Indoor Vs. Outdoor Extension Cord, What To Choose? Indoor Vs. Outdoor Extension Cord, What To Choose?

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Extension Cord, What To Choose?

Want to know about indoor and outdoor extension cords? This blog post will cover the mechanics and tips for keeping your outdoor extension cords safe!

Extension cords should be used in various ways because they have different purposes for indoor and outdoor use. When working in the yard, outdoor extension cords are a terrific tool. These cords are portable, so you may use them to trim the hedges or blow debris off the gravel driveway. Nevertheless, choosing the proper cord for outdoor use is essential for safety. So how can you distinguish between extension cords for indoor and outdoor use?

Evvr provides smart solutions for smart spaces for efficient use of sources and satisfaction throughout the board. Whether you are looking for a smart plug or a smart home central processing unit, Evvr has you covered!

Indoor Extension Cords

They are rated for indoor usage, which is why they are termed indoor extension cables. The female socket molded onto the cord's end is not weatherproof. They are less insulated and more vulnerable to bodily harm. External extension cords can transmit more power over greater distances because they are thicker, more watertight, and contain a secure rubber-molded female socket at the end.

Long-term outdoor use of indoor extension cables can cause them to fail, which can cause sparking, fire, and shock.

Outdoor Extension Cords

As previously noted, insulation is the main distinction between an indoor and outdoor cord. Outdoor cords have a unique coating. The strong sunlight in Western Australia could rapidly degrade the plastic on indoor wires.

According to their thickness, outdoor extension cords are categorized and have higher amperage ratings. Their amp rating is higher the lower the number. A 16 gauge cord is ideal for radios and soft wattage lighting, while a low gauge number like 10 is appropriate for portable air conditioners.

Protecting Outdoor Extension Cords From Elements

Use a GFCI adapter and your outdoor extension cord if your home's outside doesn't already have installed ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protected outlets. It's a clever idea to give your Christmas light show an additional layer of security. The extension cable plugs into the GCFI first, and then the GFCI is plugged directly into your outlet. It functions as a circuit breaker that will immediately cut electricity if it detects that it is passing through water, a person, or any other object that it shouldn't be. Always plug the GFCI into your outlet before plugging in your outdoor extension wire to prevent electric shock.

Safety Tips For The Of Outdoor Extension Cords

You can do more to keep your family and your home safe, in addition to picking the right extension cord made for outdoor use and using a GCFI extension.

Extension cords should be kept safely. Unplug the extension cables after using the outside lighting for the season and carefully roll them back up the way they were when you first opened the package. Then, hang them until you need them again somewhere protected from the elements.

Check extension cables for exposed wire and insulation cracks before removing them from storage. Please do not use the cord if you have any issues.

Always keep extension cords away from areas where snow or water can accumulate. Avoid trying to power too many appliances at once with extension cords.

Use brightly colored extension cables to make them easier to see, keep you from tripping over them, and let anyone who might be mowing or working in your yard know there are extension cords.

Using An Indoor Extension Cord Outside

Around the world, colorful, glittering Christmas lights have become standard. Houses are decorated with glistening lights throughout December and into the first few weeks of January, while streets and cul-de-sacs are converted into festive displays of various colors. The outside of a house can now be just as optimistic as the interior.

But if you're considering using an interior extension cord and running power outside your house for your Christmas lights, that is a no-no. Extension cords used indoors are not made to resist the scalding sun, dampness, or temperature variations. Make sure you comprehend how to employ lines because they are not universal.

Top 5 Best Smart Remote Control Extension Cord For 2023

Syantek Remote Control Power Strip

Meeting a variety of needs power strip that is 5 FT/1.5 meters long and has 3 USB ports, one always-on outlet, and 3 RF-controlled outlets; Ideal for use with speakers, fans, laptops, computers, tablets, mobile phones, and other small appliances like mini-coffee makers, air diffusers, and tablets; satisfy all of your requirements at home or the office

100 FT Remote Control Range: You may efficiently operate devices quickly from anywhere in your room with the controller; Each outlet can be individually controlled, and appliances up to 100 feet (30 meters) away are simple to manage; Even through walls and doors, a strong RF signal performs effectively.

Broad Spaces: To use many plugs simultaneously, nearby plugs can fit in the large area between each outlet; Additionally, it can avoid short circuits brought on by pins being too close to one another; As your best overload protector power strip with USB Overload Protection, it offers dual protection: The overcurrent protection button will immediately bounce off to turn off the power once in use, perfectly protecting your devices; Each of the four plugs offers 10A/1250W of protective energy; Each USB port provides 2.4A, for a total of 4.5A.

Evvr Energy Monitoring Smart Plug and Relay - Power In Your Hands!

Evvr Energy Monitoring Smart Plug is the ultimate device to deliver power to appliances and keep them safe from energy fluctuations. The device is equipped with excellent software and hardware integration to ensure you and your devices are safe around the space. Are you feeling intrigued about Evvr Energy Monitoring Smart Plug and Relay? 

Evvr Energy Monitoring Smart Plug and Relay, which are HomeKit compatible, can operate "dumb" devices, connect both older and newer home gadgets, and give outdated appliances new and smart life. With Apple HomeKit, you can automate and control your appliances from anywhere at any time, use Siri voice commands as well. The Evvr App allows you to monitor power usage in real-time to save energy and money.

This home energy monitor can be used with 2-core and 3-core cable for home appliances and can carry currents up to 16 amps, allowing even older home appliances to be integrated into your HomeKit smart home. You may even have an appliance-specific home energy monitor with exciting application possibilities.

indoor vs outdoor extension cord


BN-LINK Outdoor Indoor Wireless Remote Control

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO START IS INCLUDED IN EACH BN-LINK WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL OUTLET KIT, INCLUDING THE REMOTE BATTERIES! Plug it in and start using it, or synchronize the outlets to your needs. Instead of operating independently of one another, the three outlets operate simultaneously.

WEATHERPROOF: Our plug is designed to withstand rain and other inclement conditions. To prevent water damage, please set the plug at least 2 feet above the ground with the plug facing straight down.

FLEXIBILITY: With any of our BN-LINK Remote Control Outlet kits, you can expand your system and synchronize remote outlets regardless of frequency variances.

SIMPLE COMFORT: Use the remote control or the outlets to turn your on and off your appliances. Excellent with nearly any electronic item, including lights, heaters, air conditioners, audio systems, seasonal decorations, and charging gadgets.

SECURE AND DURABLE: After a power loss, outlets won't be turned on to conserve energy and safeguard your appliances. 125V, 15A/1875W Resistive, 5A/625W, and 1/2HP are the ratings.

HBN Outdoor Indoor Wireless Remote Control

Each wireless remote control outlet kit has everything you need to get going, including the remote's batteries. Plug it in and start using it, or synchronize the outlets to your needs.

Strong signal: without interfering with other electronics, our receivers and transmitters operate through doors and walls. A signal can work up to 100 feet away in a straight line of sight.

Flexibility: Use any remote control outlet kits to upgrade your system and synchronize remote outlets regardless of frequency variances.

Use the remote control or the outlets to turn your appliances on and off. Excellent with nearly any electronic item, including lights, heaters, air conditioners, audio systems, seasonal decorations, and charging gadgets. The two outlets operate concurrently and together, not individually. Both outlets are controlled simultaneously by the remote, not separately.

Safe and dependable: after a power loss, outlets will stay off to conserve energy and safeguard your appliances. 125V, 15A/1875W resistive, 5A/625W tungsten, 1/2 hp are the ratings.

DEWENWILS Outdoor Wireless Remote Control

Push a button inside the home to remotely turn on or off string lights, holiday decorations, landscape lighting fixtures, security, and other appliances. Heavy Duty Remote Outlet - Up to 15A / 1875W Resistive, 1000W Tungsten, 1/2HP.

Waterproof Case & Features: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use; Waterproof Construction Standard outlets are adequate for the task at hand; the robust shell is resistant to abrasion, dampness, cold, and sunshine.

Strong RF signal with a 100-foot control range that passes undetected through walls and doors; works in open spaces up to that distance; does not require line of sight between remote controller and receiver.

Extra Long 2 FT SJTW 14/3C Heavy Gauge Thick Extension Cord – Easily fits into various outdoor receptacles and offers additional versatility and convenience.

Free of a hassle - Easy to set up without the need of tools; plug it in and go; no programming needed; Make your life practical, safe, and energy-efficient; ideal for the elderly and those with restricted movement or back problems; comes with a CR2032 3V battery; Certified by UL and FCC.

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