What Is Home Automation System? What Is Home Automation System?

What Is Home Automation System?

Let's walk you through what is home automation system and what you stand to benefit when you make this tastefully blissful home automation system a choice.

Does the thought of returning to a stuffy house after long hours of demanding effort at the office or the stress of making a coffee early in the morning make you feel less satisfied? Guess what? Evvr has gotten an exciting solution just for you!

With home automation, your home can change to a highly convenient space. It has changed ours, and yours can be helped too. In our home, we now wake up anytime in the morning and effortlessly have our ready-made coffee, and turn on the A/C to regulate the temperature of our rooms while we are miles away or even in the room. We can now boast of a security system that hinders Intruders from forcing their way into our homes. How can home automation help with sustainability ? We enjoy the magical power of home automation systems, and we now equally enjoy extreme convenience, effective time management, and less spending on household utility bills.

Do you love the sound of that? Great! Let's walk you through what is home automation system and what you stand to benefit when you make this tastefully blissful home automation system a choice.

What is a home automation system?

A home automation system or domotics is a technological solution that automates or remotely controls household electronic devices. These devices are principally controlled remotely through their Internet connection, making life more effortless and secure. For example, one can activate a lighting schedule that automatically turns on/off the light when necessary or activates a motion sensor that gives an alert on motion detection.

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home automation system

The growing need to make these everyday tasks extremely easy for humans has made innovators and inventors create various automated home systems and control, which are programmed ultimately to affect an action even while the householder or user is busy or miles away. The main types of home automation systems and control are:

Automated door and gate access system

The need to secure and safeguard the home and its facilities from Intruders cannot be overemphasized, especially in a situation where burglars now find it easy to penetrate the pre-existing barriers. However, homeowners can now be assured of a secured home through smart home automation and security.

home automation system

A smart home's security system helps homeowners’ control who goes in or out of their facility. It also notifies the user if an unauthorized individual tries to enter. Excitingly, the automated door system disarms itself immediately when the homeowner motions his way to the door.

Automated blinds system

An automated blinds system can be actively used in an extreme situation, when the home gets hotter or cooler than the comfortability level of human nature or when the light that filters into the room is too much,

This system makes the home livable by managing the temperature enclosed in the home. It works with various automation systems and control to manage the indoor temperature. A climate control system and the smart thermostat work fine in a stuffy room.

Automated irrigation control system

Home management doesn't only consider the effective management of the indoors but also that of the outdoors. An automated irrigation control system takes care of the effective management of the building exterior.

Like every other home automation system, an automated irrigation control system uses a device to automatically supply sufficient water from a reservoir or water tank into the l green area in the home.

This automated system increases the efficiency of irrigation by decreasing the proportion of runoff of nutrients and water. Smart irrigation devices help to manage garden sprinklers and also detect pipe leakages.

Smart home automation system

Smart home automation is the most pivotal of all home automation systems. The central operator helps to regulate the functionality of all other systems.

It includes automated Internet of things (IoT) devices connected to mobile applications to execute a specific action. This system remarkably makes home management more accessible and much more convenient.

Automated appliance control system

The unique advantage of a home automation system is that it is efficient in electricity usage. The automated appliance control system is the electricity-saving automation system that works to cut down the rate paid for the electricity bill.

An automated appliance control system helps one to be able to manage the appliances in the home some miles away through the help of some smart devices like smartphones and tablets, which can connect to a local area network. A tap on this portable device may turn on or off the home appliances. It consists of smart switches, smart outlets, and smart plugs. All these works to make the home livable and reduce the stress accompanying manual ways of getting home appliances working.

How does a home automation system work?

If you are a householder and the idea of a home automation system has fascinated you, but you're not sure how it works, bid your worries goodbye, and let's work you through the concept of how it amazingly works for your home's comfort.

Home automation is a system that connects the hardware, communication, and electronic interfaces in the home. It helps to make domestic devices serviceable with one another through the Internet. Each household device has sensors connected to a defined communication protocol, e.g., Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.

This communication protocol enables this device to be managed from anywhere, whether in the comfort of your home or some miles away, through a smart device, a smartphone, tablet, or equivalent.

Three main elements make this system works effectively. They are:


Sensors help to detect the slightest alterations in daylight, temperature, or when motion is perceived. Often, the householder can adjust the settings to suit their preferences. For example, sensors help to detect the degree of indoor temperature.


This refers to the devices used in communicating specific signals or actions to the automated systems in the home. The devices could be a smartphone, tablets, or personal computers.


This helps to coordinate and control the functionality of a home automation system through a smart device or remote control. They include light switches, motors, or motorized valves.

How much does a home automated system cost?

Suppose you're considering making your home more automated and reducing less human effort. In that case, one of your top concerns is probably, "how much does a home automated system cost, and can I afford one?" It's simple. The cost depends on the automation system you want to consider and the size of your home.

Automating an average 4-bedroom, 3-bath home with lights, blinds, locks, irrigation system, and more may cost up to $15,000. Suppose you're considering automating all the rooms  (i.e., a whole home automation system) with a luxury, fully-connected automated system. In that case, it will cost you about $10,000 to $150,000, excluding the cost of labour installation.

However, you may consider DIY if your budget is way lower than the estimated cost above. The Samsung SmartThings DIY offers a relatively affordable home automation system that requires no activation, monitoring, and installation charges. With this DIY system, you can easily install, monitor, and control the system without professional aid.

Our Recommendation

The time has come when virtually every human activity in the house can be effectively managed with a time-related command. Such a program may include having your coffee make itself in the morning or making your A/C turn on an hour before your return home.

Conversely, you can include a non-scheduled event, such that the house's light turns on when the sensor senses motion around it. The exciting thing is that you can have the current information about your home without moving an inch. You can check if the lights outside or those in the green areas are on, whether the windows and doors are locked, and much more.

Does that fascinate you? Great! It is no magic. Let's work you through our recommendations at Evvr, and trust us, you would be delighted by the feel of our service. Our products are:

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In a recent survey, homeowners were reported to have benefitted from a home automation system. They reported an appealing reduction of 60% in the energy cost of lighting and a 10-30% decrease in the cost of cooking and heating the homes.

Not that alone, automated home systems have saved many homes from fire outbreaks, burglar attacks, and more. This has been a success because most of the electronic devices have been linked to a mobile device which helps to monitor and control various areas in the home.

At Evvr, we are experts in making your homes extremely habitable, so we have provided the best-automated systems perfect for your home. Give us a chance to convince you of our services, and turn your home into a pleasantly convenient and secured space.

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