Smart Pool Pump - Using Pool Pump Controller To Make An Energy-Efficient Pool Pump Smart Pool Pump - Using Pool Pump Controller To Make An Energy-Efficient Pool Pump

Smart Pool Pump - Using Pool Pump Controller To Make An Energy-Efficient Pool Pump

This summer, forget about surging utility bills and enjoy your pool time with your smart pool pump using EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug & Relay. Read on to learn more!

A swimming pool is a much-needed addition to the home. Swimming pools, however, need routine upkeep to maintain clean, hygienic water. Pool upkeep might result in high costs. The pool pump is also a piece of equipment that must be in operation for the water to circulate and be free of dirt and debris. So when swimming season begins, the pool pump never takes a day off. Over time, pool owners' top worries have evolved to include how much energy the pool pump consumes, whether it is energy efficient, and how much electricity it costs.

Whether you want a simple add-on for your pool or want to completely reimagine your home into a smart one, EVVR has all the solutions you need, from smart plugs to smart home hubs, controllers, and more. Join us and become our partner to experience efficient and smart living!

Smart Pool Pump 101

A smart pool pump can manage pool and spa equipment using a remote control pad, websites, and apps on smartphones and tablets. Home automation systems can also be utilized with smart pool pumps to voice-control pool lighting and equipment.

When you have a perfectly working conventional pool pump, there is no need to invest much money in getting a new one to uses smart features. You can avail of all those features and more by getting EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug & Relay. It offers remote control and power consumption through a smartphone application. You can get insights and optimize your pool pump usage based on accurate data.

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Workings of A Smart Pool Pump

The pump, heater, and smart relays are all connected to a control hub (wiring base unit) when using smart pool pumps. The intelligent relays are in charge of additional equipment like pool lighting and booster pumps.

Even without an internet connection, you may use a touchscreen control pad to operate all of your linked pool equipment from the pool pad.

You will require a steady internet connection to get the most out of smart pool automation. Wireless or cable Ethernet connections connect smart control equipment to your home network.

Once your hub is configured, you can begin connecting equipment, such as your pool heater and pump. You can also connect devices such as sound systems, LED light strips, motion sensor pool alarms, smart outlets and switches, and water leak sensors.

smart pool controller

Benefits of Smart Pool Pumps


Traditional pool pumps are known for being among a house's energy hogs. And to make matters worse, keeping pumps running throughout the day during peak energy hours will significantly increase your energy costs.

But you can save up to 90% of your energy bills if you convert to smart pool pump controllers. Plan your smart pool pump so it only operates at off-peak hours. The remote control feature lets you control and monitor your heater, smart pool pump, and other energy-intensive equipment from a distance.

To help you keep your pool in top condition at all times, the remote control also monitors your pool's energy usage, water levels, and chemical levels.


Your life will be much simpler if an app connects your smart pool pump to your smartphone. You can monitor and manage your pool system using your smartphone, regardless of where you are‚ÄĒat work, on the way home, away on vacation, busy setting up for a party, or in bed.

Additionally, you can turn on your spa and pool heater in advance to ensure that the water is at the ideal temperature when you're ready to jump in. To save time, you can even have the lights come on.


You can run your automatic pool cleaning, keep an eye on pool chemicals and water levels, and monitor the condition of your pool with a pool automation app on your smartphone.

For instance, run the smart pool pump during off-peak hours to ensure your pool water is clear and clean while away.

To avoid plumbing and equipment freezing, you should also program your pool and spa heaters to switch on if the temperature dips.

No Hassle

Pools must be watched, which is sometimes impossible when you're away from home. So why not use your smartphone to remotely monitor your pool from wherever you are?

You won't have to worry about leaving your pump on all day again if you have a smart pool pump connected to your smartphone. Additionally, you won't have to stress about returning from a trip to a frozen or green pool and spa.

Connecting EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug & Relay to your pool pump can have many benefits, including turning on and off the pump from far away, power consumption insights, heat, thermal surge detection, etc. Setting up one is as simple as connecting a power shoe with a socket!

Best Time To Run A Pool Pump In Summer

The ideal time of day to run a pool pump is a topic of debate among many people. While some claim it should happen during the day, others argue that nighttime is preferable. Although each has advantages, there is no clear winner.

We'll clarify things so you can decide the optimum time to run your pool pump system.

Running Pool Pump In Daytime

The following are the main justifications for using the pool pump during the day:

Running the pool pump during the period over midday makes perfect sense because algae grow the fastest when the sun is at its highest. Therefore, if the pump needs to run for 8 hours daily to ensure the entire volume is filtered, it should run from 8 AM to 4 pm.

The skimmers are operated by the pump, removing any floating material like leaves and insects. To avoid getting anything in your mouth while swimming, the pool skimmers should operate when you are likely to swim.

During the day, there is a greater need for chlorine since the UV in sunshine degrades it. By distributing it around the pool, the running of the pump aids in preventing this from occurring. Instead of using chemicals at night, this saves money on them.

They would only serve a little purpose if you didn't use the pool pump throughout the day while the sun shone if you had solar heating.

Running Pool Pump During Night

There is just one benefit to using the pool pump at night as opposed to during the day, and that benefit is to save energy and lower your electric cost. Many nations, states, or regions offer cheaper electricity during specific times of the day, usually when demand is lower, and it is off-peak. This typically occurs at night.

In some nations, the difference between peak and off-peak electricity tariffs might be as minimal as 25%. There is a "shoulder" time between the low and peak rate hours for some electricity providers' three-tiered prices. Electricity is less expensive than the peak rate, but the off-peak rate is greater.

Therefore, running your pool pump during such times will result in decreased electrical costs. However, you should measure this benefit against the reasons for using the pump throughout the day, which may well outweigh it.

Call your electricity provider to find out if and how much you qualify for cheaper electricity during specific hours so you can estimate how much you will save.

Energy Consumption For A Pool

The annual energy usage of a pool ranges from 8,000 kWh for small pools to 15,000 kWh for large pools. Depending on the kind of machinery you use. The pump is one of the biggest energy-eating appliances in homes with swimming pools. A pool pump may occasionally be responsible for half of a home's monthly electrical usage.

Power Consumption For A Conventional Pool Pump

The average pool pump consumes roughly 1 kilowatt (kWh) per hour, which is equivalent to running a 100-watt light bulb nonstop for 10 hours. An inefficient pool pump may only use 2,500 kWh annually for smaller pools. It depends on the energy efficiency and horsepower of your pump. Energy-efficient motors use less electricity than ordinary pump motors, but larger horsepower pumps often use more kilowatt-hours.

Power Consumption For A Variable Speed Pool Pump

Since variable-speed pool pumps use lower speeds to use less energy, they can cut energy use by 50% to 80%. They use less energy compared to a conventional single-speed or two-speed pool pump. So even if variable speed pumps cost more, they will pay for themselves in a few years.

Getting the most efficient hardware and then connecting it with EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug & Relay will help you to reap excellent benefits, such as energy saving, protection, convenience, and more!

Most Efficient Pool Pump For Your Home

The most energy-efficient pool pump is the inverter pump. Inverter technology, the most recent advancement in pool equipment technology, is a breakthrough in the energy-efficient pool pump system. Industry and consumers are more convinced that the inverter smart pool pump is the most energy-efficient solution for green pools due to growing research on the flow rate and power consumption of inverter pool pumps. Another appealing quality of inverter pool pumps is that they frequently operate quietly. It makes using the pool and living next to it comfortable.

EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug & Relay Enhances Your Pool Experience In Summers

EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug & Relay is a perfect partner to help you get the best from the pool experience this summer. Running pumps all day or all night can make a steep dent in your pocket, but you can get a flexible schedule by connecting one with this nifty device. EVVR Smart Plug supports a powerful current of up to 16 Amps at 85-245 Volts, making it suitable for a wide range of devices including high-power appliances like a pool pump. It will automatically work wonders for your electricity bills, peace of mind, pool times, and so on!

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