Best HomeKit Smart Plug for 2023 Best HomeKit Smart Plug for 2023

Best HomeKit Smart Plug for 2023

A HomeKit-enabled smart plug lets you control and optimize your appliances and devices from your Apple device. Learn about the best HomeKit-enabled smart plugs here!

A smart plug compatible with Apple's HomeKit software can connect to electronic gadgets and give your camera, air conditioner, or light bulbs a new feature. It functions similarly to a regular smart plug and allows you to remotely and virtually control your gadgets. You may turn your non-smart devices into smart ones using a HomeKit smart plug.

The HomeKit smart plug must initially be plugged into an electrical outlet to function. Use Home App or Siri to operate your smart plug if it is HomeKit compatible. To add the smart plug to your Home App, scan the QR code or enter the eight-digit number on the documentation.

Evvr is a leading brand for smart plugs in 2023. With its Evvr In-Wall Relay Switch and Evvr Energy Monitoring Smart Plug, you can count on your appliances to be better and more efficient in all areas. Before we get to the definitive best of the lot, let us go through other aspects of the smart plugs!

Benefits of Integrating HomeKit Smart Plugs In Your Home

When you get a smart plug from Evvr, the Evvr Energy Monitoring Smart Plug, you will reap immense rewards for better services, delivery, and delivery utility. This section will look at some benefits of using HomeKit smart plugs.

Remote Control

You can remotely turn appliances on and off with the plug's app and check whether you left one running after you've left the house. This is the primary reason to go with the Evvr line of products and services.

Hassle-Free Power Management Through Scheduling

You may program when appliances should turn on or off by setting up scenes. You can utilize a scene as a smart home routine for kids, for instance, by limiting their access to televisions and gaming systems to specific times of the day.

Say Good Bye to Vampire Draw

Controlling "vampire draw" with smart plugs is one of their best uses. Phantom load, often known as vampire draw, is the energy your devices consume even when unused. Smart plugs can assist you in locating equipment that is causing phantom loads so you can reduce your energy use. Evvr designs and produces hardware with vampire draw and other common issues in mind. So, say goodbye to vampire draw when you get Evvr Energy Monitoring Smart Plug integrated into your home.

Passive Security For Your Place

Homes are frequently targeted by burglars who look for indications that a residence is vacant. By turning lights and appliances on and off while you're away, smart plugs may be utilized to increase home security, making them a secure and reliable way to appear to be home even when you're not.

Ease of Using Verbal Commands

One of the best applications for smart plugs is the remote activation of difficult-to-reach devices. The smart plug is one of the various gadgets cooperating with smart hubs to enable voice control of connected appliances. You can talk to Evvr Energy Monitoring Smart Plug through your iOS device to turn on, off, or set appliance schedules!

Better Infrastructural Security & Integrity

Are smart plugs secure, or would they heat wall outlets in older-wired homes? The HomeKit smart plugs themselves won't increase the likelihood of overheating, and some smart plug types even track the temperature of the wall socket and notify you if it rises to a dangerous level. You may even set the smart plug to automatically turn off the appliances to reduce the risk of electrical fires.

Boxes to Check Before Getting A HomeKit Smart Plug

Thanks to technological advancements, several brands have started producing HomeKit smart plugs with various features and qualities. So, you can just test your goods against the following standards before making a final decision.

Power Draw

Power restrictions exist on each HomeKit smart plug, so you can't plug anything in. Many HomeKit smart plugs can handle hundreds of watts before they become unusable due to overload. These HomeKit smart plugs work best with a kettle or a coffee maker but are useless with a blender or other large appliances. If you wish to run any high-draw devices, check the printed wattage carefully.

Plug Design

There are various designs for HomeKit smart plugs. HomeKit smart plugs may replace two plugs in addition to a single one. Consider a product's design before choosing it because, occasionally, even a single plug can occupy both wall outlets. This might make them less valuable. The ability to control many devices simultaneously with a single connection is provided by multiple inputs, though.

Regarding compatibility and support for design and integration, Evvr leads the market with the exceptional and consumer-friendly design!

Voice Assistance

Along with Siri, several smart plugs also support Alexa and Google. Get hold of Google Home or Apple Home Pod speakers to turn the switch on and off using only voice commands to create a smart home environment.

Indoor/ Outdoor Usage

It is always preferable to identify your needs first. The majority of HomeKit smart plugs are intended for use indoors. Typically, they are white. Black ones can be used outside and are weatherproof.

Evvr always suggests you check its products' indoor/outdoor usage before installing them in the desired space.

Best HomeKit Smart Plugs In 2023

A straightforward approach to integrating your older and legacy equipment into the smart home is with the best Smart plugs for HomeKit. For example, add an old heater to your Home App or use Siri to turn an utterly non-smart lamp on and off. You may program your coffee maker to start at sunrise or have a particular light in your home turn on when you enter or depart. These are some of the most excellent methods to make your home a little smarter if you're seeking a way to do it.

EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug

The EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug HomeKit-enabled, allows you to remotely control your appliances on/off via HomeKit or EVVR App. You can automate and control your appliances using Apple HomeKit with a simple tap or by using Siri voice commands. The EVVR App lets you monitor real-time energy consumption and enable button-lock options. It works with 2-core and 3-core cables for home appliances and can carry currents up to 16 amps, which allows EVVR to integrate high-power appliances into your HomeKit smart home system.

Transform your ordinary home appliances into smart devices that can be remotely controlled by HomeKit, EVVR App, or Siri. With the easy-to-use on/off switch, the EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug is compatible with a wide range of appliances, including lamps, TVs, cooling fans, electric blankets, espresso machines, and more. It saves energy and money by measuring real-time power usage and provides a more convenient and time-saving lifestyle.

energy monitoring smart plug

Eve Energy

The Eve Energy is a Thread-connected smart plug we tested hands-on and adored. With in-depth energy monitoring stats and automation, it can help you lower your utility bills. Thanks to the device's Thread connection, you won't need to struggle with a Wi-Fi setup process or crowd your network with another device — Eve Energy communicates directly with HomeKit and the Home app.

best homekit smart plug

Wemo Smart Plug

The latest generation Wemo Smart Plug from Belkin uses Thread technology, which delivers quick connections and unwavering dependability, much like Eve Energy. Wemo Smart Plugs can be used in pairs in a single outlet thanks to the Wemo HomeKit-exclusive model's exceptionally slim profile, which won't obstruct the other plug on the wall.

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Meross Smart Plug Mini

We here at iMore love the meross Smart Plug Mini. As we examined the product, we saw that it offers all HomeKit smart plug necessities in a small footprint at a small cost. This plug can be used immediately when the HomeKit pairing code is scanned without downloading an additional app or creating an account. It's one of the finest HomeKit values thanks to its quick responses and dependability.

best homekit smart plug

ConnectSense Smart In-Wall Outlet

All of the capabilities of standard smart plugs are available with the ConnectSense Smart In-Wall Outlet, but it is installed in place of your existing outlet. We discussed how it has some fantastic features in our study, including quick reaction times, dependable connectivity, autonomous controls, and energy monitoring. While it is more expensive than standard smart plugs, it does provide a more seamless appearance.

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Philips Hue Smart Plug

If you already have one of those devices, this smart plug will work seamlessly with HomeKit and a Philips Hue Bridge. Instead of using your Wi-Fi network or a slower direct Bluetooth connection to your phone, the Hue Bridge enables it to operate using ZigBee wireless communication. Also, this plug is small enough to accommodate two into a single outlet or leave one free for other devices.

best homekit smart plug

Meross Outdoor Smart Plug

The three simple weather-resistant outlets the meross Outdoor Smart Plug provides are excellent for fairy lights, holiday lighting, and other uses. This plug connects to your network via Wi-Fi, so you can avoid using a separate hub. We tested the two-outlet version of this smart plug and discovered that it integrates with HomeKit quickly and simply. Plug it in and scan it to start improving your outside environment.

best homekit smart plug

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