10 Creative Smart Home Ideas to Transform Your Living Space 10 Creative Smart Home Ideas to Transform Your Living Space

10 Creative Smart Home Ideas to Transform Your Living Space

Want to amp up your living space? This blog will go through 10 of the best smart home ideas to improve your living space.

Your den is your haven, where you go when the day gets too much. You build a fire, pour yourself a drink, wrap yourself in a blanket, and watch the most recent episode of The Last of Us. But who wants to get up to change the thermostat continually? What occurs when you can't find the remote control?

These annoyances vanish in a smart living room. All you need are the appropriate tools. Uncertain about where to begin? With our best smart living room ideas, we've got you covered.

EVVR brings the best of the smart world to you to your doorstep. From smart plugs and hubs to user interfaces and beyond, you can rely on us to help you get the most out of your smart living. Read on to learn about making the best smart living spaces!

What Is Smart Home Technology?

Integrating numerous appliances, systems, and gadgets into a home is referred to as "smart home technology" to create a connected and intelligent living space.

It utilizes cutting-edge technology, including wireless connectivity, the Internet of Things, AI, and communication, to enable automation, communication, and control of various house areas. The development of Smart technology is accelerating daily as more of us choose to work from home and set up our own home offices using technology.

Smart consumers can now use smart technology when planning their ideal new construction or remodeling project; it is no longer available in high-end Smart Homes.

Thanks to AI thermostats that adjust based on motion sensors, it has never been easier to complete daily activities like shutting off lights. These intelligent devices, which are frequently interconnected through a central hub and can be operated remotely via smartphones or voice commands, provide homeowners with several advantages.

 Smart homes strive to simplify daily tasks, give us more control over our environments, and make living more connected and effective by integrating technology into our living spaces.

This blog post will give you a variety of innovative ideas to take into consideration and assist you in harnessing the power of smart home technology to create a truly contemporary and cutting-edge living space, whether you're looking to improve your lighting, increase home security, automate household tasks, or integrate smart appliances.

10 Innovative Ideas To Make Your Living Space Better

Touchless Technology

Covid-19 has advanced the trend toward touchless technology, which was already starting to emerge in the smart home market.

Touchless solutions, such as doorbells enabling visitors to announce their arrival without physically contacting potentially contaminated surfaces, are in increasing demand.

The touchless trash can is another example of touchless technology in the household. These sensors detect movement in front of the bin and automatically open the lid when they do.

This makes it unnecessary to physically touch the trash can's lid, making it easier and more hygienic to dispose of waste.

Additionally, each user may now control many modern technologies via smartphone apps, minimizing any physical touch between people or shared places and things.

Smart Lighting

The ideal option to modernize your house with ease and style is smart lighting. You can quickly add light to every house room with a few clicks on your smartphone or a voice command without searching for switches in the dark.

Switching will help you save money on your monthly bills because they consume less energy than conventional bulbs.

Smart lights will create an incredible visual impact while bringing functionality that shines through, whether adding accent lights that respond intuitively at night or altering a space with dazzling LEDs!

Don't want to get smart lights and bulbs but want all their benefits? EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug helps you to control your devices and appliances remotely while getting on top of the power consumption of each appliance. This will help you get your utility bills down without disrupting your comfort.

energy monitoring smart plug

Health Technology

Due to its numerous health advantages during this global epidemic, smart technology is already experiencing a boom in popularity by 2023. Smart thermostats are equipped with humidity sensors for better air quality, and stand-alone devices are also becoming more popular.

While sleep trackers on smart watches or sleep-tracking bands can monitor and analyze your sleep patterns, air purifiers and air conditioners be effective for keeping an eye on airborne toxins from outside sources.

Other recent advancements include water filters that assess water purity levels and warn householders of any potential leaks or damage before it's too late.

High-Speed Internet Connection

Say goodbye to your Wi-Fi problems from the past! Mesh Wi-Fi is increasingly becoming an essential component of any list for building your future smart home.

You may have a continuous, high-speed connection that guarantees perfect coverage no matter where in the home you travel by connecting your primary router straight through the walls of your home, making it simpler than ever before to access all those fancy gadgets and gizmos.

Just keep in mind that network flexibility is just as crucial as speed. Whatever your internet speed, what will you do if the website is blocked?

In actuality, unblocking websites is really simple and requires one program. To access servers and websites that are blocked in your location, you must use a VPN. What is the top website unblocker for schools available right now? Another query?

Smart Thermostats

Installing a smart thermostat will update your home to the present. Thanks to this device's remote control functionality, you may easily regulate energy use and temperature setting while no one is home.

Additionally, it considers your lifestyle to guarantee that you never return to an uncomfortable home!

Smart thermostats can offer convenience by connecting to Google Home or Amazon Echo for simple voice control access or via a compatible smartphone app. With all these advantages, be sure to put this crucial component at the top of your list when considering any home remodeling project!

Smart Security Solutions

A smart security system is an affordable approach to guarantee any home's safety and protection. Older homeowners, in particular, find them appealing because they can have more assurance that their property is secure without needing assistance from family members.

The system connects directly to your internet router, so it can monitor temperature and light levels and warn you right away if anything unusual happens. The smart security system for Google Home is a fantastic choice because it lets users control its capabilities with voice commands from anywhere within (or outside) their houses!

Smart Wall Heating Panels

Do not allow the cold to prevent you from enjoying a warm environment at home. With seamless, uniform heat distribution and no hot air blowing directly onto skin or hair, radiant walls effectively regulate temperature.

Thanks to modern smart home technology, you can now unwind, knowing that no matter the weather outside, everything inside is under your control through your smartphone.

Voice Assistants

The ease and functionality that voice-activated assistants like the Amazon Echo (powered by Alexa) and Google Home (powered by Google Assistant) offer can dramatically improve day-to-day life in a smart home environment.

These voice-activated smart speakers offer a convenient, hands-free user experience by responding to voice requests and performing various functions.

In addition to becoming central hubs for managing and controlling smart home gadgets, voice-activated assistants can also do so. Lights, thermostats, door locks, security cameras, and other compatible devices are just a few things they can link to.

You can use voice commands to automate and control these devices, resulting in a seamless smart home experience.

Media Centers

An immersive media experience may be produced by integrating smart TVs, streaming gadgets, and audio systems in a home entertainment setup.

You may access a wide variety of information, take in high-definition graphics, and lose yourself in superb music by combining these devices.

To build a home entertainment environment, there are numerous smart home technology products available:

With only a few clicks, you can view the best Netflix movies thanks to built-in apps and internet access found on smart TVs. It's that easy!

Integrating an audio system to accompany the pictures can greatly improve the immersive media experience. Home theater systems, surround sound systems, and soundbars produce high-quality audio that fills the space and gives it a more dramatic feel.

Many smart TVs, streaming devices, and audio systems now support voice control. You can control playback, change the volume, navigate between apps, look up content, and even turn your entertainment system on and off with voice commands.

Smart Appliances

The variety of smart appliances accessible for the modern home constantly grows as technological breakthroughs transform routine household chores.

Modern smart refrigerators have several features that improve organization, convenience, and energy economy. Wi-Fi connectivity, touchscreen displays, and voice control are all included.

To simplify cooking procedures and enhance the culinary experience, smart ovens provide cutting-edge technologies and connectivity choices. Several ovens can be managed remotely by connecting them to Wi-Fi and using a smartphone as a remote control.

These days, you may send cooking instructions directly to a smart oven that has recipe integration.

EVVR Makes Your Living Smarter

EVVR does not need any introduction to the best smart home products and services in the market. From EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug to EVVR Center, EVVR Center Lite, and beyond, we have everything you need to revolutionize your living space or get a taste. Most of our products are compatible with other ecosystems, such as Google's Home, Amazon's Alexa, and Apple's HomeKit. So, what are you waiting for? Live in the future today!

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