What Is a Home Automation Security System? What Is a Home Automation Security System?

What Is a Home Automation Security System?

We present what is a home automation security system and you'll find a concise review of five top home automation security systems available today that provide all the features and functionality discussed and much more in 2022.

The best home automation security system puts control of your entire home at your fingertips worldwide when there’s internet access. You can remotely control your lights or program a random lighting schedule that runs autonomously to make your home appear occupied.

It'll heat or cool your home just before you arrive or power down your HVAC system right after you leave. And it'll activate and deactivate your security alarm according to your preset schedule or manually using a remote device.

But most users want the automation feature of automated security in all its forms because they want to feel secure. Today's technology delivers on that promise in abundance.

Home automation and security systems have traditionally been purchased as two separate products. But doing so only introduced additional layers of complexity, compatibility, and reliability issues. However, the integrated systems available today have merged the two technologies into a single environment, greatly simplifying the purchase and installation of a quality ecosystem.

What Is Automated Security?

We consider security anything you do to keep yourself, your family, and your property safe from predators. In the context of home security, it includes security lighting, a monitored alarm system that covers your doors, windows, and locks, security cameras, smoke alarms, and any additional sensors attached to your network.

Inexpensive but highly sophisticated automated home security systems include motion detectors, live video monitoring, and alerts to notify you whenever someone enters or leaves your home.

An automated security environment will monitor all of the above components of your security defenses to work together to achieve your security objectives within an integrated, easy-to-use, and understood interface that, once implemented, requires no human intervention to work correctly.

However, if a user wishes to modify or control any aspect of the system, it's easy to do so remotely, no matter where the user is physically located in the world, so long as you have internet connectivity, using any internet-enabled device including computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. 

Fully autonomous home automation security systems come in a variety of price levels and a range of complexity. Inexpensive systems can be purchased to protect a studio or one-bedroom apartment for budget-conscious consumers or more elaborate systems to protect multi-million dollar mansions or businesses. The only limitations are your budget.

Below you'll find a concise review of five top home automation security systems available today that provide all the features and functionality discussed and much more.

  1. Vivint

The no-contract option of the Vivint home automation and security system makes it a compelling choice for consumers who don't want to be locked into a long-term contract as most security companies require. It's well-known for responding quickly to alarm incidents, and its proprietary technology is seamlessly integrated throughout its ecosystem.

You can control various devices and features through their mobile app, like dimming your lights, adjusting your thermostat, locking your door, or activating your security alarm. You can program any of these activities to actuate without further intervention once it's set up for total automation of your home.

Vivint's two-way talk feature on its control panel allows a company representative to contact you through your panel to confirm or deny that the alarm is false. You don't have to scramble for your phone to answer when they call to cancel false alarms anymore.

You can also use the panel or the Vivint mobile app to display live video images from your surveillance cameras to monitor your home anytime. And the indoor camera is capable of making outbound calls feature, so children can always reach you.

The big downside to the Vivint home automation security system is its high up-front costs. But if money is no object, then it's worth considering.

  1. Evvr

In our opinion, the best home automation security system is the EVVR Center Lite Home Automation Controller. This system allows easy management of your home, and it seamlessly connects Zigbee and Z-wave devices and can control multiple devices through a smartphone with the Evvr App. In addition, it allows voice control commands to your home automation devices.  

Your smart devices are controlled locally without needing an internet connection. Therefore, all your private data is processed and stored within your home and isn't blasted out into the "cloud," which is just an extensive server network collecting customer data with each transmission.

When remote access is required, a secure peer-to-peer network connection enveloped with solid data encryption protects your information during remote access. It records, logs, and stores trouble-shooting data when buffeted by short-term blackouts and continues to function on battery power. This level of home automation security system integration provides security to yourself, your family, and your data for maximum protection.

It wirelessly connects and controls Zigbee 3.0, BLE, and Z-Wave devices. You can easily control, monitor, and automate door locks, shades, cameras, sensors, lighting, and more. View your dashboard from the television or monitor and see connected devices when the hub and T.V. or monitor connect with an HDMI cable. 

Evvr can offer you a comprehensive smart home solution whether you are an integrator, professional installer, distributor, or DIYer. Get in touch with us and book a sample product today!

  1. Cove

The Cove home automation security system is designed to be built à la carte with its high-tech 7-inch Touch Screen Panel as the command center, making it a very budget-friendly option.

Your system is customized by responding to a web-based survey about the peculiarities of your home, so the more accurate your answers are, the better the system can provide the level of security you need.

You choose the hardware necessary to meet your security requirements based on your survey results. Available options include window and door sensors, indoor and outdoor cameras, a doorbell camera, glass breakage detectors, motion detectors, smoke and carbon monoxide detection, and flood sensors. A wearable medical alert button for the elderly or people with limited mobility can signal for help in emergency situations.

Cove doesn't directly provide smart hardware. Instead, it integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant smart home devices that can be installed as a D.I.Y. project, or you can opt for a professional installation crew to come to your home.

If there's a security breach, Cove will alert you in three ways. First via text messaging, the two-way talk feature integrated within the hub, and by phone.

  1. Brinks

Brinks Home Security has been protecting homeowners with its venerable alarm and monitoring systems for thirty-nine years, presently serving over one million active customers. It's no wonder they offer a compelling automated home security system D.I.Y. option.

Their equipment is purposefully designed for ease of use and installation by average homeowners with the aid of a helpful instructional video. However, you can also choose a professional installation if you prefer.

The Brinks Home Hub wall-mounted touch-screen display is the system's core, which also happens to double as a glass-breakage detector. You have a selection of motion sensors that can be zoned, and it's intelligent enough to tell the difference between vehicles, people, and animals. They offer smoke detection and fire alert monitoring too.

In addition, they offer an impressive array of automated smart home security equipment, including smart locks, garage door sensors, and thermostats, which are controllable through Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. And the Brinks Home app allows you to view live camera feeds, so you have up-to-the-minute surveillance of your home.

If there's a negative to all this, it's the required three-year contract you must sign to use their equipment and receive 24/7 monitoring service.


  1. ADT

ADT is recognized as the largest home security company in America, with twelve call centers to monitor residential, small, and large businesses electronically and provide fire protection and other related alarm monitoring services.

Its mammoth infrastructure may make it the most reliable monitoring service due to its multiple redundancy and customer support capabilities.

You have access to over 150 smart home devices that are controllable through the ADT Control smartphone app wherever you happen to physically be at any given time or day. In addition to seamless compatibility with its suite of products, it's also compatible with a bevy of other devices through Z-Wave, Kwikset, Google Home, Sonos, and Apple T.V. protocols.

Keep close tabs on your property with high-resolution security cameras combined with 24/7 video monitoring. In addition, you can further automate your home security with compatible smart devices as add-ons to your system. Landlines are unnecessary to secure your system, and you get the ADT Cellguard product to bypass telephone company wires.

With the depth and breadth of devices controlled y ADT you can handle just about every aspect of the operation and security of your home with the home automation security system integrated with their software.

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In Conclusion 

We all have hectic lives, and anything we can do to simplify daily living is a blessing. Not only do home automation security systems give you peace of mind and enhanced comfort, but they also save you time and money daily.

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