Preparing A Smart Home For Your Summer Home Décor Preparing A Smart Home For Your Summer Home Décor

Preparing A Smart Home For Your Summer Home Décor

Managing the summer heat is not difficult anymore with these clever tricks and smart routines. Prepare your perfect smart home for this summer with smart devices for an enjoyable summer vacation.

Whether you are a fan of summer or not, you can’t really deny the joy and happiness it brings forth. Frequent trips to the beach, hanging out in the yard, with relatives over, or visiting them yourself, it’s a season of harmony and joy.

And to spend this glorious season with convenience and comfort, it’s time to introduce some much-needed smart home devices in your home. Not only do they make summertime easier but also act as sleek summer decor.

From thermostats to garden sprinklers, there is a smart version for each of them. Moreover, you can even set up specific routines and schedules for them to maintain them more easily.

Without further delay let’s get into the ins and outs of preparing a comfortable smart home for the summer.

Things To Do In Summer At Home

While many of us like to go on vacation to some other place or a beach house, most people like to stay inside during the summer heat and relax. Going out is fun, but that doesn't mean staying inside the home has to be boring. There are tons of things to do at home and you can try them too this summer.

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  • Pool party

Pool parties with friends and relatives are one of the many fun activities of summer.

  • Movie night

Movie night with the cousins in the yard in front of a big projector will definitely be a core memory for anyone.

  • Barbecue party

Delicious food and good music with the people you love, that’s what summer barbecues are about.

  • Relaxing

Even just relaxing under the morning sun while tanning and reading a favorite book doesn't sound too bad.

What Smart Home Devices Do You Need For Summer?

Summer is all about relaxing and having fun. For that, we know just what you need. Let’s see some of the smart home devices that you need for this summer.

Smart Thermostat

To cope with the scorching summer heat, the first thing you need is a smart thermostat system. A well-connected thermostat that can read your pattern and habits of setting up the temperature at home, can significantly lessen your work.

Set them up in the whole space as a solo unit or separate ones for different rooms, they can maintain the temperature in the most efficient way possible.

Smart Sensors

To properly enjoy summer without constantly worrying while on vacation, you definitely need some smart sensors on the doors and windows. These smart sensors can detect any type of break-in once set up and immediately alert the user on their smartphone.

Some even have features of automatic calls to the nearest emergency center in case of an accident.

Smart Garden Sprinkler

Smart garden sprinklers are a wise investment all season long, especially for summer. They will navigate your soil type, the climate and weather in that area, and plant type and maintain an efficient irrigation system. Unlike conventional hoses, smart sprinklers don’t waste water and require little to no intervention to operate.

Now your lawn will look green and alive even under the blazing summer sun.

Smart Speaker

Summer is not without pool parties, and what’s better than a smart speaker with high sound quality to entertain the guests?

Smart speakers are automated and voice-controlled, so you don’t need to go back to them every time to change the song. Plus some of these devices can even create automatic playlists based on previous data and the songs that you frequently listen to. They are also connected to the internet so searching the web for the perfect song is not a worry as well.

Smart Lighting

And lastly, you need smart lighting for the perfect summer vibe. Whether it be a pool party, barbecue party, or just even a get-together in the yards, smart lighting will instantly create the perfect vibe for you. Now you can buy smart string lights, led strips, bulbs, and any other kind of lights you might need.

Connecting the whole lighting system together and controlling them from a common point is not impossible as well. Dimming options, color change, automatic turn on/off, and flickering patterns will surely make your summer parties memorable.

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Create Smart Home Routines In The Home For Summer

A few well-thought home routines with smart devices can make your housework at least half easier this summer. Not only is it convenient but also saves a lot of time so that you can focus on other important tasks.

Think of some of the most common housework that you need to do every day and set up a routine so that your smart devices do them automatically without your supervision.

Set Up Your Thermostat And Air Conditioner To Save Energy

The thermostat and air conditioner, as in the whole home temperature system, are responsible for a large part of energy consumption in summer. Also, it’s quite a bit of work to set the temperature for every room in the house manually every day.

The best way to solve this problem is to create a smart routine. Such a smart routine can maintain the temperature in the rooms according to habits, patterns, and previous data. Also when a room is occupied, it can detect that with sensors and turn on the air conditioner system and then similarly turn it off when no one is at home.

Strengthen Home Security With Smart Sensors And Alarms

A smart security routine with smart sensors and alarms, CCTV, and monitors assure a worry-less time away from home. You can even connect all the cameras, motion sensors, CCTV cameras, and other smart security devices and create a master routine.

All the devices connected to this routine will perform regular routine checks on the house and perimeter to alert the owner about any break-ins or accidents.

You can also create multiple routines for when you’re home and when you are not. This way, you can just set it to the “away “ mode and everything will automatically operate accordingly.

Automate Pool And Lawn Care

The lengthy and strenuous work of pool and lawn care can also be done by creating smart routines. There are various smart devices in the market for this work such as smart lawnmowers, water sprinklers, pool vacuums, and more.

Pair all these devices with a common hub or point and create schedules for them to follow. Now you can forget about them for a while without killing your lawn or ruining your pool.

Integrate Smart Home Devices With Your Summer Home Décor

To prepare your smart summer home, you don't need to necessarily replace all your existing appliances with smart ones. That is neither economical nor practical. Instead, you can turn them into smart appliances by using some of the smart devices.

Let’s see some of them,

  • Smart Home Controller

Smart home controllers connect all smart products at home to create a digital frame. Here you can see all your devices, their power consumption, schedule, and everything else. A very promising example of a smart home controller is EVVR PAD S.

  • Smart Plug

With smart plugs, you can turn traditional electric appliances into smart ones. Just plug them up to the nearest outlet with these smart plugs and you are done. For example, EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug & Relay, Leviton Mini, Kasa TP-Link smart plug, etc.

  • Smart Energy Monitor

You can also see how much energy each device is using with smart energy monitors. These monitors provide real-time energy monitors so they are great for detecting vampire load and saving energy.

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Summer is the season when we spend most of our time at home. So, why not make it more enjoyable and convenient? With these smart device ideas and tips, whether you are at home or away on vacation, you won’t have to worry about housework anymore.

Hope this summer becomes one of the best for you. To know more, reach out to us.

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