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Our Story

At EVVR, we are transforming the way that people live, work and play by developing truly intelligent automation tools that enable people to live genuinely efficient lives.

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Who We Are

Life is a journey to laugh, cry, shout, and love. EVVR ApS, a business that offers IoT smart home solutions and services in the field of home automation, aiming to create a safe environment and a harmonized smart home experience, was established in 2021 and has its headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, with branch offices set up in the U.S. and China. At EVVR, we believe you should spend less time flipping switches or tapping menus, and more time in the moments that matter the most. We spend a lot of time doing menial tasks every day, and those small interruptions add up. EVVR strives to give you back the time you’re missing out on. Technology shouldn’t make your home feel artificial. Our helpful system syncs with your IoT devices and allows you to interact with them naturally—through the app or by the sound of your voice. Many smart home devices connect over the internet, which can be insecure. EVVR creates a safe environment by connecting your devices locally and storing your data at home with you. The EVVR team of startup-savvy engineers and designers has been creating innovative smart home technology for over seven years. Our experience in this space has shown us an obvious need for answers to common IoT questions. We’re dedicated to a harmonized smart home experience. Free your time for the moments that matter most, with EVVR. Company information: EVVR ApS CVR-number: 42788309 Address: Copenhagen, Denmark Phone number: +45 33444423

Why We Exist

We’re more distracted and divided than ever. Technology that was meant to connect us has driven us apart. We’re everywhere and nowhere, all at the same time. The notifications. The bings. The rings. Technology needs to start giving back, instead of taking away. We’ve got a responsibility to do better and to improve lives—to enrich one another. You deserve freedom from the mundane, the menial, and the mediocre. We aim to harmonize your home, so that you can have more of what matters most.

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EVVR provides compatible, reliable, and intuitive home automation system which brings Convenience, Comfort, and Peace of Mind to everyday life.

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Intelligent automation and intuitive control of lighting, multiroom audio, heating, security, shading, energy management and more…

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Requests/commands are encrypted before they send to the cloud. The cloud server then relays that encrypted information back to your gateway, without knowing what you send.

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