Strengths and Weaknesses of Security and Privacy for IoT Strengths and Weaknesses of Security and Privacy for IoT

Strengths and Weaknesses of Security and Privacy for IoT

What is iot security? If you want to protect your house smart home system from outer threats, you must have a deep understanding of it and our guide explains it in detail.

When it comes to cyber security, the term IoT platform makes it to the top of the list. While it has been a vast topic to dig deep into for its impressively growing trend of interconnecting devices, most people aren't aware of the security concerns it might have. That includes the strengths and weaknesses for security and privacy in IoT.

It's safe to say most people are well aware of the benefits that revolve around IoT. However, like any other cyber world, it's not unforeseen that this technology might have some risks too.

That's only when you're not aware of it. Hence, if you're someone who's into building a smart home with smart devices or even using it as a connector, it's essential to shed some light on the security concerns of IoT.

What is IoT security? IoT Security Standard

The Internet of Things or IoT security is a method of protection that is strictly used to create a more secure network connection with the internet or network-dependent devices. Since devices keep getting broader day by day, nearly every technological device like thermostats, game consoles, and of course smart devices can interconnect with the internet.

Whereas IoT security is in charge of securing the pathways of these networks when a device is connected to the broader network. With the rapid advancements in technological capabilities, the use of IoT devices has also spiked the chart.

strengths and weaknesses for security and privacy in iot

These devices are often a storehouse of valuable data with insights into predictive modeling. This means IoT platforms work as a boosting force when it comes to productivity, efficiency, and a profitable workforce by collecting and commanding data. In cases like these, network security works tremendously to protect these crucial data and fight against malicious cyberattacks. 

However, despite the several benefits, when interconnected devices are unmonitored, it can cause potential risks and breed unsecure networks, channels or hubs.

Why is IoT Security Important?

In today's world, If your networks aren't protected by IoT security platforms, then you're at great risk. This is where the importance of IoT security comes in. If IoT security platforms aren't installed then-

  • Hackers can breach your security channels and get your data successfully.
  • Industrial robots can be hacked and connected to other malicious channels.
  • Data can be looped or altered beyond safe parameters.
  • The production management data can be tampered with.
  • Industrial robots' logic and data can be altered.
  • Medical or industrial robots can be hacked and enabled to perform maliciously. 

Hence, it's extremely important to protect the networks with IoT security to help protect the workflow network channels.

iot device security

IoT Security Products in Different Industries

IoT security facilitates a lot more industries than we think. It has increased security to a drastic level in these sectors.


IoT security has played a huge role in eliminating complicating barriers in the healthcare sector-  

  • Visual analytics is used to the optimal level securely.
  • Phones and similar communication channels are actively protected
  • Remote health monitoring devices are problematic-free.
  • Easier and more efficient device management system.
  • Easier treatment decisions with smart monitoring.


Manufacturing isn't possible without the use of IoT security platforms because it secures the channels by providing-

  • Reduced time and safer robot commands.
  • Enhanced automation with safer efficiency
  • Leveraged workflow with more efficiency.
  • Secure use of IoT sensors and monitoring devices.
  • Automated secured robotic channels with short maintenance.
  • Smart factory without any risk of cyberattack.


IoT security constantly helps secure the devices used in making smart agriculture. What it also does is-

  • Safe data transmit in soil moisture
  • Proper information flow on livestock health and chemical applications.
  • Real-time tracking of farm operations.
  • Improved productivity
  • Maximized resources and preventive maintenance with secure channels.

Smart home

Smart home devices won't be deemed smart if they are not protected anymore. What IoT does is-  

  • Creates safe database and cloud.
  • Ensures safe transmission of data between devices. In this case, smart automation control systems like Evvr center lite can provide additional security as it does not store any data and complies with every IoT security solution.
  • Eliminates malicious cyberattacks in network channels.
  • Prevents foreign data to interfere between network hubs when there's a home automation system that supports IoT security like the Evvr center lite smart home automation system.

Strengths and Weaknesses for Security and Privacy in IoT

When it comes to the strengths of IoT security and privacy in our daily lives, it has no limits. However, there are also some weaknesses it possesses that should be known by every user as not knowing them can pose a dangerous threat.

Strengths of IoT

Some of the most prominent strengths of IoT security that we see in today's world are-

  1. Enhanced data collection: even if you're far away from a prominent location, you can still easily access information. With frequent updates of data, it's possible to be accessible from anywhere anytime while also protecting your passwords at all times.
  2. Little to no effort: secure automated tasks are performed with an improved quality of interconnection between smart devices. Especially with smart automation control systems like Evvr center lite as it actively looks out for IoT security solutions.
  3. Data privacy: all the applications, be it the cloud base or chip, every data is protected whether in use it not. Access control is denied to foreign channels that are not recognized.
  4. Regulatory industrial compliance: For strict industrial mechanics and robotic software, every data is strongly encrypted and only functions on authenticated commands which prevent hackers from spreading viruses.
  5. Protect business models: definite implementation of IoT can give rise to new business models and even protect them. Costly fraudulent activities and malicious cyberattacks are actively prevented for the full success of these business models.
  6. Faster local decision: IoT security tunnels ensure the data used for decisions are authentic and help the AI function faster and safer during execution and updates.
  7. Competitive differentiation: more IoT secure solutions will give customers surety and confidence in the source, making them have strong hopes for the productivity of the workplace.
  8. Sustainable usage: whether it's your office space or smart home design, with less scurrying long, not only manpower is lessened but also protects you from the neverending trauma of information leaks.

Weaknesses of IoT Security

Weaknesses prevail too just like the strengths of IoT, some of the risky ones that you should be aware of are- 

  1. Property theft: with poor AI security and left open IP can not only give away your smart home device information but also help release big private data of multimillionaire companies. As a result, the loss of funds and information will take a tragic toll.
  2. Lawsuits and liabilities: if your products aren't promised adequate security chambers, there will be a huge failure in creating and executing designs which will result in liabilities.
  3. Loss of revenues: if you don't enable safe channels for your remote-controlled devices or business models, you can lose your data anytime and face revenue loss.
  4. Regulatory fines: if you fail to protect collaborative industrial data, you can expose yourself to getting punished with regulatory fines.
  5. Risk others' lives: malfunctioning healthcare smart devices can quickly disrupt a patient's life. Without security healthcare, automated devices can malfunction too.
  6. Exposed to bad channels: if your unprotected data is unleashed to some harmful organizations, you can be tarnished by reputation and conjured with financial losses.

iot device security

FAQs of IoT Security

  • What is the biggest cyber threat from IoT devices?

Lack of encryption or improper data protection can quickly make your devices call into risk. IoT devices are susceptible to data passage and transmission. Getting a network twitched from another network can be easy if not protected with IoT security. No data encryption is one of the biggest threats you can face from IoT devices.

  • How often are IoT devices attacked?

If IoT security platforms aren't installed or interconnected with the IoT devices, then it quickly falls to risk. Starting from January of 2021 up until now there have been almost 1.6 billion IoT attacks for the lack of security.

  • How can IoT improve safety and security?

By using IoT security, you can safely monitor from distance, update security panels, and keep track of the effectiveness. Proper management and safeguarding of your data can drastically help you preserve your security through IoT. 

Bottom Line

To clear everything out, it's now fair to say that, without knowing the strengths and weaknesses for security and privacy in IoT, no platform is safe. Be it your private data of smart home or industrial automation, your cyber channels can get hacked anytime if not infused with IoT security platforms.

Hence we recommend the Evvr Center Lite home automation smart control system as it never stores your data whatsoever for not having access to any private cloud. To get further solutions you can contact us as Evvr will keep updating IoT security solutions in the future.

iot device security

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