Enhancing Safety: Smart Solutions for Disabled Individuals Enhancing Safety: Smart Solutions for Disabled Individuals

Enhancing Safety: Smart Solutions for Disabled Individuals

This blog will cover the range of smart home devices that can help disabled individuals carry out their daily tasks, including the EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug!

Living with a disability is already difficult, and the few options that are accessible to those with disabilities make things more difficult. There has been an emphasis on developing technology to improve accessibility and reduce the challenges of daily life because there are 61 million Americans who live with some impairment. Modern technology is used in devices for people with disabilities to make life easier, and helpful features allow people with impairments to adapt and thrive.

Everyone should have access to the resources they require, according to EVVR. We are determined to develop and perfect a diverse range of hardware and software solutions for those who might be at a disadvantage in comparison to others because of this. They can fully enjoy their life thanks to our offerings!

Range of Smart Home Devices To Empower Disabled Individuals

The overall smart home sector has excelled at creating gadgets that are precisely suited to the demands and needs of such communities. Home automation technologies were created to make living more comfortable and easy. Still, they also can change lives by enabling people with particular disabilities to become more independent and useful.

In light of this, this week's blog post examines some of the top smart home appliances for those with impairments.

Smart Home Assistants

Everybody may benefit greatly from gadgets like the EVVR Center Lite, Amazon Echo, and Google Home, which serve as smart hubs and assistants for the house. With smart home assistants at your beck and call, life is made much simpler and more convenient with the ability to set an alarm, automate your coffee maker, and order your next Uber.

These features have a more noticeable impact on someone who has a disability. These are particularly helpful for those who struggle to perform ordinary daily tasks by themselves, like turning off the lights in their home, making a simple cup of coffee, or any other task we take for granted. This type of technology is particularly helpful for people who have trouble with specific motor skills because it operates hands-free.

Intelligent Security Solutions

Home security is likely a major worry, given that many persons with disabilities struggle to move around regularly or react quickly in an emergency. In these situations, devices like smart locks and doorbells are essential additions to a home.

Smart Locks allow homeowners unrivaled control over who can enter their home directly from their smartphone. These not only provide you the tools to supervise and keep visitor logs for your home, but they also give you the ability to grant temporary access to family, housekeepers, or caretakers. Having such devices in place makes controlling access to your home easier than ever because it can be granted and canceled in seconds.

On the other hand, motion sensor technology in smart doorbells enables people with impairments to see who is at the door and interact with them without having to move about too much. The safety of people with disabilities is virtually assured when used with a smart door lock system that enables automated and remote locking without requiring any manual effort.

Smart Plugs

Smart Plugs are excellent nifty gadgets that can turn dumb lights into smarter ones. Yes, you heard it right. Allowing the users to control the appliance remotely helps optimize the usage and save utility bills. EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug is one step ahead of the competition as it also gives insights to the users regarding the power consumption of the attached device. Comes with the highest rating for heat and shock protection, so you and your loved ones with disabilities would never have to worry about safety and well-being.

energy monitoring smart plug

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is unquestionably one of the more fundamental smart home upgrades, and it is a particularly useful addition to the homes of people with disabilities.

These systems are invaluable in these situations because they make managing the lighting throughout a house simple. Users can adjust their lighting to fit, create different moods, and turn their lights on and off via smartphones. In addition to introducing a touch of class and elegance, these goods are excellent for making your home more accessible, especially if you have trouble reaching your lights or moving around.

Smart Garage Door Opener

Smart garage doors are perfect for remote control over more inaccessible areas of your home in the context of managing and regulating your home in light of disability. Such solutions are ideal for the smooth management over a more isolated area of your home, whether you need groceries inside your home when you find it impossible to get them personally or grant limited access to your property when you're miles away.

devices for the disabled

This is crucial for persons with disabilities because going to their garage can be challenging or dangerous, especially if they live alone. Smart home technology demonstrates its ability to transform people's lives and make the most of their surroundings in situations like this.

Top Smart Devices For People With Disabilities

The aged and disabled can maintain their freedom by having a smart house built for them. These smart devices are affordable, and prices for the best new disability-adapting equipment are decreasing.

Let's talk about the best assistive technology for persons with impairments, such as voice-activated assistive technology and smart home systems.

Philips Hue Smart Bulb

Like Hive, the Philips Hue bulb kit connects to your phone so you can fully control the lighting in your house. For a truly smart home, you can turn on and off the lights with your voice or from a mobile device.

Additionally, you can change the color and brightness of your bulbs using the Smart Bulb Starter Kit. People with visual impairments may need to adjust the lighting settings for their eyes at specific times of the day. Thanks to this equipment, they have total control over this part of their environment.

devices for the disabled

Ring Doorbell

For people with disabilities who have limited mobility, this is a fantastic device. You no longer need to be concerned about arriving at the door in time if you expect visitors, order takeout, or receive a box. Ring can even automatically unlock your door. You can use the video stream to see who it is.

Some manufacturers even let you add a security feature, allowing you to immediately alert a private security firm if you notice anyone odd. Your fully monitored security system will alert local law authorities, who can respond in minutes if an intrusion is discovered.

devices for the disabled

Smart Lock

You can now quickly grant access to a family member, a caregiver, or a housekeeper if you need their help. You can also grant access to your home within a certain time if a visitor comes to your house regularly according to a set schedule.

Because they allow trusted individuals keyless entrance, smart locks are ideal tools for those with mobility issues. Furthermore, it is more secure than a keypad because it is hard for someone to figure out the code and get unauthorized access to your house.

devices for the disabled

Smart Drapes

If you use a wheelchair or have restricted movement, adjusting blinds or curtains can be difficult. Smart blinds are made to be both user-friendly and to offer privacy. A smartphone app, a remote control, or even your voice can operate specially constructed motorized smart blinds or curtains.

Even the most sophisticated smart blinds may be programmed to open or close at specific times. This is particularly helpful if you have already gone upstairs and should have closed the curtains in your living room. Additionally, there is proof that smart blinds can lower your energy costs by keeping out draughts and extra warm air.

devices for the disabled

Personal Emergency Response System (ERS)

Personal emergency response or medical alert systems can instantly connect you to life-saving resources. While many of the most well-liked aids for people with impairments exist to ease their lives, it is hoped that no one will ever need to utilize them.

Not everyone can obtain a caregiver around the clock. These cutting-edge devices could save your life if you frequently go between caregivers for extended periods. Some of these gadgets also have automated fall detection, so you can call for assistance without pressing a button in the event of an accident.

LG ThinQ Vacuum Cleaner

Keeping their houses tidy could be challenging for people with restricted mobility. One of the most well-liked voice-activated vacuum cleaners on the market right now is the LG ThinQIt. It provides a variety of useful features that make cleaning and following a cleaning routine simple. This robot vacuum can handle any cleaning task, including completing spot cleaning on demand or following pre-programmed cleaning patterns.

EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug Empowers Disabled Individuals

EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug is a handy device for people with serious physical disabilities. Imagine you need to turn off the light of the room you are leaving and turn on the lights of the one you are entering while in a wheelchair! This smart plug allows seamless connectivity and application without missing a beat. So, place your order now and step into empowered living!

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