Do Smart Switches Work With Alexa? What Is Alexa Smart Switch? Do Smart Switches Work With Alexa? What Is Alexa Smart Switch?

Do Smart Switches Work With Alexa? What Is Alexa Smart Switch?

Smart switches function as normal switches with smart functions and connectivity embedded in them. These smart functionality and connectivity allow them to switch on or off lights smartly and effortlessly.

You might have heard about smart switches and how they made people’s lives so much easier. Well, what is a smart switch in the first place? Should you get one?

With a smart switch, you can control your light. You can do more than just simply turn it off and on remotely, you can schedule when the light will be turned on or off, control its brightness, turn it on by motion sensor, and more. These switches are deeply integrated into smart home systems like Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home.

Overall, a smart switch can completely transform the way you operate electronic appliances you use in the house. 

What is a Smart Switch?

The primary objective of smart switches is the same as normal switches but the mechanism of how they work is smart hence the name smart switch.

The smart switch connects with your smart home system and AI systems like Alexa or Google Assistant through your network system and operates hand free. It usages your public IP or reverse proxy so you can control your lights with smart switches through a mobile anywhere from the earth or through Ai like Alexa.

What is Amazon Alexa? Do Smart Switches Work With Alexa?

Alexa is an artificial intelligence that provides virtual assistance for smart home operations. Alexa was first used in Amazon Echo Smart Speaker.

Apart from playing music, playing audiobooks, streaming podcasts, making to-do lists, setting alarms, and providing weather, traffic, sports, and other real-time information it can also control smart home appliances like smart lights switch through voice interactions.

amazon smart light switch

Not all smart light switch works with Alexa So, you have to be careful while shopping for smart switches and make sure it supports Alexa among other virtual assistances. Some claim that they support Alexa but in reality, they do not. So, to avoid this nuisance it is best to go with a reputed and trustworthy brand.

What is Alexa Smart Switch?

In simple terms, smart light switches Alexa is smart switches that are compatible with Amazon Alexa.

These switches can integrate with Alexa to execute its different functions. Alexa smart light switch can perform all the activities supported by Alexa, so if you are planning to smartify your house with Alexa you must use Brands that fully support Alexa. Evvr - In-Wall Relay Switch is an Alexa compatible smart light switch you can go for.

Benefits of Alexa Smart Switch (and Some Possible Usage Scenarios)

Smart home systems paved the way for these smart switches to shine. People want the most convenient lifestyle and controlling your light with your voice fits the description. It is just not a luxury but also a convenient lifestyle that makes such technologies so useful. You may like to convert to a smart light switch with Alexa.

Let's go through some benefits of using smart switches with Alexa to determine the usage of smart switches.

  • The convenience of control: You can control your light or any other appliance from anywhere and through any smartphone as long as both devices are connected to the internet.
  • Cost-effective: Yes smart switches are costly compared to regular switches but they will save money in the long run.

For instance, someone works a 9-5 and lives alone in his house. Often, he wakes up late and leaves for his office in a rush. While rushing out he forgets to turn off the lights or the air conditioner. They’re kept on running and are switched off after 8-10 hours when he comes back home.

When you don’t have a smart switch, such scenarios are pretty common and it increases your electricity bills every month.

With the smart switch, you can set the time when the light will be turned on and off. Not only that you can also dim the light or fan with smart switches based on temperature and time.

  • Multi-device Access: With Alexa in the center you can set a specific time to turn on lights like waking up with your favorite music while the light turns on automatically, helping you to start soft in the morning. While working on the computer you can control your devices connected to the smart switches with a webpage, and we also have the more friendly option smart phone. 

Best smart switch for Alexa?

1.    Evvr In-Wall Relay Switch  

As the smart wall light switch system is a relatively new add-on to home decoration,  you may already have the regular light switches installed on your wall while you’re reading this.

For such a scenario, in-wall smart switches are the best choice because you don't have to throw away your current switches or change the switches panel.

The In-wall smart switch stays inside the switch cabinet, thanks to the compact size you can easily fit it inside the switch cabinet.

The Evvr In-wall Relay Switch brings a brilliant solution for the existing homeowners by taking advantage of this space and adding smart switch solutions to your existing houses.

On the whole, if you’re looking for the best smart light switch for Alexa, this should surely be a wise consideration.

smart light switch alexa


  • Exceptionally compact in size
  • Works with existing switches
  • No special wearing required
  • Works with common virtual assistance including Amazon Alex
  • Evvr In-Wall Relay Switch states connected to network despite turning the switches off.
  • Supports smart light dimming
  • Energy-efficient smart switch for lights


  • Will not change the color of the light if one is using a color changing led light
  • Two-part installation, everyone may not be familiar with this method.

2.  Lutron Caseta

Lutron caseta is a well-known brand. It comes as a switch form factor so you can use it instead of regular switches.

This form factor is preferable for a new home interior design but not a practical solution for already homeowners as they have to throw away their existing switches.

Unlike In-wall smart switch it has touch buttons on the switch plate. Yes, it's plural, multiple touch buttons on the switch plate. You can not only control the switch wirelessly but you can control your light through physical access. The switch includes touch buttons for switching on, off,  and dimming, so the major functions are right there on the switch.

smart light switch alexa


  • Dedicated button so you can directly use it on the wall
  • Easy to install, since it goes directly on the wall it's much easier to install compared to an in-wall smart switch.
  • Good choice for a new home


  • Lutron caseta is pricy compared to the previous smart switch so it might not feel like a smart choice.
  • Requires extra hub to operate.
  • Not a good choice for an already homeowner as they have to throw away they're working existing switches since you can only mount them on the wall.

3.   Kasa Smart

If you are on a budget and willing to compromise a little then Kasa Smart can be a good choice for you. It doesn't support dimming in its base model but at 20$ there is nothing much to complain about.  Without dimming this switch will give you voice control access through amazon Alexa to your light with a cheap price tag. This light switch has a security feature that others don't have. If you set the smart switch to away mode the smart switch will turn on the light of that room randomly making it look like someone is there so, no one will not break into your house.

smart light switch alexa


  • Cheap price, and easy for someone who is just getting into smart switches.
  • Unlike the previous smart switch, it doesn't require any hub.
  • Bonus Security feature to scare away Brugler


  • Lack of dimming feature.
  • It requires a neutral wire to function
  • Poor customer service

4.  C by GE

This smart light switch is called smart for a different reason. It uses a motion sensor to turn on the light. The light only turns on when there is someone in the room. The sensor keeps looking for movement in the room to turn on its relay. So unless there is someone in the room the light will be off. This way this kind of smart switch saves energy. Another great feature this smart switch has is a light sensor, so it can change its brightness automatically based on the brightness of the room.

smart light switch alexa


  • Built-in sensors for autonomous operations
  • Offers wiring selection option


  • High price
  • the buggy app is not suitable for stable operation.

5.  Wemo

Anything related to apple is expensive even the gadgets available for apple devices. No exception for smart light switches. Wemo offers a tolerable price for a smart switch that among others supports Apple homeKit. Unlike C by GE it offers an easy-to-use stable app to operate the switches.



  • Apple HomeKit support
  • Ability to divide device by group
  • Best price-to-feature ratio


  • No dimming support
  • Requires Neutral wire to operate

Final Thoughts

Since most homes come with traditional electrical switches, throwing them away is wasteful and expensive. For this reason, we recommend getting in-wall smart switches like Evvr In-Wall Relay Switch, this way you don't have to throw away the existing switches the smart switches will remain in the wall out of sight, and they are easy to install.

If you’re ready to get your hands on the premium Evvr Smart Switch solutions feel free to contact us anytime you want!

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