Top 5 Best Smart Light Switch With No Neutral Top 5 Best Smart Light Switch With No Neutral

Top 5 Best Smart Light Switch With No Neutral

Some smart light switches require no neutral wire at all. In this article, we shall discuss the top 5 best smart light switches that don’t need a neutral wire.

Consider a circuit to be a huge loop. To produce power, electricity has to be able to continually flow around it. Any disruptions to this circuit will cease the flow of power. A neutral wire assists in completing this circuit by returning current (electricity) to the power source, thereby completing the circuit and maintaining power. The primary function of such a neutral wire is to facilitate the return of energy to its original source. 

In this case, there are still a lot of homes where the wiring system does not have any neutral wires at all. This is due to the prevalence of classic electrical wiring systems. In that case, certain companies have developed smart light switches that require no neutral wire at all. So, instead of opting for smart bulbs, such smart switches can be installed and used.

What is a smart light switch with no neutral wire?

There seem to be dimmable smart switches that may be placed without a neutral wire on the market. The crucial element is the dimming function, which reduces the power transfer between the lamp and the switch to a trickle.

The current is insufficient to operate the bulb, but it is plenty to maintain the switch in communication with your central hub.

However, you must ensure that your adjustable smart switch is compatible with the light bulbs you intend to use, as many dimmable smart switches are only compatible with incandescent lights.

smart light switch no neutral

Even if your smart switch does not have a neutral, you may still install it. Because the majority of new smart switch manufacturers do not need a neutral wire. Wall sockets in older homes frequently lack a visible neutral wire. What is no neutral smart switch and when to use it?

If you suspect you lack any neutral wire, simply get a smart switch that doesn't require one. On the recommendation of your professional, you can add a new neutral to your home's wiring system. It is a difficult technique, but it is possible.

Can the ground wire serve as a neutral?

Even though ground wires have the ability to serve as neutral conductors, it is not recommended to do so. You face the chance of a ground wire being extremely hot, increasing the risk of receiving an electric shock. Keep in mind that the ground wire's purpose is to divert electrical current spikes in order to prevent a short circuit.

Functions & Benefits of Smart Light Switch No Neutral

The cost of smart switches varies by model. Despite costing more than conventional light switches, smart switches have the following advantages:

Convenience: As long as there's a WiFi connection, smart switches may be managed at any time from any place. For instance, a homeowner can conserve energy by turning off lights or appliances when they are not in use or when they are away from home. Similarly, lights may be remotely turned on at night to provide security. Even smart switches may be set up to activate when a person enters the room and shut off when they depart. 

Ambiance: A smart switch may be programmed to change its settings based on activities. For instance, the switch might be set up to gradually increase light brightness during morning makeup time and gradually decrease it after night. 

Multi-device Integration: Often, these smart switches can combine many devices as components of smart home automation to make daily life more pleasant. For instance, a smart switch may be set up as a personalized alarm, turning on the lights and playing preferred music in the morning. A smart switch might well be set up to activate air conditioning and lighting before owners get home late at night during the summer.

Enhanced protection: Some smart switches may be linked to home security and alarm systems to provide more protection when owners are away. For enhanced protection, many video doorbells may be connected to smart light switches, video cameras, and motion detectors.

Savings: Controlling lighting, heating, cooling, and appliance consumption using smart switches can result in considerable monthly energy cost savings. 

Top 5 Best smart light switch no neutral in 2022 (In no order)

1.    Inovelli Red Z-Wave Dimmer Switch

This switch is ideal for ardent home automation enthusiasts. 

There are several options on this switch. Using the onboard LED, you can set up smart notifications, manage various scenarios, control smart lighting, and more. These Inovelli switches need a lot more setup effort , but they are far more capable in terms of home automation.

As with Lutron, be sure to get a dimmer switch because an on/off switch without a neutral will not function. 

If you're using them without a neutral and the power is less than 25W, you will need an additional item (Aeotec Bypass). The majority of single LED bulbs fall below this limit. The total load would be the aggregate of loads of all the lights in the fixture if there are numerous bulbs.

smart light switch no neutral

2.  Shelly 1 Relay

Although it differs slightly from the previous solutions, this one can still be effective. In fact, I believe this might be the best option for a lot of folks.

This is how it goes: 

You might get a neutral just at the light fixture if there isn't one at the switch (light fixture). As a result, you put the Shelly 1 relay there, where there is a neutral, behind the light fixture. And  you maintain your current switch(es). You won't require a bypass for light loads because the Shelly is equipped with a neutral.

You won't need another hub because the Shelly items are WiFi. You have the option to utilize them with or without cloud integrations (local control only).  The Shelly app is also highly adaptable. You may program the relay to operate with a toggle switch, an intermittent switch, or even a three-way switch that is already installed. You may even go "full geek" and install custom software if somehow the Shelly app isn't sufficient for you.

smart light switch no neutral

3.  Evvr In-wall Relay Switch (Our Recommendation)

Main Features:

  • Designing a Unit Split for Greater Functionality
  • No neutral, no issue
  • Very Small and compatible with all wall switches.
  • Smarten any lights.
  • Hardwired Intuitive Voice Control
  • Built-in 3- or 4-Way Power Failure Memory

The Evvr In-Wall Relays Switch is a breakthrough no-neutral smart lighting device built for every home, regardless of age, including both new construction and renovations. Innovatively composed of a smart relay and a smart switch, the Evvr In-Wall Relay Switch is compatible with all types of wall switches and can transform any single-or multiple-bulb configuration into a smart lighting system. 

Whether you are at home, at the workplace, or on vacation, you can manage your lights and other devices with your normal wall switches or remotely with Siri, a touch, or the Evvr App.

smart light switch no neutral

4.   Lutron Caseta Dimmer Switch

If dependability is what you're after, stop your search right now. In the more than two years that I've been using Lutron switches, I can't think of a single instance in which I clicked the lever and the light didn't turn on. Other smart switches I've tested have all failed me at some point, but Lutron has never done so.

The performance of the dimming is likewise remarkable. The lights could be muted almost all the way down, also with LED bulbs (which must be labeled as dimmable). The most costly of the bunch will be the Lutron switches. The best way to save some money if you have never purchased any Lutron devices is to purchase a starter kit bundle.

Additionally, be sure to get a Lutron dimmer switch. Without a neutral, the typical on/off switch for Lutron will not function.

smart light switch no neutral

5.  C by GE 3-Wire Switches

The C switches from GE are a fantastic all-around choice. They cost just under Lutron and require less setup than Inovelli.

There is no requirement for a separate hub because they link straight to your WiFi router. Additionally, you have the choice to add C by GE smart lights to your fixture to upgrade your system's illumination to color.

The switches you may pick from include on/off switches, dimmer switches, and even motion-activated dimmer switches (be sure the switches you buy are labeled "3-wire switches" and not "4-wire").

Each switch has a bypass adaptor for low-wattage bulbs, which is practical and economical. It only screws into the bulb's socket previously. The main drawback is that it lengthens the bulb by one or two inches, which might be problematic in a small space. C by GE products are simple to link with Alexa or Google, but they're currently incompatible with more sophisticated hubs like Hubitat or SmartThings. 

smart light switch no neutral

Bottom line

Out of all the products discussed, the Evvr In-wall Relay Switch is undoubtedly the product to have your eyes on because of its scintillating quality. Check out the website of Evvr to have a look at our products, contact us and see for yourself. 

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