Engaging Outdoor Summer Activities For Fun And Adventure With Smart Devices Engaging Outdoor Summer Activities For Fun And Adventure With Smart Devices

Engaging Outdoor Summer Activities For Fun And Adventure With Smart Devices

Make your outdoor summer activities more enjoyable with the help of different smart gadgets and appliances such as smart speakers, smart lanterns, smart plugs, and many more.

Summer means adventure and outdoor activities. Vacation this time is full of trips to the beach, camping, hiking, exploring nature, enjoying pool parties in the backyard, or having a barbecue party with your loved one in a field.

And what better way than to use smart devices to make these summer adventures more fun, smooth, and convenient?

So, without further delay, let's see how you can make your outdoor summer activities more enjoyable with different smart devices.

Importance Of Outdoor Activities During Summer

Life, in general, can be pretty exhausting with the constant rush of work, study, and other day-to-day activities. It can make us tired and frustrated with our routine life.

While we can’t exactly throw away our work and responsibilities, it’s also important to get away from them once in a while to spend time with ourselves.

Summer vacation is one of the rare times when we get a chance to replenish ourselves with some fun enjoyable activities. Some like to go camping or hiking, some go swimming, have picnics in a sunny field, and many more. 

Having a chance to rest and enjoy nature reduces stress and improves our brain function. It also benefits our health by improving the immune system, increasing appetite, reducing fatigue, etc.

Overall, the importance of outdoor activities during summer is immense. So, we all should take a break occasionally to enjoy our favorite outdoor activities during this time of the year.

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Integration Of Smart Devices For Enhanced Experiences

Outdoor summer activities are always fun. But you can make them even better by integrating various smart devices. Here's a list of some of the most common smart devices you can incorporate into your summer activities.

  • Smart Speaker

Summer parties with smart speakers can really change the game. Smart speakers are remotely accessible and voice-controlled. So, you don’t need to run back to it every time to change the song. Being energy efficient, they also have more battery life than traditional speakers.

Some Bluetooth speakers can even make different playlists and mixes based on previous data.

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  • Temperature Controlled Pool

An automated temperature-controlled pool can make your usual summer pool parties feel 100x more luxurious. You can set the temperature of the water according to your liking. Some even have features to make waves with underwater pumps.

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  • Smart Lantern

Smart lanterns are a must-have item if you are into summer camping. These lanterns use much less charge than regular lanterns, so they can run longer. At the same time, you can also set the light to different levels by dimming features.

Some other features of smart lanterns are a built-in USB port for charging phones, voice control, smartphone connection, built-in Bluetooth speaker, etc.

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  • Smart Bobber

Smart bobbers can make the experience more exquisite for those who enjoy fishing with their impressive abilities. These abilities include providing water temperature and depth data, the possibility of fish in the area, etc.

  • Smart Plug

Smart plugs are not devices rather it’s a smart tool that can transform any electric appliance into a smart one. You don't have a smart speaker but want one? Plug them up with a smart plug to the outlet and now you can control the speaker just like any other smart speaker.

Some of the smart plugs even have energy monitoring features to show real-time energy consumption. Such a product is the Evvr Energy Monitoring Smart Plug & Relay. It’s a very impressive product that’s also compatible with Apple Homekit.

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List Of Outdoor Summer Activities

Here is a list of the most common and fun outdoor summer activities.

  • Camping And Hiking

The most common outdoor summer activities are camping and hiking. While camping you don’t have the comfort of your home or even most of the things we need on a daily basis. But using smart devices can make it much more enjoyable and convenient.

For example, a portable charger to charge your device, a solar-powered lantern, a smart fan, a smart Bluetooth speaker, a portable stove, etc.

  • Exploring Nature

You can also connect to nature just by taking a stroll and exploring nature without any hiking or camping. And a good sense of direction can make your exploration much smoother than usual.

You can use a handheld smart GPS to detect the right directions for your adventures. Nowadays there are many smart GPS products in the market. These smart GPS can connect to the satellite network and navigate directions with great accuracy.

Some of the models even have features like real-time weather reports, data sharing, voice control, birds-eye view, etc.

  • Sports And Recreation

Summer activities are not without sports and recreation. Going to the beach, playing volleyball in the sand, swimming, all these activities makes summer more anticipated. But playing different sports in the sun can lead to dehydration which is why it’s important to have a water supply nearby.

Smart coolers are a great way to keep the water bottle cool and refreshing even under the scorching sun. You can control the temperature as well to keep your water at your preferred temperature level.

Some coolers can even act as a portable charger for your phone and have built-in Bluetooth for recreation.

Safety Consideration

While outdoor activities in summer are definitely something to look forward to, we also need to make sure to be safe about it. First of all, make a list of safety considerations and check them out as you prepare for your summer endeavors.

To start you out, here’s a list of the most common safety considerations that you might need to look out for.

  • Battery Saving Techniques

While camping, one of the first difficulties that arise is not having a chance to charge your smartphone. So, it’s very important to save your battery to be in touch with your family and friends in case of an emergency.

There are some techniques that can prolong the battery life of your phone. For example, dimming the screen light to the minimum level, closing down apps that you are not using, turning on power saving mode, snoozing push notifications, turning on airplane mode, etc.

  • Portable Charger

Despite trying to save battery life, your smart device is bound to die at some point. In that case, carrying a portable charger can save you from the discomfort of having been disconnected from civilization.

Some of the portable chargers can charge multiple devices and appliances like your smartphone, small light, smartwatch, Bluetooth speaker, etc. So, a portable charger like that can come in very handy during hiking or camping. By the way, the power station is also a good choice.

  • Outdoor Smart Plug

A pool party with music and lighting in the backyard is an integral part of outdoor summer activities. But using regular outlets or plugs to connect the speakers or lighting system can lead to major accidents if they come in contact with water.

To prevent this kind of misfortune, make sure to use outdoor smart plugs with water protection. Outdoor smart plugs are designed to withstand different weather conditions including rain, so they are safe to use in such scenarios. They are also remotely accessible.


Outdoor summer activities improve our brain chemistry and make us recharged to go back to our usual hectic life. To make the best use of this precious time, integrate suitable smart devices and enjoy your time to the fullest.

To know more about smart gadgets for summer activities, reach out to us.

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