at any time, use Siri voice commands as well. The EVVR App allows you to monitor power usage in real-time to save energy and money.

This home energy monitor can be used with 2-core and 3-core cable for home appliances and can carry currents up to 16 amps, allowing even older home appliances to be integrated into your HomeKit smart home. You may even have an appliance-specific home energy monitor with exciting application possibilities.


Eve Energy Strip

A sleek, contemporary alternative to the standard power strip is the Eve Energy Strip. The energy strip stands out from the competitors thanks to its three outlets and aluminum silver and black frame, so you might not want to tuck it beneath the desk. The iOS Home app, the Eve for HomeKit app, Siri, and the physical buttons on the device itself are all independent ways to control the outlets on the Eve Energy Strip.

For example, the generously spaced, 90-degree outlets are thoughtful additions that eliminate the need to fit large adapters. An outlet kid lock eliminates undesired situations where an outlet is accidentally turned off, and gentle LED indication lights won't overlight your space at night. The Eve Energy Strip may be programmed to randomly switch on and off each outlet to simulate presence in your home even when you are away.

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Kasa Smart Power Strip

The Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip from TP-Link has three USB ports and six smart outlets and can accommodate any number of gadgets you can think of. Each outlet may be individually controlled through Alexa or Google Assistant, the TP-Link app, or a conveniently placed button.

To help you reduce expenditures, the Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip also has power monitoring and scheduling options. The power strip has a flat connector at the end that enables clean positioning behind furniture and has a classic power strip shape to blend in without shouting "smart gadget." Unfortunately, the plugs are close together, making it challenging to plug in your devices.

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Linganzh Smart Power Strip

For individuals who only need the fundamentals of smart control, Linganzh's Smart Power Strip is a cheap solution. Even though it is less expensive, this strip provides minimal surge protection in addition to four separate outlets.

The Linganzh Smart Power Strip may be quickly set up without an additional smart home hub thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity. With support for both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, the power strip is a wise investment. You will have to do without USB ports because your cost is lower.

This inexpensive power strip includes all the essentials. It can handle most duties thanks to surge protection and four smart outlets.

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Kasa Smart KP400

One of the most excellent smart power strips for outdoor use is the Kasa Smart KP400 Outdoor Smart Plug. Because of its size and shape won't appear intrusive and out of place outside the house. It gives you two outlets for your outside electrical requirements, including speakers, swimming pumps, Christmas or landscape lights, and other plugged-in gadgets.

This one is clever since it connects to your Wi-Fi network with a range of up to 300 feet, which is more than sufficient for most homes. The device is compatible with Alexa and Google Home and has LED lights to show when it is correctly connected. If you got more than one of them, you may group them and arrange them in whatever you choose, all from your smartphone. The Kasa Smart KP400 can survive any weather because it has an IP64 grade for weather resistance.

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