Remote Control and Monitor Your Camping Electric Blanket Remote Control and Monitor Your Camping Electric Blanket

Remote Control and Monitor Your Camping Electric Blanket

Experience the convenience of remote-controlled camping electric blankets for cozy outdoor adventures. Adjust temperature settings, monitor power usage, and sleep comfortably. Contact us now to enhance your camping experience.

The best sleep you will ever get on any camping trip is when your blanket can deliver the "little extra" heat that you need. Otherwise, prepare for the nightmares to haunt you. That good friend who gives you this little extra heat is an electric blanket.

For many years of camping experience, I can assure you that no heated blankets are the same and you can't use them everywhere. They come in various shapes and sizes. Also, not every kind of blanket will meet everyone's needs.

Here, we will talk about the 3 best camping electric blankets. Moreover, we will talk about smart camping ideas with smart plugs. Join us to learn more.

Can I use an electric blanket while camping?

Yes! You can use an electric blanket while camping. This will keep you warm and cozy and ensure a good night's sleep.

Other than providing you with a good night's sleep. There are many other benefits it can offer. Let us look at them.

Cost Effective

You use central heating to stay warm, right? But that could be a lot of work and expensive. It is possible that you live in a place where it is not too cold in winter, cold enough to kill your peaceful sleep. In that case, a camping electric blanket could be a smart move.

Helps People with Body Functions

A warm environment around you increases your blood circulation. That way, you stay flexible. Moreover, for people with arthritis, sciatica, and many other medical conditions, a warm blanket can reduce their severe pain at night and give them a sound sleep.

camping electric blanket

Is an Electric Blanket safe in a tent?

Yes, electric blankets are completely safe in tents, especially new ones. For the new ones, you need to be careful. Here are a few tips to keep in mind about these electric camping appliances.

  • Turn off the blanket before sleeping.
  • Avoid old electric blankets for camping.
  • Unplug the cords whenever you are not using them.

Best Electric Blanket for Camping

There are many electric blanket brands available in the market. It can be challenging for someone to pick the one best for them. That is why let us quickly look at my list of the best electric blanket for your Camping this summer. Are you ready?

Cozee Battery Powered Heating Blanket

The first on our list is the best overall electric heated blanket for camping. It is completely portable and comes with a portable rechargeable battery unit. It can keep you warm for 3 hours. You can also pick up a second battery to extend the heating time.

camping electric blanket


  • The portable rechargeable battery unit makes it easy to use the blanket on the go, especially during camping trips or outdoor activities.
  • The option to add a second battery allows users to extend the warmth for a longer duration, providing more flexibility.
  • Heats up quickly, allowing users to feel warm and cozy in no time.
  • The blanket can be used in various settings, including camping, outdoor events, or even at home during power outages.


  • The battery unit may take some time to recharge fully 

Eddie Bauer Electric Throw Blanket

It is our best weather-resistant electric heated blanket for camping. Eddie might be offering you a shorter battery life but surely it is durable. If you are looking for a durable blanket, this is the right one for you.

camping electric blanket


  • Suitable for outdoor use in various weather conditions.
  • This electric throw blanket is made to last.
  • The blanket provides ample warmth and comfort, allowing users to relax and stay cozy during outdoor adventures.


  • May have trouble with app integration

Ionitech Electric Warm Blanket

If you are on a spree to buy cheap, Ionitech have got you covered. Just because it's cheap doesn’t mean it lacks features. It is waterproof, has variable temperature control, and an auto shut-off timer. It is the best you can get at the cheapest price.


  • The blanket offers a budget-friendly option for those seeking an electric warm blanket without breaking the bank.
  • The waterproof design ensures that the blanket remains functional even in damp or rainy conditions, adding to its versatility.
  • Variable temperature control


  • Way too small for an adult 

Smart camping ideas with smart plugs 

Smart camping ideas with smart plugs can help enhance your camping experience and add convenience to your outdoor adventures. Here are some smart camping ideas using smart plugs:

Lighting Control

Use smart plugs like EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug to control your campsite lighting. Connect your LED string lights or lanterns to a smart plug and control them remotely using your smartphone. You can turn them on/off, set timers, or even schedule them to mimic natural daylight patterns.

Power Management

Smart plugs can help you manage and monitor power usage at your campsite. Connect your portable fridge, electric stove, or other camping appliances to smart plugs. This allows you to turn them on/off remotely, conserve power, and track energy consumption.

Coffee Brewing

Start your day with a freshly brewed cup of coffee using a smart plug. Connect your coffee maker to the smart plug and schedule it to turn on in the morning. Wake up to the aroma of coffee without leaving your tent.

Charging Stations

Set up a charging station for your electronic devices using smart plugs. Connect a power strip to a smart plug and plug in your smartphones, tablets, cameras, or other gadgets. You can remotely control the power supply to each device, ensuring they are charged and ready when needed.

Water Heater

If you have a portable water heater for warm showers at the campsite, you can connect it to a smart plug. Use your smartphone to turn it on remotely, so you can have hot water waiting for you after a long day of hiking or outdoor activities.

Remember to consider the power requirements and limitations of your camping location. Ensure you have a reliable power source, such as a portable generator or solar panels, to supply electricity for your smart plugs and devices.

How EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug Can Help

Introducing the EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug and Relay, the perfect companion for campers who want to monitor and control their power usage while enjoying the great outdoors. Here are some of the things you can do with it:

energy monitoring smart plug

  1. Energy Monitoring: The EVVR Smart Plug allows campers to track their power consumption in real time. With the help of its built-in energy monitoring capabilities, you can see how much energy each connected device consumes. This information helps you make informed decisions about energy usage and conservation, ensuring you stay within your power limits.
  2. Remote Control: Using the EVVR mobile app, you can remotely control the connected devices plugged into the smart plug. Whether it's turning on/off lights, managing power-hungry appliances, or adjusting the temperature of your camping stove, you have complete control at your fingertips. No need to leave your cozy campfire or venture outside your tent to manage your devices.
  3. Timer and Scheduling: The smart plug enables you to set timers and schedules for your devices. For example, you can schedule your coffee maker to start brewing in the morning or set a timer to turn off your camping stove after a specific duration. This functionality ensures that your devices operate efficiently and conserves energy when not in use.
  4. Safety and Protection: The EVVR Smart Plug incorporates safety features such as overload protection and surge protection. This protects your connected devices from power surges or voltage fluctuations, providing peace of mind during your camping adventures. Additionally, you can monitor the power consumption of your devices and detect any abnormalities or excessive usage, which could indicate a malfunction or potential hazard.
  5. Compatibility and Ease of Use: The EVVR Smart Plug is compatible with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to control your devices through voice commands. It also seamlessly integrates with popular smart home ecosystems, making it easy to incorporate into your existing setup. The user-friendly mobile app provides a simple and intuitive interface to manage and monitor your devices.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, remote-controlled camping electric blankets have revolutionized the way we experience comfort during outdoor adventures. With the ability to adjust temperature settings, monitor power usage, and set timers from a distance, these blankets offer convenience and a cozy night's sleep. Contact us today to learn more and enhance your camping experience with this innovative technology.

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