Best Outdoor Extension Cords for 2023 Best Outdoor Extension Cords for 2023

Best Outdoor Extension Cords for 2023

Here, you will find high-quality and best outdoor extension cord options that supply power to your outdoor areas and have high power capacity …

Whether you are lighting your lawn for a family event or trying to run power in an unreachable outdoor area, an outdoor extension cord is what you need. However, remember you can't use your indoor extension cord as it's prone to electrical shocks. So, to enjoy your power tools outside, you should get the best outdoor extension cord.

This extension cord is safe and easily withstands daily weather challenges without getting damaged or causing any injury. Multiple best outdoor extension cords are available in the market, but this huge variety may need to be clarified. To help you in this regard, we've listed the best outdoor extension cords and their exciting features. Let's explore these options!

What Factors are Needed for an Outdoor Extension Cord?

Before you start exploring different extension cord options, it's essential to look at various factors that you should consider. Here are a few of them:

1. Material of Extension Cord

As you are going to use this outdoor extension cord, it's essential to consider the thickness and quality of the material before sealing the deal. Most outdoor extension cords are made of high-quality, weather-resistant, durable materials that withstand all weather changes. Moreover, you can find a blade inside these cords that keeps them in good condition even in high temperatures and doesn't bend. Here are the materials usually used in the manufacturing of outdoor cords:

  • Heavy-duty plastic
  • Vinyl
  • Rubber

2. Wire Gauge

Another important thing is the wire gauge which is the thickness of the wire used in the outdoor extension cord. Moreover, the wire gauge helps you determine the amount of current that can easily flow through the outdoor extension cord. It's usually measured by AWG - the American Wire Gauge number. The higher the AWG number, the thicker the outdoor extension cord will be, which means more current will pass through without getting damaged. So, whenever you buy the best outdoor extension cord, find the one with the highest AWG.

3. Power Capacity

The next thing is the maximum power capacity or load-bearing capacity of the outdoor extension cord. The highest load of the cord will tell you how much current the cable can take. You can simply consider as the more the power rating of the line; the higher will be its power-holding capacity. When you run a high current through a low-power capacity cable, there is a high chance that the cord will burn or cause electrical shocks. Hence, whenever you go on to purchase a new outdoor extension cord, go with a coed with high power capacity.

4. Extension Cord Length

Length is another of the undeniable features of the outdoor extension cord because you must be looking for an extension cord with an ideal length that won't stretch out. If an outdoor extension cord is lengthy and stretchable, then it can result in many mishaps. Moreover, longer outdoor extension cords mean the voltage drops more than the shorter ones. Therefore, if you require good amp capacity, aim for a short best outdoor extension cord.

Top 5 Best Outdoor Extension Cords for 2023

The new year is around the corner, so you need an excellent extension cord to cater to the power needs of your outdoor events. If so, we have listed the top outdoor extension cord options for you. Let's discuss each of them!  

1. Voltec Pro Long Outdoor Extension Cord

If you’re looking for the best outdoor extension cord with perfect durability and power and a smooth design, then the Voltec Pro outdoor extension cord is the best choice. It's long and has a power capacity of 15A, which makes it an excellent powerhouse. You can run all your small to large and new to old appliances on it without facing any power loss or damage.

What makes this outdoor extension cord incredible is its thickness and durability. It was designed to manage heavy loads and allow you to enjoy power in all the power-deprived areas of your home. One downside was that it's heavy, making it unmanageable when you take it out of the box. Moreover, it passed the jeep test successfully, and there was no voltage drop.

Key Features

Let's look at the top features of this outdoor extension cord to know more:

  • It comes with a locking mechanism that firmly attaches the cord to the power cable.
  • Has a length of 50 feet.
  • Offers a power capacity of around 15A.

2. Southwire Outdoor Cord

If you want the best outdoor extension cord for commercial use, there's nothing better than this Southwire Outdoor Cord. With around 100 feet, this extra-length extension cord perfectly caters to all your heavy outdoor power needs. The overall construction of this outdoor extension cord is very durable and resistant to chemicals and oils.

Additionally, this cord is very flexible, which makes it more suitable for cold temperatures than many other outdoor extension cord options available in the market. It has a yellow color which makes it very noticeable, and the risk of anyone getting stuck in it decreases significantly. You can perform everything from gardening, landscaping, and running heavy appliances.

Key Features:

Here are the exciting features of Southwire Outdoor Cord:

  • Has a length of 100 feet.
  • Perfect for commercial outdoor power usage.
  • Resistant to chemicals, weather, oils, etc.

3. US Wire and Cable Yellow Lighted Extension Cord

Many times, customers are forced to buy a low-power or a not-very-durable extension cord because they have a low budget. But not anymore! The US Wire and Cable is the best outdoor extension cord with excellent length and top-notch power capacity. Its length is 50 feet, and it can easily handle a handful of power with its 15 A power rating.

This cord resembles a lot in functionality with the Voltec Pro outdoor extension cord but what makes it different is the absence of a locking clip and minimal price.

Moreover, it passed the power drop test with excellent results, as no power drop was noticed. However, there’re a few downsides to this product that include bulkiness and less durability. Both of these are justified by looking at the price range of this product. The best part is that this plug features a lighted plug that tells you about the safe operation of all your connected appliances.

Key Features

Below are the most noticeable features of this best outdoor extension cord:

  • Maintains flexibility in weather up to 105°C and down to -70°C.
  • Has a length of 50 feet.
  • The maximum power rating is 15 A.
  • Comes with a warm light plug. 

4. AmazonBasics Vinyl Extension Cord

The next on our list of waterproof and outdoor extension cords is this fantastic AmazonBasics Vinyl Extension Cord. This product is great for both indoor and outdoor use and is slightly thinner than other products of the same category. This thin and lightweight structure may have you questioning its overall durability, but surprisingly, this cord serves well.

Its power rating is also less than 15 A; however, the length is 50 feet. The power rating doesn't make it suitable for running heavy appliances. So, if you plan to operate your heavy outdoor power equipment on it, consider other options. This outdoor extension cord is only best for seasonal decor or other lighting equipment.

Key Features

Let's dig into the top features of the Amazon Basics Vinyl Extension Cord:

  • Vinyl coating makes it weatherproof.
  • Has a 16 gauge rating.

5. UltraPro Outdoor Power Strip

The UltraPro Outdoor Power Strip is a multi-outlet outdoor extension cord featuring three outlets. This outdoor extension cord is best for running small and almost all household appliances. These include TV, lights, and other home entertainment devices. Moreover, it has a small gauge, meaning less current can pass through it, and its load resistance isn't very high.

The overall power capacity of this UltraPro Outdoor Power Strip is 13A which means any heavy equipment connected to it results in damage. You can connect it to your generator during power blackouts and get all your household appliances running smoothly.

Key Features

The following are the key features of this best outdoor extension cord:

  • Has multiple outlets to support different lighting systems or devices.
  • Suitable for small and household appliances.
  • Has a small gauge and a power capacity of 13A.

Best Smart Remote Control Extension Cord - EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug and Relay

Undoubtedly, having an outdoor and waterproof extension cord is great, but having a smart remote control extension cord to manage and connect all your devices is even greater. The EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug and Relay is precisely that product, and it is Homekit compatible. With this, you get to enjoy power in outdoor areas, and your connected devices also become smart.

You can control and manage your appliances from anywhere, anytime, by giving commands to Siri or through a smartphone app. Moreover, you can use this EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug and Relay with a 2-core or 3-core cable to run your home appliances. Its power capacity is 16 A which is higher than other outdoor extension cords, so you don't have to worry about unexpected power outages.

Use this best extension cord, track the hourly energy consumption of your plug-in device with 99% accuracy at any time, and predict the power use on EVVR App; The Magnetic Retention Relay provides devices with stable status and consumes 90% (0.5-1W) less working energy than other products.

energy monitoring smart plug

Key Features

Let's have a look at the key features of the EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug and Relay - the best outdoor extension cord:

  • It's very easy to install and set up. Just scan the QR code and manage your Homekit-compatible devices with a few taps.
  • Consumes 90% less energy than other products, saving on your energy bills.
  • It provides overload and thermal protection so children don't fall victim to accidental electrical shocks.
  • Allows you to create automation scenes so devices can turn on and off automatically when not in use.
  • Has a split-type design to give you access to hidden power outlets.


An outdoor extension cord is mandatory if you plan to arrange some party on your lawn or backyard. It saves you from potential electric shocks and is weather-resistant. The above-listed options are great; however, the EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug and Relay is the best outdoor extension cord. With it, all your appliances become smart as it's Homekit compatible. You can save energy along with enjoying the best decor in your garden!

Additionally, if you are looking for more smart devices to automate your home, EVVR is the one-stop shop. We have devices like EVVR Pad S, EVVR In-Wall Relay Switch, EVVR Center Lite, etc., that make your life easier and smooth. So, don't wait; contact us now to grab your favorite products!

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