Best Smart Kettle of 2023 - Safe and Energy-Efficient Options Best Smart Kettle of 2023 - Safe and Energy-Efficient Options

Best Smart Kettle of 2023 - Safe and Energy-Efficient Options

Best Smart Kettles: 1. Cosori 2. Breville 3. Govee 4. Sage smart kettle. You can enjoy this temperature variation using a smart kettle to ensure …

Smart technology has revolutionized various aspects of our daily lives - introducing various smart home items - and kitchen appliances are no exception. One such innovative kitchen appliance is a smart kettle that has emerged as a popular choice for those seeking enhanced control in their tea or coffee brewing routines. With its cutting-edge technology, It provides you with a host of benefits.

These include streamlining the boiling process, enabling personalized brewing preferences, promoting energy efficiency, etc. Due to these reasons, many people are purchasing smart kettle options, and their market size is expected to reach $968.5 billion by 2027. Let’s explore the best smart kettle options and how you can make your traditional kettle smart. Let's dive in!

What is the Point of a Smart Kettle?

It’s a modern kitchen appliance with several advantages over traditional kettles. These include:

1. Time-saving and Efficiency

Typically, a traditional kettle needs you to manually fill it with fresh water, turn it on, and keep watching it until the water boils. But that's not the case with a smart kettle! It significantly streamlines the process of boiling water. Thus, allowing you to save your valuable time and effort.

You can initiate the boiling process remotely using your smartphone or a voice command to a smart home assistant. This feature is particularly useful in the morning when you're rushing for work or preparing breakfast for the family. Moreover, a smart kettle eliminates the need for manual intervention, optimizing the boiling process that making it highly efficient.

2. Highly Customizable

Unlike conventional kettles, which often offer a single boiling temperature, efficient, smart kettles provide multiple temperature control options. You can adjust the temperature settings based on the beverage or recipe requirements.

For example, if you're making green tea or white tea, they have lower temperature requirements than black tea or coffee. You can enjoy this temperature variation using a smart kettle to ensure your drink is brewed at the optimal level for taste and quality. This customization feature adds versatility to your boiling experience.  

3. Safety and Energy Efficiency

Smart kettles come with multiple safety features that provide you with peace of mind. They typically include automatic shut-off mechanisms that activate once the water reaches the boiling point or when the smart kettle is empty. This prevents the smart kettle from overheating or boiling dry, reducing the risk of accidents or damage.

Moreover, smart kettles often incorporate energy-saving functions such as insulation and energy-efficient heating elements. These features help conserve electricity by maintaining water temperature for longer periods. So, you don't have to frequently reheat the liquid - saving on energy costs.

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Best Smart Kettles of 2023

Some of the best smart kettle options include:

1. Cosori Smart Kettle

Cosori smart kettle - a remarkable option that will transform your daily routine. The smart kettle offers four easy presets for different beverages, or you can create your own custom temperature with the MyBrew feature. There's also a Baby Formula Mode that allows you to safely heat the water, ensuring the ideal temperature for preparing baby formula.

You can easily set your desired temperature anywhere between 104°F-212°F and monitor it in real-time energy using the VeSync app. This remarkable functionality allows you to enjoy your water to the exact degree you prefer. Boasting a power of 1200W, this smart kettle is both fast and safe. It can quickly boil up to 0.85 quarts of water in just 3–5 minutes.

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This allows you to enjoy your hot beverages without unnecessary waiting. With advanced STRIX Thermostat Technology, you can relax knowing that the smart kettle incorporates auto shut-off and boil-dry protection, relieving any concerns and making each brewing session stress-free. The handle is engineered to remain cool, even when boiling water, providing a safe and comfortable grip. Additionally, the smart kettle's attractive design adds a touch of sophistication to any kitchen, elevating its overall aesthetic appeal.

Key Features

  • Four easy presets for different beverages
  • Customizable temperature settings with the MyBrew feature
  • Baby Formula Mode for safe and convenient preparation
  • Fast boiling with 1200W power (3–5 minutes for 0.85 quarts)
  • Safety features: auto shut-off and boil-dry protection
  • Premium food-grade 304 stainless steel construction 

2. Breville Smart Kettle

Next on our list of the best smart kettle options is the Breville one. This smart kettle offers a range of convenient features to enhance your tea and coffee brewing experience. With its pre-programmed, you can effortlessly achieve the perfect brewing conditions for Black, Green, White, or Oolong teas. A Keep Warm button also ensures that your water stays at an optimal temperature for 20 minutes. You can activate this feature before, during, or after the water heating cycle to access hot water whenever you need it.

Safety is an utmost priority for everyone; this smart kettle is made from BPA-free materials. It also features dual-sided, high-visibility water windows, allowing you to easily monitor and avoid heating more water than necessary. The smart kettle has a Soft Opening™ lid to prevent mishaps while pouring. This specialized lid gently releases steam and eliminates splashing, ensuring a safe and controlled pouring experience. The best part about this smart kettle is its luxe design, making it visually appealing.

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Key Features

  • The ‘Keep Warm’ button maintains the water temperature for 20 minutes
  • BPA-free materials for safety
  • Dual-sided water windows for easy water level monitoring
  • Soft Opening™ lid for controlled pouring without splashing
  • Luxe design with stainless steel handle and illuminated power switch

3. Govee Smart Kettle

Govee smart kettle is designed to make your brewing experience easier and more enjoyable. It features wireless connectivity options like Bluetooth or WiFi that give you a stable and fast connection. This smart kettle is all about speed. It quickly heats up 0.8L of water in 3-5 minutes with its 1200w heating element. Use the application to set your desired temperature from 104°F-212°F, and the Govee kettle will maintain it for up to 2 hours with the Keep-Warm function.

You'll have your favorite hot beverage in no time. Plus, the Govee kettle beeps three times when the water reaches your preset temperature, and you can turn off this alert if you prefer. The Govee kettle is made with 304 food-grade stainless steel, ensuring the purity of your drinks. It also has an NTC temp sensor and auto shut-off feature, so it automatically turns off when the water reaches your desired temperature or when it runs dry.

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Key Features

  • Gooseneck spout for optimal pour control
  • 1200w heating element boils 0.8L of water in 3-5 minutes
  • Beeps three times when water reaches a preset temperature
  • Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity for stable and fast control

4. Sage Smart Kettle

Last and definitely not least is the Sage smart kettle! You can effortlessly achieve optimal brewing temperatures with five variable temperature settings ranging from 80 degrees Celsius to boiling. Thanks to the special lid that prevents hot water from spilling, no more messy splashbacks. The keep-warm function keeps your beverage hot for 20 minutes. There are clear water windows that allow you to water levels easily.

Cleaning is easy with the wide-opening lid. It has a huge capacity of 1.7 liters, making it perfect for multiple servings. It has adjustable temperature settings, boil-dry protection, a water filter, and concealed heating. Upgrade your tea and coffee routine with our exceptional kettle for convenience and a delightful brewing experience.

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Key Features

  • Clear, dual-sided water windows for easy water-level viewing
  • Wide opening lid for easy cleaning
  • Comes with a 1.7-liter capacity
  • Five temperature settings for optimal brewing
  • Soft open cushioned control lid to prevent splashback 

Do Smart Kettles Save Electricity?

Yes, smart kettles can save electricity compared to traditional kettles. Smart kettles are equipped with exciting features. These include programmable timers and temperature controls, enabling you to set specific heating durations and temperatures. In addition, some kettles can be controlled remotely through smartphone apps.

This allows you to start the boiling process from a distance and avoid leaving the kettle on unnecessarily. This helps to prevent the kettle from boiling for longer than necessary or boiling more water than needed - ultimately reducing energy consumption.

How Do You Turn a Traditional Kettle Into a Smart Kettle? EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug&Relay is the Solution!

Smart plugs are ideal for turning any traditional device or appliance into a smart one; a kettle is no exception. You can use EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug&Relay for this purpose.

Its space-saving design ensures that it doesn't protrude several inches from the wall like typical smart plugs, freeing up valuable space and making it easier to access hidden wall outlets. This compact design boosts efficiency and manageability for long-term plugged-in devices. EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug&Relay also prioritizes safety with its impressive features. It provides overload and thermal protection, safeguarding your appliances and lowering the risk of electrical fires.

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Its shell tamper-proof and button lock design ensures that the device remains secure. It can easily handle currents up to 16 amps, making it compatible with high-power appliances. The energy monitoring capability of this device is truly exceptional. With 99% accuracy, it tracks the hourly energy consumption of your plug-in device, allowing you regularly review power usage.

Additionally, the EVVR App predicts power usage and offers convenient remote control options. You can effortlessly turn your traditional kettle on and off using the HomeKit EVVR App or the built-in button.

Key Features

  • Can carry current up to 16 Amps
  • Has an exceptional space-saving design
  • Gives hourly energy-monitoring report
  • Compatible with Homekit and can be managed via the EVVR App
  • Shell tamper-proof button lock design for safety


A smart kettle can make your life easier and help you achieve home automation. You can select any of the above-discussed smart kettle options and have the best tea ready quickly. However, if investing in a smart kettle seems a lot, get a smart plug and turn your traditional kettle into a smart one.

EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug&Relay is the top option with its space-saving design, excellent safety features, and energy-monitoring capabilities. You can also grab other EVVR products from our wide range of smart products. The main highlights are EVVR Hub, EVVR Center Lite, EVVR Pad S, etc. So, what are you waiting for? Grab yours now from our website!

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