Smart Kitchen Ideas - How To Make a Smart Kitchen Smart Kitchen Ideas - How To Make a Smart Kitchen

Smart Kitchen Ideas - How To Make a Smart Kitchen

A smart kitchen can streamline your cooking, enhance storage space, and make it easier and safer for users. Learn all about setting up a new bright kitchen

The kitchen, sometimes known as the "center" of your home, is the house's most responsible for bringing family and friends together. Because of this, you should give careful consideration to the layout of your kitchen. Consequently, switching to a bright kitchen is a worthy financial investment if you seek a way to liven things up.

The Internet of Things allows us to upgrade our houses with cutting-edge technology that will make our lives more convenient and efficient. This revolution in technology has already begun.

A smart kitchen is more than simply using innovative technology; it also manifests as a layout meant to use areas efficiently and to their maximum potential. An intelligent kitchen's combination of functionality and ergonomics makes life simpler and more convenient for the homeowner. Here is a guide to getting started with its design if you consider doing so.

Evvr provides innovative solutions to set up an intelligent kitchen within a smart home with ease and comfort. Please go through our range of intelligent products and gadgets to pick essentials for your bright kitchen!

Defining A Smart Kitchen

The concept of a "smart kitchen" refers to a space containing various cookware pieces that can communicate with one another using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The appliances featured in innovative kitchens can be remotely controlled using other techniques, such as your smartphone or tablet because they are connected to other technical elements. Efficiency, precision, and safety are all improved because of the additional control and data that innovative kitchens provide. In addition, using an intelligent kitchen can result in a rise in production, a decrease in the frequency of accidents, and savings on overhead expenses.

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Smart Control Systems

Using your smart gadgets to take charge of your kitchen is feasible. There are specific commands that are functional regardless of whether you use a smartphone or tablet, provided that there are no compatibility concerns.

Amazon Echo and Google Nest Hub are excellent and innovative methods to get things done. The days you had to manually alter something in your home, such as turning on lights or adjusting the thermostat settings, are long gone. You can request assistance by tapping your device's touchscreen or voice commands.

You may get information from smart devices by asking them questions and having them respond verbally. If you own a smart speaker, you may ask Alexa or Siri for assistance with anything you need, such as converting teaspoons to grams or finding a recipe for a dish inspired by the Mediterranean.

Evvr has a complete host of products and solutions allowing you to run intelligent appliances and equipment, including lights, fans, etc. The installation process is hassle-free, with your bright kitchen up and running in hours.

Appliances Used In Smart Kitchens

The term smart kitchen appliances refer to a wide range of products that include a variety of appliance categories. One piece of smart kitchen equipment may be activated by speech or operated remotely via a phone. In contrast, another part of innovative kitchen equipment may keep internal temperature logs or execute self-maintenance tasks. Customizability is the defining characteristic of intelligent kitchen equipment, which enables you to configure and operate your appliances in the manner that best suits your needs. If you want to improve the whole cooking experience in your bright kitchen, try including some of the following gadgets in your setup.

Combi Ovens

Combi ovens are an essential component of a commercial kitchen since they integrate three different cooking techniques into one device. A smart combi oven upgrade can improve efficiency and unlock new functions. Even when you're not at the location, smart combi ovens can be started and stopped using a remote device. As a result, you can even begin with your smart oven before going to your restaurant, making it available immediately.

Smart Grills

Wi-Fi-enabled grills expedite the grilling process in your kitchen and make it simpler to keep an eye on. Programmable meat probes on innovative grills may interface with the digital control board to show you the precise temperature of your food from another device. You may remotely adjust the temperature of your grill by connecting your smartphone or another device to it. Additionally, smart grills include automatic start-up and cool-down cycles that conserve energy and make cleanup simple.

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Coffee Makers

Smart coffee machines are incredibly adaptable, enabling owners to keep up with the latest coffee trends and providing operators with a wide range of new possibilities. Smart coffee machines can link to mobile devices via Wi-Fi and send notifications to staff when coffee is ready or when a pot is empty. Some sophisticated coffee makers automatically lower tank temperatures when the machine is not in use, conserving energy and cutting utility expenses. Finally, a lot of Wi-Fi-enabled coffee makers come with inbuilt brew counters that let you correctly order coffee supplies and plan for preventive maintenance.

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Smart Cooling Solutions

Another excellent piece of equipment to add connectivity to is refrigeration, as smart refrigerators provide a tonne of proper functionality to your business. In the first place, routine maintenance inspections and real-time feedback help your organization prevent disaster and protect chilled items from equipment malfunction. Built-in monitoring may notify operators of issues instantly, saving time and money by preventing food from spoiling or having to pay for excessive maintenance expenditures. Additionally, intelligent refrigerators will let you know precisely when parts must be replaced, preventing you from doing so too soon or too late.

Intelligent Dishwashers

Smart dishwasher connectivity ensures you get the most out of your equipment. You can keep track of your equipment's condition and ensure your commercial dishwasher is continuously operating at peak efficiency by using error code reporting and machine status. In addition, other capabilities like temperature records and usage analysis provide you with a comprehensive image of how your institution uses its dishwashers, enabling you to plan and organize how your dishes will be cleaned.

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IoT & Food Industry

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of physically interconnected items. These items feature sensors and software that can track them and send data to other gadgets. With the help of IoT, whole networks may collaborate, sharing data and enabling remote access. IoT may give organizations the resources they need to automate processes while generating a wealth of data and information they can utilize to enhance their offerings.

The Internet of Things movement is being incorporated into many facets of daily life and is quickly emerging as a significant trend in the food service sector. IoT in the food sector offers restaurants many advantages, and the movement can fundamentally alter the industry. It is simpler for restaurants to accomplish their primary objective of providing clients with high-quality food and service when they upgrade to a bright kitchen. The Internet of Things (IoT) movement will significantly impact the food business as technology develops and more intelligent kitchen equipment is created.

Advantages of Integrating IoT In Smart Kitchens

IoT-connected innovative kitchens have several advantages that can help your restaurant become a complete business. Some business owners might be suspicious of the expense or work required to set up a connected kitchen, but the benefits frequently exceed the drawbacks. Here are some advantages of installing an intelligent kitchen in your restaurant.

User Safety

Smart kitchen appliances have sensors that track performance, allowing you to be sure nothing is wrong with your devices. Equipment will immediately notify operators of performance problems or equipment breakdowns, preventing any food preparation-related accidents. Additionally, the connectivity of intelligent equipment enables appliances to be turned off at a distance, allowing the processes to be stopped immediately in the unlikely event of a malfunction.

Efficient Operations

Smart kitchen equipment keeps an eye on its temperature and energy usage and runs at peak efficiency, lowering maintenance and operating costs. Some machinery can self-diagnose issues and place automatic maintenance part orders, which speeds up the repair process.

Ease & Convenience

Despite being more technologically advanced, most intelligent kitchen appliances are more straightforward to use than their traditional counterparts. Precoding equipment, such as ovens, with recipes and temperature settings, enables one-button operation. The time new hires must spend training can be decreased using intelligent kitchen equipment, especially if you plan to hire young workers or are experiencing a labor shortage.

Better Insights

Ovens and freezers connected to the cloud offer real-time data such as the current temperature. Thanks to these records and data, you can always keep an eye on the food being cooked. Additionally, the data storage aids in tracking orders and production, enabling operators to make better business decisions.


Sensors in modern kitchen equipment can recognize certain food items and the temperatures at which they should be prepared. This equipment can automatically reduce production as needed, reducing the energy your business uses. Smart kitchen appliances enable you to monitor and control the use of other crucial resources, such as water and electricity.

Evvr In-Wall Relay Switch - The First Step Toward Smart Kitchen

It is no less than a superpower to turn on/off your kitchen lights with a voice command or a single tap on your smartphone. If you think it takes a fortune to install new outlets so that you could say the magical words, you are mistaken! Evvr In-Wall Relay Switch turns any conventional power socket into a smart switch. In turn, it will allow you to dim the lights, on/off them as you go. In addition to other smart equipment, this is a must for your smart kitchen. Evvr can offer you a comprehensive smart home solution whether you are an integrator, professional installer, distributor, or DIYer.  Get in touch with us and become our partner today!

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