Tips for Lighting Distributor Success in the Lighting Industry Tips for Lighting Distributor Success in the Lighting Industry

Tips for Lighting Distributor Success in the Lighting Industry

Providing so many products, services, and solutions to our lighting problems, lighting distributors have become guardian angels for smart homes. Our brief guide explains all the minute details.

Who is a Lighting Distributor?

Lighting distributors are a growing industry individual or company that deals with the lighting system of our space. They have various products and services specially tailored to solve any problem regarding the lighting system.

Specifically for smart homes, they play an integral role in creating a convenient and smart lighting system.

What Does A Lighting Distributor Do?

Before getting into the fundamental part of this article, we want to light on some of the basic concepts so you have a better understanding of what we are talking about. So, first of all, what is a lighting distributor, and what do they do?

A lighting distributor is a sort of company or business that deals with the lighting distribution of the closely related parts of our life such as our home, school, college, office, malls, and sometimes even different government buildings depending on their service.

They also provide lighting services to their consumers as per demand. Most lighting distributors have a wide range of quality products and services regarding different lighting applications.

The products include switches, different types of LED products like light bulbs, controllers, interfaces, and apps to control them.

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What Role Can Lighting Controls (And Possibly The Internet Of Things) Play As Partners With Good Lighting To Enhance Lighting Quality?

Today’s smart homes are all about saving energy and being eco-friendly while still being a place that can accommodate your personal and emotional needs. And what’s better than having complete control over the place that holds everything dear to you and making it even better?

Besides so many other factors, we cannot deny the fact that lighting quality is one of the most important factors in any home.

Aside from obvious health factors like reducing eye fatigue and headache, good lighting can bring your mind to peace and even increase productivity significantly. And let's not forget the risk of getting injured and possible accidents bad lighting can lead to.

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At the same time, it’s also important that we use our energy efficiently. The importance of lighting control to cut down energy costs is now more than ever with the energy crisis.

However, this does not mean you should have to compromise the basic comfort, a home, or any personal space promises. And the only way to control these two conditions is simply pairing them: good lighting with effective lighting control.

You get to enjoy the benefits good lighting brings forth while still looking out for any unnecessary energy expenses.

Tips for Lighting Distributor Success in the Lighting Industry

With the surge of smart homes in today’s world, the lighting industry has become more competitive than ever.

Now there are more lighting distributors than we can count in the market and aim for success in such a competitive industry is not an easy job.

Everyone is trying their best and to have success here, as a lighting distributor you ought to follow some ground rules.

  1. Quality product is the basis of a successful business
  2. Your customers need to know about you to be able to buy your products. So, marketing is important.
  3. Understand what your customers want. Tailor your services according to that.
  4. There are hundreds of rival companies that are doing the same thing. Do something different. Be innovative.
  5. Connect and collaboration will help you reach more customers.

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Evvr In-wall Relay Switch for Lighting distributors

Evvr is an IOT platform for smart homes that works to provide their customers with different smart home services like designing, planning, connecting, automation, etc. among the wide range of services that they offer, lighting distributions for smart homes is one. Most recently they have introduced Evvr in-wall relay switch for smart homes.

The product has two versions so far one for Z–wave and the other one compatible with the Apple HomeKit. This is actually one of the first reasons why they are convenient to use as you can use them with both Zigbee and Apple homekit.

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Despite using the smart relay technique which is a fairly old technique used in smart lighting systems, they have managed to be more innovative in their own way.

With the Evvr in-wall relay switch system, you can effectively divide the device into two separate portions; each for a separate operation. This saves you from the pain of always having to keep the switch on for allowing the remote control. And, you can control the lighting without having to turn on the switch.

In fact, you can use the relay section separately without having to buy the smart switch. So, as long as the switch is compatible with the relay, they will work with any momentary buttons/rocker switches, not just standard toggle switches.

Features of In-Wall Relay Switch

Here we have tried to list all the features of the Evvr in-wall relay switch.

Stay Connected And Online- All The Time

We’ve already mentioned that the best part of using an in-wall relay switch is you don't need to have the light switch on all the time. What’s more convenient is that you can control them from your phone on the apps or even through voice commands.

Pairing is also easy with the products having QR codes on them. Using the code, you can pair the devices on the app and gain flexible control over the lighting system.

The Evvr app is used to control Evvr lighting devices. Even though they can’t provide complete control, it’s closest to the most convenient lighting system you can ask for in your smart home. 

Say Goodbye To Neutral Wires

Neutral wire can be a dread considering all the work that needs to be done to rewire all the existing wires in the ceilings and walls.

Let’s not forget the money that you’ll need to spend on it as well. But Evvr in wall relay switch requires no neutral wire making it effortless to install them.

All Wall Switches

Just like the wiring, the Evvr in-wall relay switch is amazingly convenient for use with any type of light switch. Whether it be toggle switches, rocker switches, smart remote buttons, or some other type, they can work perfectly fine without any issues. It saves you the money, time, and effort of changing the light switches all over.

Exceptionally Small

The size and shape are actually big criteria for smart lighting switches since most switch boxes don't have much space inside to accommodate the device. However, the Evvr switch module is conveniently small enough to fit inside any electrical box despite the lack of space.


The product is also compatible with both Zigbee and Apple home kits. Generally, they come in two versions. The Zigbee version unfortunately doesn't have home kit compatibility since they are designed to work with Zigbee hubs. You can connect to google and amazon with this one.

But the other version which is the most commonly used has notable compatibility with all Apple products like your iPhone, iPad, HomePod, and Apple TV.

Most importantly they don't even need any bridge or hub to function so you can easily access them via Siri, your phone Control Center, or Apple Watch.

Voice Control

Besides fitting wireless control via apps, now you can also control the lighting system with voice commands over Siri, Alexa, or google voice assistant. This depends on the type of hub you are using.

3-way/4-way Supported

The in-wall relay switch is also designed to support a 3-way or 4-way hardwired system.

As a result, you can control one light fixture from multiple switches. At the same time, it gives you control to manipulate multiple light fixtures from one single stop.

Either way, you can create automation per your necessity and feel more in control of your own home space.

Power Failure Memory Function

In case of a power failure, the in-wall relay switch can retain its previous state after the recovery.

Light Bulb

Voltage and light fixtures are no complication when it comes to Evvr relay switch. Ranging from 85V to 240V you can use any light bulbs you want whether it be LED, incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, or some other type.

No Minimum Load Limitations

In today’s world where energy is scarce, we must use eco-friendly and energy-efficient products. Evvr in wall relay assures that there’s minimum electrical leakage and light flickering. Simultaneously, it eases the pressure on your electricity bills while sustaining the environment as well.

Installation of In-Wall Relay Switch

Installation of the Evvr in wall relay switch is fairly easier than other smart switch modules.

Usually, they come with a well-written instructions manual. So that even beginners don't have a hard time with the installation. They provide the necessary wires as well so you don't need to worry about which wires to buy and such.

So the first step would be deciding where to install the switch. You’d either need a hub or router or both to operate the lighting fixtures later, so make sure it’s close to the router and the hub.

Next is the main installation. The manual should tell you which parts go where, so just follow that.

A rookie mistake people tend to do is installing the relay BEHIND the light switch whereas it should be installed IN LINE with the light. The switch module goes into the backbox located behind the switch.

Once the modules are connected in place, pair the device with the Fibaro app and now you can easily control the lighting system in your space.

FAQs of Lighting distributors

  1. Can you dim the light using the Evvr in the wall relay switch system?

Ans: You can only turn the light on or off.

  1. Who is the largest lighting company in the world?

Some of the biggest lighting companies in the world are, Cree, GA and GE Lighting.

  1. What are the 4 types of lighting?

The four types of lighting are ambient lighting, accent lighting, decorative lighting and accent lighting.

Final Thought

Whether it be your personal space or some other space, proper lighting makes every work easier and quicker. Lighting distributors have been working relentlessly to provide us with lighting solutions that meet our needs, budgets, and challenges. With so many smart lighting products and services, controlling the lighting at home with your smartphone is children's play, from inside or outside your home. Evvr is one of them. To know more, feel free to reach out to us and our representatives will provide you with more information regarding the subject matter asap!

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