What are Smart Relays And How Does It Work? What are Smart Relays And How Does It Work?

What are Smart Relays And How Does It Work?

Discover everything about smart relays and how they work in a single blog! We talk about the numerous benefits and provide you with some quality smart relay options you can go for!

Are you ready to transform your house into a smart home with completely automated electric operations? Well, a quality smart relays would certainly be a wise option you can consider in that case.

In short, smart relays are used to allow remote wireless operation of any electric device. So, you can remotely control your lights, air conditioners, and more using your smartphone.

Let’s learn more about what smart relays are and how they work!

What Is Smart Relay? What Is His Role For The Smart Home?

Smart relays are devices installed on electrical circuits to allow users to remotely control anything else connected to that circuit. As a result, you will be able to wirelessly operate any electronic devices, fittings, and appliances.

Smart relays are like building blocks of a smart home system. It can be paired up with any electrical component to automate its operations and give you the capability to control them from your smartphone. Thus, you can gradually connect all your electrical devices to smart relays to gain remote access to the whole house and build a smart home system.

Some Quality Smart Relays Worth Mentioning

Now we’d like to discuss some smart relay options you can choose from. Let’s find them out:

EVVR In-Wall Smart Relay Switch

EVVR offers one of the best smart wifi relay switch options to date. It’s highly versatile In Wall Relay Switch works on both wired and wireless connections. With Zigbee and Z-Wave support and Apple HomeKit, you’d get outstanding remote connectivity. Let’s look at some of its features in detail:


  • 24/7 access.
  • Can function even when the wall switch is switched off.
  • Mobile application and voice control capabilities.
  • Can be used without replacing your existing wall switches.
  • A tremendously compact design allows it to fit electrical boxes well.
  • Exceptionally compatibility lets it work with all types of light bulbs.


  • Dimmer isn’t available


AtfArt is another highly well-received smart relays, system out there. Coming with full voice control, this is something that can help you build a smart home.


  • Can be controlled remotely.
  • Voice control (only Homekit supported).
  • Works with a wide range of appliances.
  • Scheduled timer technology.
  • Over-voltage, shock, and load protection


  • Dimming not available

First Alert

First Alert is one of the renowned relay manufacturers you can go for. Their smart relays are known for working with Z waves. First Alert relays work well with smoke alarms.


  • Works with smoke alarms.
  • Works well with escape ladders.
  • Great for lights, sirens, and other similar devices.
  • Can be integrated into the smart home system


  • Complicated setup process


Anyone researching on smart relays must’ve heard about Fibaro, as they’re among the highly popular smart relay options out there. Like the other smart relays, they too offer a lot. Time to find out more:

smart relays


  • Built with precision.
  • Compactly designed for better fitting.
  • Easy installation.
  • Quality support.


  • Small wire holes.


Sonoff is a smart switch option you can consider. It’s specially designed for curtains or roller blinds. Let’s look at some of its features:

smart relays


  • Works well with chicken coop door.
  • Compatible with Curtains.
  • Flexible usability makes it DYI-friendly.
  • Simple installation.


  • Too big to fit into some electric boxes.

How Does A Smart Relay Work?

The smart relays connect your lights or other electrical components to your smartphone through different wireless technologies such as Zigbee or Z-Wave.

When you connect your lights or other electronic components to Smart relays, they would stay online even if the physical wall switch is on or off, giving your smartphone the complete freedom to switch on or off the connected devices at any given time from a distance.

Benefits of a Smart Plug Relay System

Smart relay switches are an ideal solution for many applications. These devices have a wide range of uses and offer a number of benefits over traditional relays.

Smart relay switches are designed to make your life easier, but there are several reasons why you might consider using them instead of traditional relays. Here we discuss some of those reasons in detail:

 smart relays

Easy Voice Control

When you are using the smart relay switch, you can easily control it with your voice commands. The voice control function is very useful in controlling the appliances in your home conveniently.

Control All Your House Appliances

Smart relay switches can be used to control other devices like lights, switches, and security cameras so that they will work together as a whole system. With this feature, you don’t have to buy an expensive wireless system to connect everything under one roof!

Schedule Your Electric Appliances to Run at a Particular Time

Smart relay switches also come with scheduling capabilities which allow users to schedule their appliances to run at specific times of the day or week according to their needs.

This is especially useful for households that have multiple rooms or areas where people live and work throughout the day.

For instance, a office space is in operation from 9 to 5. The work stops at 5 and all the employees leave the office within 5.15 every day.

With smart relays, you can program the entire office to shutdown its’ entire electrical operations at 5.15 exactly.

As a result, the additional hassle of manually turning off all the electronic components one by one would be gone permanently.

Moreover, it will save up tremendously on electrical bills and expenses. These sorts of solutions are highly sustainable and work really well in the long term.

Faster and More Reliable

Many smart relay switches can process more data than the average relay switch, resulting in better performance and faster response times.

Improved Safety 

Smart relay switches can detect and prevent electrical faults, which can reduce the chance of accidents and injuries.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Smart relay switches use less energy than traditional relays, which helps you save money on your electric bills.

Added Durability

No wiring or physical contact with the switch means better reliability and longevity.


The push-button design means that the device is safer than a mechanical relay, which can fail if exposed to moisture or dust or if it's pushed by accident.

Works Well for Older or Disabled Individuals

Smart solutions such as these work well for the disabled or older population better. It gives them complete access to all the electronic appliances in the house. So, they’ll be able to control the entire house without moving.

Added Convenience

Smart technologies like smart relay switches bring in a world of convenience to the regular home.  It minimizes the hassle of maintaining and managing electrical systems continuously and offers smooth, systematized operation. It makes life easier and more convenient.

Helps You To be More Productive

When the electrical operations of the entire house are automatized, you don’t have to manually look after all the things by yourself. Instead, you can focus on your own work while you get to control everything with just a tap on the screen. It lets you be more productive and helps you focus on more complicated tasks.

Environment Friendly

Still, most of the electricity generated right now uses fossil fuels. So, when you’re overusing or wasting electricity more fossil fuel is consumed, and more it is polluting our environment. Moreover, the depletion of natural resources is increasing the price of fuel every day.

Smart technologies such as smart home relay switches would minimize power consumption. It regulates power use and the mass application of such intelligent power management technologies in homes, industries, and offices would certainly curb the use of fossil fuels.

So, we may notice an unbelievably positive environmental impact when we use smart relays in our homes.

Final Thoughts

After a detailed discussion on the smart relays and its benefits and impacts on our lives, we’re at the final parts of our guide.

A smart relay is always a better option than regular switches as you’d get to control your electronic components wirelessly from your smartphone. You can also customize your smart relay to get more personalized electric operations for the entire house. They’re more reliable and can also be controlled with your voice commands only.

It is beyond doubt that intelligent technologies such as smart relays are the future of home management.

Let’s switch to smart relay and experience the future a little early!

Get in touch with us and find your desired smart relay option based on your personal requirements.

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