What is a WiFi Mesh Extender? Best Mesh WiFi Extender What is a WiFi Mesh Extender? Best Mesh WiFi Extender

What is a WiFi Mesh Extender? Best Mesh WiFi Extender

We will introduce What is a Wi-Fi Mesh Extender and What Does a WiFi Mesh Extender Do, and we will show you the best Mesh WiFi Extender and buying guides.

It's not unforeseen to go all crazy when the Wi-Fi doesn't reach out to that one spot you're sitting in. In all honesty, your extra bills behind fast internet don't do a thing when your network doesn't even reach your desired space.

This is where a Wi-Fi mesh extender comes in. It's a compact signal booster device that pairs itself to the router wirelessly using its radios or antennas. So when you connect a Wi-Fi mesh extender at the end of your router, it'll broadcast a signal further away throughout your house. Pretty convenient, right?

However, things can get overwhelming when you go to the market to choose one. Hence, we're going to break down some of the best mesh Wi-Fi extenders that won't disappoint you.

What is a Wi-Fi Mesh Extender?

A Mesh WiFi extender is a type of device that helps rebroadcast or boost your WiFi signal around further areas at your home. 

Simply put, it helps extend the network to the places, which your WiFi network alone is unable to reach. Usually, it can be set up by connecting with the router through either an ethernet cable or a direct Wi-Fi connection to get an extended strong network.

This device is convenient as it facilitates you to choose better network channels through multiple radios. This means you can use one radio for one specific area and another radio for another specific area, thus giving you performances of two routers.

So, if your existing wi-fi is unable to reach your Evvr center lite for automated home operations, you may need to get a quality Wi-Fi extender to bridge that connectivity gap.

What Does a WiFi Mesh Extender Do?

WiFi mesh extenders can be extremely handy to increase the range of your network as these are single-unit devices made to provide signals in areas with bad signals. Even more so, it's possible to connect the exact access point completely wirelessly.

Once you pair up your router with a Wi-Fi mesh extender, it creates one of its networks wirelessly and reaches out to connections further away in your home. For instance, say your Wi-Fi goes after the name 'X' and you've named the extender network 'Y'.

Now, when you're moving from one place to another in your home, you'll have to switch between the networks manually. It's essential to stay connected to the EXT network or the other way around.

However, your device will automatically switch networks when you're fully within the range of one network and out of the other.

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Can You Use a WiFi Extender with a Mesh Network

WiFi extenders are versatile devices, which is why they can be used with mesh networks even though they both work differently.

Mesh networks have the same goal as a WiFi Extender but work a bit differently. It simply makes a big single WiFi network through multiple nodes and helps send the network to the entire house.

WiFi extenders can be added to kinetic routers by ethernet or a single cable. In this case, you can connect it with a mesh network instead of Ethernet for maximum performance, which won't even require cables.  

mesh wifi extender

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Difference Between WiFi Extender vs Mesh

No matter what you'll have to understand the fact that a WiFi mesh extender or mesh network isn't a magician's pill that'll increase network speed every time.

This is especially prevalent when you want to use a mesh network because it won't help your network speed up but only help your connection reach a bit further. They will only rectify your bad signal but nothing more. Make sure the signal is within -67 to -30 because otherwise there's a chance it'll degrade. Another thing with a mesh network is you'll have to look out for dead spots and make sure to place that router in a way that is in the middle of the house.

On the other hand, to better understand the differences between wifi extender vs mesh you'll have to know what both are.

WiFi mesh extender is like having two routers in the house. This means, if you go out of range of the main WiFi, then the speed will go slow until you connect it with the extender. So unless you connect each radio signal manually, you won't get the speedy net you desire.

Best Mesh WiFi Extender in 2022

If you google mesh WiFi extender, you'll find hundreds of brands, which can overwhelm you. Hence, we've done the work and put together the best mesh extenders in the current market.

  1. TP-Link RE605X

If you want the overall best, the TP-Link RE605X is the one you want to catch your eye. TP links have a big variety as it has devices within all ranges, which is why it's such a convenient brand.

This tool supports the entire house with a fully AX1800 capable design that too with the latest WiFi-6 technology. Its antennas help adjust the speed and it's adjustable itself. It's quite easy to use as well as can cover a thorough 5800 square foot home, which can even extend the basements of your house.

This extender can cover an average fast upload speed of both WiFi-5 and wifi-6 devices with extended download speed. When you first pair, it connects itself by default next time into the range, which is better than the ones that need manual connection every time.

mesh wifi extender


  • Compatible with all wifi-5 and wifi-6 devices
  • Covers a large area
  • Automatic connections
  • Fast-paced recent technology


  • A little bit pricey
  1. TP-Link AX1750 Wi-Fi 6 Range Extender (RE603X)

The TP-Link AX1750 Wi-Fi 6 Range Extender is the best catch if you're looking for a device that's within a budget and still gets the job done.

It not only offers excellent performance but also significantly boosts the signals with its latest WiFi-6 technology. Since it's induced with the latest technology, you can enjoy increased connection reliability. Additionally, this bad boy is compatible with TP-link routers which means it can be operated with a mesh network and use a single SSID with ultimate boosted net throughout your entire house.

This extender is also best for people who already own a wifi-6 device, which means you can connect it with more devices with better network efficiency.

mesh wifi extender


  • Thorough and clean performance
  • Extended signal range
  • Accessible controls
  • Easy installation
  • Super convenient and affordable


  • To be able to share a single SSID, a one mesh router is required. 
  1. Netgear Nighthawk X4 AC2200 WiFi Range Extender (EX7300)

If fast connecting plug-ins are your go-to, it's your lucky day as Netgear Nighthawk X4 AC2200 has come to the rescue. This one can not only install in mere minutes but also supports data streaming with MU-MIMO.

This device has the most improved performance when it comes to wifi-5 devices. Even though it's not that compatible with wifi-6 devices, it can still operate data-intensive streams with good connections.

Moreover, it can power up to 2,200 Mbps, which is quite a lot compared to even some of the expensive extenders in the market. Additionally, this tool doesn't create a hassle by blocking a typical outlet and keeps the second power plug unblocked.

mesh wifi extender


  • Easy and fast installation
  • Fully compatible with multiple input
  • Can be run by multiple users
  • Multiple output streaming is possible 


  • Might be too heavy for some.
  1. D-Link Eagle Pro AI E15

The D-link Eagle Pro AI E15 is not only equipped with wifi-6 technology but it's also quite convenient and within budget.

It's powerful and extends itself further into the spaces while being compatible with Wi-Fi-5 devices. Moreover, it adds reasonable coverage and adds benefits to the ones who already own wifi-6 devices. However, a WiFi-6 router is eminent if you want to fully optimize this device.

You can also use it in mesh mode and target specific dead zones. With good speed and easy-to-use handy features, it can be very cost-effective for a person.

mesh wifi extender


  • WiFi-6 compatibility
  • Cost-effective and efficient
  • Reaches dead zones
  • Can be used in mesh mode


  • Doesn't work well without a wifi-6 router

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Can I add mesh WiFi to an existing router?

Yes, you can always upgrade your existing router with mesh WiFi and boost the signals. While using more than one connected device, it'll distribute more WiFi coverage. It'll be the same as traditional WiFi but only better

  1. Can mesh WiFi go through floors?

Yes, if you have the right boosters and devices. Since WiFi networks are radio waves, as long as they can send signals from one radio to another, they can easily reach floors and even your basements.

  1. Where should a WiFi extender be placed in a two-story house?

It's ideal if you place it between your computer and halfway by the router. However, make sure the WiFi extender is placed within the wireless range to get optimized results. It's also better to place the extender closer to the router space if you change locations.

Final Thoughts

With so many devices in the market, it can always get hard to understand which ones are the best mesh WiFi extender. Hence why we've tried to shed light on which ones will not disappoint you whatsoever.

So, what are you waiting for? Find out a quality Wifi mesh extender and help all your devices get the desired network coverage. If you still have any questions or confusions, feel free to get in touch with us whenever you want!

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