Best Lighting for Home Office - Smart Office Automation Best Lighting for Home Office - Smart Office Automation

Best Lighting for Home Office - Smart Office Automation

Here you’ll find how you can create smart office automation by adding the best lighting for home office which will improve your productivity and work efficiency…

Over the years, technology has dramatically impacted how we live, rest, play, connect, and work. However, the workplace is one of those environments most affected by innovative technological advancements. With each passing day, office tools and equipment are getting smarter, paving the way for a productive and efficient work experience for everyone. In the same way, choosing the best lighting for home office is essential.

The best part is that you can utilize this smart technology to create a comfy and convenient office in your home that gives you the actual workplace vibes. So, if you want to know what a smart office is, its benefits, and the devices to achieve the best lighting for home office, we have got you covered. Let's explore below!

What is a Smart Office?

A smart office is a smart workplace that has all the innovative technology that allows people to work better, quicker, and smarter. You can utilize different software and applications to handle all tasks that don't need manual attention. This allows you to focus on other critical official duties and help your business grow by efficiently completing projects. Moreover, your productivity is doubled in a smart office, and you feel more connected to work.

The most common examples of tools and devices used in setting up a smart office are:

  • Management software to automate different official tasks like an employee progress report
  • Climate sensors to set the office temperature, smart lighting switches
  • Bulbs to have the best lighting for home office, etc. 

Moreover, you can also add motion sensors, smart bells, analytics tools, meeting room software, and much more.

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Benefits of a Smart Office Automation

According to a study, the smart office market is expected to be valued at $90.63 by 2023. This rapid growth in smart office setup is due to the excess benefits it provides to people. You can also use all the smart office technologies to create a smart home office, having everything you expect in a traditional office but smarter. Let's have a look at the different benefits that a smart office offer to you!

1. Improved Efficiency and Productivity

The most significant benefit of a smart office is that it increases the efficiency and productivity of the office staff. Having smart devices and software gives the employees a chance to move all the laborious tasks to those devices, so they can focus on other high-level tasks.

The small and time-consuming official tasks now fully automated with innovative technology include booking meeting rooms, checking whether an employee has left the office, etc. When these tasks are no longer on the list, the employees can work on other large-scale tasks that benefit the company and employees at large.

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2. Individual Customization Needs

The time when you were stuck in an office with bad lighting and harsh temperatures has long gone. Now, smart offices offer employees multiple customization opportunities that a traditional office lacks. For instance, you can directly add intelligent temperature sensors that detect the temperature change and send you a notification, so you can adjust the temperature as per your liking.

Moreover, adding smart lighting is another great idea to have the best lighting for home office that doesn't put much strain on your eyes. Hence, you can work attentively for long hours without worrying about eye pain or headache. Moreover, customization also makes the employees comfortable in their workspace.

3. Enhanced Security

Many times, employees wonder whether someone has gone through their smart office or not. However, smart technology has made it easier for everyone to monitor their office's activity. In addition, having all the devices connected to a smart hub that follows IoT protocols ensures that every wireless gadget or tool in your smart office stays safe from cyber attacks.

4. Better Collaboration

Another benefit of a smart office automation is that it promotes better collaboration among employees offsite and onsite. You can use multiple employee interactive tools, such as video conferencing software, to arrange meetings at different locations. Additionally, attendance calendars and booking resources tools assist you in making sure that all employees are present and you don't have to search for any teammate within the office.

Other benefits of a smart home office include:

  • Better employee supervision.
  • Control over the working area.
  • A journey toward a sustainable and convenient workplace.

Best Home Office Lighting Devices and Ideas

Good lighting is needed in every place, but it's required most in your workplace. So, to help you achieve the best lighting for home office, we have compiled a few ideas or devices that allow you to work in your smart office hassle-free. Here are a few of these:

1. Add a Smart Desk Lamp

 The majority of your time is spent at your desk while at work, and it's mandatory to have good lighting on it. You can easily achieve this by putting in a smart desk lamp that has all the advanced features to provide you with enough lighting. The best office smart desk lamp in this regard is the EZVALO desk lamp. This lamp has motion sensors that automatically turn on the light detecting human presence.

You can adjust the lighting according to your needs, as this lamp allows you to change the brightness (2700K to 6500K) to get the desired light effect. A digital clock is connected to this lamp that shows the time as long as the light is on. The best part is that this lamp has APP control and is compatible with Alexa, so you can set it using your smart device or voice command.

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2. Get Some Smart Bulbs

Another way of getting the best lighting for home office is to add some smart bulbs here and there in your workplace. A smart bulb, also known as a wireless bulb, gets connected to the internet connection, and you can quickly turn it on/off and adjust the lighting through any compatible smart device. One of the best smart bulb options in the market is the Philips Hue Smart Light Bulb. This smart bulb package contains four bulbs inside, and all are ZigBee/Bluetooth compatible.

You can also connect these smart bulbs with a Hue hub and control it through the Hue app for the best office lighting. It has an average lifetime of 22 years and comes with an energy-star-certified tag. With these smart bulbs, you can easily schedule when you want the lights in your office to be on and off to be energy efficient. What makes them stand out among other smart bulbs is that they have a voice assistant that takes voice commands and gets into action!

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3. Smart Video Conferencing Lighting Kit

During COVID, almost all the office work was shifted online. Hence, meetings were also arranged remotely through different video conferencing software. This led to the need for good and adjustable lighting in your home office so you don't appear too dull in the meeting. The best smart video conferencing kit for this purpose is the LUME CUBE meeting and conferencing equipment.

It features a smart LCD screen that lets you control the lighting temperature and brightness with a mere touch. The mini panel has an adjustable LED light with a run time of around 14 hours, so you stay fresh and brighten up all day and night. Once the light gets dim or off, you can charge it easily as it comes with an AC USB port. With this video conferencing kit, you can have the best lighting for home office in all your professional meetings.

4. Install Smart Switches and a Hub

If you don't have many smart office devices, you can install a smart switch to automate everything for you, especially the lighting. For old homeowners who want a smart office without disturbing the interiors, a smart in-wall relay switch is the best solution to add the best lighting for home office. Along with that, an excellent hub is what connects all your devices at once so you can be in charge of your home's lighting.

Evvr In-Wall Relay Light Switch

Evvr has the best in-wall relay switch versions, including Homekit, ZigBee, and Z-Wave. If you have Apple devices, then Homekit is what you need as Evvr Homekit In-Wall Relay Switch saves you from buying an additional hub. However, the Z-Wave/ZigBee version is a suitable choice for someone without an Apple device.

This switch works perfectly with all types of bulbs and helps you get rid of bulb flickering. No need for a neutral wire for installation as it easily gets into any of the existing sockets. Just connect it with the required wireless connection and control it through your smart devices. Furthermore, it works with Alexa & Google Assistant so that you can have the best lighting for home office.

Evvr Hub

Next is the exceptional Evvr Hub that offers you the best lighting for home office by creating scenes and automation rules for all devices. It works as a WiFi access point and connects to various wireless networks. With this hub, you can integrate smart accessories from different manufacturers in a single place and monitor everything with its user-friendly interface. What's the best part? It stores your data locally and keeps it secure from all types of cyber attacks.


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A smart home office is a need of the modern world, where most of us have to work remotely. It doubles our productivity and makes us more efficient. So, to have an up-to-date smart workplace and the best lighting for home office, make sure you have all the right gadgets and products. Evvr has the best accessories in this regard, and the top-leading is the Evvr In-Wall Relay Switch. As this switch doesn't require a neutral wire, you can open ways for office automation without disrupting any existing decoration.

Moreover, you can use it to fully control your home lighting and give commands through smart devices or voice. In case you need more affordable home office automation products, Evvr can be your happy tech partner. We have other things like Evvr Pad S, Evvr Hub, Evvr Center Lite, Evvr In-Wall Relay Switch Lite, etc. All these devices take you to a whole new level of the smart office. So, don't wait and get yours from us now!

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