Exploring the Benefits and Possibilities of Smart LED Bulbs Exploring the Benefits and Possibilities of Smart LED Bulbs

Exploring the Benefits and Possibilities of Smart LED Bulbs

This blog has discussed the benefits and possibilities of smart LED bulbs, along with some evergreen suggestions for savvy homeowners. Read on to learn more!

New variations of LED bulbs are developed as lighting technology advances; one of these is the smart bulb. While having a similar appearance to conventional light bulbs, a smart bulb has excellent characteristics that set it apart and benefit households. A smart bulb is unquestionably a must-have item in your smart home, not to mention how simple it is.

A smart bulb is an LED light with internet connectivity. It may be wirelessly controlled by a smartphone app, a smart home assistant (like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Apple Home), or other smart devices. Smart bulbs offer more capabilities than conventional lighting fixtures to improve the comfort and convenience of your home life. Evvr provides all the hardware and software cover for your smart LED bulbs through Evvr Center, Evvr Center Lite, Evvr In-Wall Relay Switch, and more. If you consider turning your home into a smart home, Evvr will happily provide all the necessary infrastructure!

Benefits of Using Smart LED Bulbs 

This section is dedicated to illuminating the benefits of using smart LED bulbs instead of their conventional counterparts. Even though it is a no-brainer, many people are still considering the age-old options over their innovative cousins. So, let's go through the advantages of settling the matter once and for all!

Remote Control

Once your smart bulb is installed, you may enjoy the freedom and convenience of controlling the lights from any location, whether in bed, working at your desk late at night, or even in another country. The lights can be turned on or off without you being present. You only need to launch an app on your smartphone and do a few quick taps.

Evvr In-Wall Relay Switch and Energy Monitoring Smart Plug offer excellent support and remote control for users across the board. Learn more about these in the closing lines of the post!

Multiple User Controls

While utilizing regular light bulbs, your only option is to move between rooms to ensure nothing remains on. For your benefit, smart lighting has simplified this tiresome procedure. You can use the Group Control feature on the app, which lets you quickly turn all the bulbs on/off with just one swipe.

In addition, you can adjust their brightness simultaneously to your taste. No more individually setting up each light.

Change in Light Color, Temperature, & Brightness

Smart lights eliminate the need to buy dimmable LED bulbs, dimmer switches, and dimmable transformers when you wish to improve the aesthetics of a room. You can adjust the light's brightness, color, and temperature through the app to create the ideal ambiance for your mood or circumstance, whether reading a book, watching a movie, or napping.

Even if you do not have the smart infrastructure, you can always rely on Evvr In-Wall Relay Switch and Evvr Energy Monitoring Smart Plug to make all the difference!

Integration With Home Routines

Using a smartphone app or your smart home platform, you may program routines and automation to switch on and off your lights based on your daily schedule.

Any job you add to your routine can be carried out by a smart assistant after it detects events like sunrise and sunset or after it hears a trigger like a simple voice command. For instance, saying "Alexa, sweet dreams" will cause your smart assistant to instantly turn the lights out, draw the curtains, and play a lullaby.

Scheduling & Customization

The ability to define routines is yet another valuable feature of smart bulbs. It can get tiresome to manually turn a light on or off every time if you use it regularly and at a specific time. The smart bulb's app allows you to automate this process by selecting a timetable.

This feature will be helpful if you frequently fall asleep with the bedside light on. Program your bulb to turn off at a particular time each night, then turn it on again in the morning.

Energy Saving

Smart bulbs not only make people's lives easier and more convenient, but they also contribute to energy conservation. LED bulbs use less electricity than standard ones while maintaining the same level of brightness or warmth. We use fewer fossil fuels when we use smart, energy-efficient light bulbs at home, naturally producing fewer hazardous gas emissions. Perhaps the best thing about Evvr Energy Monitoring Smart Plug is to monitor the Smart lighting uses motion-sensing technology, another simple approach to saving energy and reducing electricity use. As you enter a room, motion sensors automatically turn on the lights. When you leave, they turn the lights off.

What Should You Look For In A Smart LED Bulb?

While selecting a smart light bulb, there are a lot of features and settings to consider. The most significant ones are indicated below:

Hub Requirements

Not all smart light bulbs need a smart hub, but they will look bulkier if the gear is integrated into the bulb itself.

Color Spectrum

Because you can select from the entire color spectrum, this is the fun aspect of smart lights. That means you can have cool vibes without committing to a constantly vibrant lighting environment.


Be sure the technology is voice-activated if you use Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant (Google Home), or Siri (Apple HomeKit) voice assistants so you can speak to control the lights. Smart speakers like the Nest Mini or the Echo Dot With Clock are unavoidably necessary.

Evvr Energy Monitoring Smart Plug is HomeKit-enabled, so you do not have to worry about connectivity in your smart home based on the Apple ecosystem.

App Features

With more extensive smart lighting systems, how simple is configuring schedules and varied lighting scenes? Are there advertisements, and is it easy to find the areas of the app you'll need most? To learn how users feel, look at the app's ratings in the app store. Pricing

The bottom line is essential. However, given that the lower end of the pricing range is roughly $2 per bulb and the higher-quality bulbs would cost closer to $60, many alternatives exist to find something that fits your budget. While they last, take advantage of Black Friday discounts on smart homes.

Best Smart LED Bulbs For 2023

Wyze Bulb Color

The most affordable fashionable color bulb we've evaluated is the Wyze Bulb Color. It can shine in 16 million hues, and you can control it with your voice or phone using Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. For the price, it provides many intelligent features, such as scheduling, device-triggered automation, and support for customized scenes. You can't get a better smart light bulb for less money than this.

smart led bulb

Wyze Light Strip Pro

The Wyze Light Strip Pro is a thin, flexible LED strip that you can attach to almost any indoor surface, such as the wall behind your TV or headboard, the edge of a fish tank, or the treads of a staircase, and control with your phone or voice. The Light Strip Pro drastically undercuts the competition while maintaining its features and usefulness. It has a microphone to sync to the beat of the music, loads of entertaining effects, and helpful automation. It also interacts with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

The Wyze Light Strip Pro makes it simple and economical to accomplish various accent lighting goals, whether you want to transform a dorm room into the perfect party space or want some soft illumination under your kitchen cabinets.

smart led bulb

Globe Electric Smart Ambient Light

Plug-in nightlight with a built-in motion sensor, the Globe Smart Ambient Light illuminates the path as you approach it. Create lighting schedules, manage everything with an app or your voice, set the LED to a specific white color temperature, or display any number of RGB colors.

You should try the Globe Smart Ambient Light if you're searching for a nightlight to provide your home's corridors, closets, bedrooms, and other areas with a soothing, cheerful glow.

smart led bulb

Philips Dimmable A19 Smart Wi-Fi Wiz Light Bulb

Some of our favorite smart light bulbs are made by Philips, but the Hue LEDs are expensive. The Philips Dimmable A19 Smart Wi-Fi Intelligent Light Bulb is a far cheaper alternative, starting at just $9.97. With support for IFTTT integrations and voice control through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri Shortcuts, it delivers much functionality for the money.

For its inexpensive cost, the Philips Dimmable A19 Smart Wi-Fi Smart bulb provides a tonne of value and ease. It supports voice commands, utilizes Wi-Fi for app control without needing a separate hub, and offers many customization choices.

smart led bulb

Wyze Bulb White

With a longer lifespan, a more comprehensive color-temperature range, and a more straightforward setup procedure, the Wyze Bulb White outperforms its predecessor. It's the best smart white LED we've tested and costs less than $10 per bulb, coming in second only to the somewhat more expensive Wyze Bulb Color.

The Wyze Bulb White is an excellent substitute for the Wyze Bulb Color if you want to save a few dollars per bulb and don't need color-changing lighting.

Evvr Energy Monitoring Smart Plug - Best For Your Needs

It is hard to imagine a smart home without the most innovative gadgets and support systems. Evvr Energy Monitoring Smart Plug is the best combo of smartness, utility, security, and control. You cannot only turn any dumb point into a smart one but also monitor energy consumption by the appliances hourly. So, what are you waiting for? Go to the product page and become our partner now!        

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