Best Smart Power Strip For 2023 Best Smart Power Strip For 2023

Best Smart Power Strip For 2023

If you are looking for the best smart power strip in 2023 to better utilize your appliances around the house, this blog will help you learn all about them.

There is no requirement that a home with advanced technology is costly. Ordinary household appliances, lighting, and other electrical devices can be upgraded into innovative home products controlled directly from your smartphone by installing smart plugs (and power outlets). This upgrade is simple and doesn't cost a lot of money.

Despite the ease with which these plugs may be installed and used, selecting the one that is most suitable for your needs is a complex endeavor. As a means of assisting you, we have compiled a list of the best smart plugs and power outlets that we have evaluated, as well as some pointers to keep in mind when automating your house.

EVVR provides excellent hardware and software solutions for all smart spaces. Whether planning to transform your home or adopt innovative home technology in small steps, we can help you build an efficient and comfortable environment!

What Is A Smart Power Strip?

You can plan your devices to run whenever you want with smart power strips, which start at just $20. You can do this using your phone or voice. Here is all the information you require on these mighty smart plugs.

A bright power strip has the same appearance as a standard power strip but can be controlled by a smart device or voice assistant, as can each outlet. There is a bright power strip with the appropriate outlets for everyone. Most will have USB ports for charging mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets, freeing up power outlets for other things. Some outlets can be split into half-smart outlets and half-always-on outlets.

Remember that smart power strips and smart plugs are different! Smart plugs use the same technology. However, they only supply power to one outlet. With the help of several smart plugs on smart power strips, you may separately charge numerous gadgets using just one outlet.

Setting Up A Smart Power Strip

It's simple to set up smart strip power. Connecting it to your smartphone is probably one of your first things. You usually connect your phone over Bluetooth, and the power strip typically has a QR code or link to download the appropriate app. Every power strip will come with easy-to-follow instructions, so it's easy to do this.

There are several different remote control options available with the phone app. Each plug may be turned on or off, your power strip can be timed or scheduled, and you can add your automation to run at your command.

You may utilize smart power outlets with your preferred voice assistant and automation tools by connecting them to Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa. (For instance, you can operate it with the Google Home app on your iPhone if it connects to Google Assistant.)

Uses of Advanced Smart Power Strips

One of its most well-liked features is the ability to use a voice assistant to operate a smart strip power, such as Alexa on an Amazon Echo or Google Assistant on a Nest device. Once your smart power strip is connected to your WiFi network, you may use voice commands to turn on and off certain outlets. Without even trying, you can reduce your household's energy consumption.

To make it simple to recognize each plug for voice requests, many smart power strips let you customize the name of each outlet. Therefore, you would say something like, "Alexa, turn on my Mac charger," rather than, "Hey Alexa, turn on outlet one." Less ambiguity results from using this and sounds much more natural. This option is fantastic for those who have home offices and work from home. If you use a smart power strip to connect every device in your office, a straightforward command like "Hey Google, time for work" might instantly make the entire space ready.

A smart power strip's timing and scheduling capabilities help incorporate this innovative technology into your everyday routine. Imagine waking up each morning to a soothing alarm, your lights turning on by themselves, your phone's charger shutting off, possibly the lights in your terrarium or pet cage turning on to welcome the day, your coffee maker warming up, and your favorite song starting to play. It's as if the development of smart power strip technology has made all of your Matilda-inspired telepathic fantasies come true right before your eyes.

Best Smart Power Strips In 2023

EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug

HomeKit compatible, EVVR Smart Energy Monitor Plug and Relay can control "conventional" devices by connecting both older and modern home technology and give outmoded appliances a new, more thoughtful life. You can use Siri voice commands and Apple HomeKit to automate and control your devices from anywhere at any time. You can monitor power usage with the EVVR App to save energy and money.

Even older household appliances can be added to your HomeKit smart home with this energy monitor's ability to work with 2-core and 3-core wire and transport currents up to 16 amps. You might even have a home energy meter with fascinating application potential that is appliance-specific.

 energy monitoring smart plug 

YAMLYE Retractable Power Strip

This 3-core extension cable has two USB ports and integrated smart IC technology. The USB ports recognize when a device is attached and increase charging speed. You can set up your phone, laptop, tablet, and camera without numerous converters.

The flat plug is slim and simple to install in confined locations, while the 45-degree angle plug leaves other outlets vacant. Thanks to the detachable hook, you can hang the portable charging station on the wall, making it excellent for crowded areas at home, work, and travel.

It is compact and convenient for carrying around and packing into a bag or briefcase. The swivel base on the retractable chord with a 6-foot length can be adjusted for convenience.

The charger with your phone or a USB cable can be plugged directly into the power strip. USB ports offer surge safety for charging devices without an outlet thanks to its quick adaptive charging 2.1a capability.

best smart power strip

Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip KP303

It is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa for voice control. You can free up your hands using voice commands to operate plugged-in gadgets. Using the user-friendly Kasa Smart app, you can control connected devices remotely with your mobile device.

With simple installation to start controlling your devices, plug in your smart power strip and download the Kasa Smart app (android, iOS). It has three smart outlets, each independently controllable, and two USB ports that are always on. It can accommodate five appliances at once, making it suitable for powering electronics in the office and at home.

Surge protection protects delicate electronics and appliances from sudden power surges and is ETL-certified.

The interface allows you to create schedules and timers to switch on and off particular outlets at predetermined times to improve efficiency and reduce your power expenditure.

best smart power strip

TESSAN Smart Power Strip

You can start by downloading the Smart Life app and link it as directed in the handbook to use the remote control. The smart plug power strip allows you to control home appliances from any location at any time.

This smart extension cord may be installed in various locations, including workbenches, floor mounts, wall mounts, under counters, dorm rooms, garages, etc. Alexa and Google Home are both compatible with it. For each socket, you can specify a name and use it independently. Utilize the WiFi power strip to control plugged-in devices with straightforward voice requests, such as "Alexa, turn off the light."

It comes with a flat extension cord with a smart plug that helps to set a schedule for the home or business devices. Schedule and timer setting. Perfect for gadgets like humidifiers, aquarium lights, and bedroom lamps. To conserve energy and lower your electricity bill, turn on/off at a set time.

best smart power strip

Amazon Basics Smart Plug Power Strip

Amazon Basics is certified to be stress-free, struggle-free, and tinker-free for humans. They are making a smart house simple for folks who need more knowledge of technology.

You can start immediately by connecting the power strip, launching the Alexa app, and using it.

You don't need a smart home hub. Create routines and schedules with the Alexa app using 2.4 GHz WiFi.

Amazon's fundamentals power strips are a simple upgrade from conventional power strips that interact with Alexa to provide your house voice control when you're away and program lights, fans, and appliances to switch on and off automatically or remotely.

It features three independently controllable outlets plus two always-on USB ports. Control each outlet separately using voice commands or a remote, or make groups in the Alexa app to group devices.

best smart power strip

Final Thoughts

It is only natural to require power strips around the house because, often, the appliances you want to use are far away from the power outlets. In the blog, we have covered multiple options for smart power strips in 2023. Smart power strips can ensure that your devices are safe and working without consuming too much power.

EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug allows you to control devices remotely through a localized network. It does not matter if the appliances are not smart enough to receive and act on your commands. The magical plug will do it all!

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