Elderly Smart Home Living: Smart Devices for Enhanced Safety and Engagement Elderly Smart Home Living: Smart Devices for Enhanced Safety and Engagement

Elderly Smart Home Living: Smart Devices for Enhanced Safety and Engagement

Looking for smart devices for better safety and engagement for elderly loved ones? This blog will cover all your bases, from simple to life-changing gadgets!

For the first time in history, more than 20% of the population will be of retirement age by 2030, when the entire baby boomer generation will be older than 65.

The ideal moment in history to age at home has arrived thanks to advancements in smart home technologies like internet-connected appliances, voice assistants, and wearables. As a result, homes are considerably more efficient and ultimately safer for older people.

The following appliances can all help make a senior's home safer, whether you're a home services provider or a homeowner trying to create a suite of smart home technology for an aging parent, grandparent, neighbor, friend, or oneself.

EVVR is a leader in smart home solution providers. With a diverse lineup of software and hardware solutions for elderly customers, such as EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug, EVVR Center, EVVR Center Lite, and more, you are getting more than your money's worth. You are getting peace of mind and well-being for your elderly loved ones!

Advantages of Incorporating Smart Devices With Elderly Living

The idea to use smart home technology will assist seniors in maintaining their safety and well-being even though many are less technologically savvy than their younger counterparts.

Seniors who employ smart home technology can also assist their families, friends, neighbors, first responders, and others in addition to themselves.

Safety & Well-Being

First and foremost, safety is the main advantage of installing smart gadgets in the homes of our elderly relatives. Older adults frequently trip, slip, and fall; as a matter of fact, falls are the leading cause of injury for the elderly. Every 19 minutes, an aged person dies from injuries experienced in a fall, according to the National Council on Aging.

A safer house for elders is one with smart home technology that can stop, detect, or summon assistance in the case of a fall.


Thanks to smart home technology, seniors can manage their homes using mobile devices from the comfort of their bed or chair.

If a caregiver was at the front door, for instance, they could see who it is, confirm it with them, and then unlock the door without getting up and running the risk of getting hurt.

Even with a voice assistant, any older person living alone today has a means of engagement and conversation. They may get the news, the weather, and even phone friends and family using voice commands.

Sense of Relief For Relatives

By setting a safety net around elders in the home, smart gadgets give family, friends, and other people a chance to feel at ease and confident about leaving their elderly loved ones at home.

Deciding when to place older family members in assisted living facilities can be difficult, but it becomes necessary when their safety is at risk. We can feel secure knowing that our aging parents' and grandparents' safety and well-being are being kept track of thanks to contemporary technology.

equipment for elderly care at home

Best Smart Devices To Enhance Elderly Living

The greatest smart home appliances for older people are listed below. While implementing this technology is something we advise, we do not advise doing it yourself. We advise contacting a service professional or handyman to assist with installation and prevent harm.

Smart Assistants

The 'Hey Google' feature on Google Home, the 'Siri' feature on Apple Homepod, and other voice assistants let you speak to natural language processing applications to activate, ask, and receive answers to queries.

These smart home assistants can set timers in the kitchen, dictate the news and weather, make purchases if they are linked to a payment-enabled account, and manage other smart home appliances like lights, televisions, and more.

Intelligent Pill Dispenser

You can load your meds into a smart pill dispenser and set them up to be available and distributed on a scheduled basis. Some smart pill dispensers have locking features to stop theft or unintentional overdoses.

Most older adults receive various prescription drugs to manage prevalent age-related issues, and many also get care for other chronic disorders that are less common.

Fall Detection Applications

However, some brands have developed advanced algorithms to identify human falls. Motion sensors can be excellent for security systems to detect intruders. Some people even utilize AI and machine learning to distinguish between humans and animals.

Installing these sensors is crucial, especially in senior citizen homes.

Smart Plugs

Smart Plugs are exceptionally helpful for older people as they can turn dumb appliances into smarter ones. Older people can take control of their lives with multiple connectivity and utility options. EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug goes the extra mile by offering the power consumption number for the users through the dedicated application. This can allow older people to optimize their usage and keep control of their utility bills.

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats let you keep a room at a consistent temperature while preserving energy economy. You can use a smartphone or other device to remotely operate the system if you forget to turn off your heater or air conditioner before leaving the house.

As hypothermia and heat stroke can occur indoors, it's crucial to maintain temperatures moderate for elders. Smart thermostats let you control the temperature without getting up and making manual adjustments if your movement is restricted within the house.

equipment for elderly care at home

Smart Locks

Security issues may arise when an internet-connected lock is integrated, yet controlling locks remotely represents a significant advancement for senior homeowners.

A door can be unlocked using various authentication techniques using smart locks. For instance, biometrics use voice recognition, fingerprint scanning, retinal scans, and other methods to confirm a person has the right to access a door. In addition to cell phones, smart locks can also use key cards, unique PINs, and other security measures.

For older people, smart locks are particularly useful. A caregiver, a neighbor, or a first responder can be given access in an emergency from an authorized mobile device without physically harming the property.

equipment for elderly care at home

Security Cameras

A smart camera strategically positioned throughout the home is a security device similar to smart locks that also helps older people. The homeowner may be able to immediately identify who is at their house if the camera is placed close to the front entrance.

Installing multiple cameras inside the house and offering friends and family members a viewing line is also possible. This allows dependable family members or close friends to check on an elderly parent, grandparent, or friend to ensure they're okay.

equipment for elderly care at home

Automated Vacuum Cleaners

These machines independently explore the layout of your house, looking for dirt or dust to clean up for you. These vacuum cleaners can maneuver around and behind furniture to clean spots that are hard to get to.

The average American cleans their home six hours a week, but senior citizens probably need more time to do the same activities. Thankfully, a surge of automated cleaning tools has emerged due to these robotic advancements, helping to reduce the workload.

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Smart Pet Feeders

Pets have been discovered to promote healthy aging. Those who own pets between 50 and 80 report lower stress levels, a sense of purpose, a closer connection to others, and a more active lifestyle.

Despite the advantages of support animals, 20% of elderly respondents to the poll said they did not have the time to take care of a pet. For this reason, a smart pet feeder that automatically dispenses food and water is excellent equipment for older pet owners.

These tools maintain a regular animal feeding schedule and ensure that each meal contains the same food. Additionally, they can send messages to confirm food and water distribution. This gives older pet owners peace of mind that their animals will be well-fed, even if they are clumsy or incapable of doing so themselves.

equipment for elderly care at home

Smart Garage Door Controllers

Whether at home or abroad, Wifi-enabled garage door openers let you check that your garage door or garage lights is closed. For older adults, opening and closing their garage door from a smartphone is crucial.

When leaving for a trip or at night, forgetting to close the garage door leaves your house and garage vulnerable to burglars, wild animals, and other undesirable visitors. From the comfort of your bed, you may assist in securing your house by using a mobile device to open and close the garage door.

equipment for elderly care at home

Smart Kitchen Appliances

There is a smart kitchen device for everything, from oven ranges and freezers to toaster ovens and microwaves. These gadgets can connect to smart home hubs and speech assistants like Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

Seniors can avoid going to the kitchen to preheat, adjust the temperature, turn the oven off, and do other tasks using a wireless oven remote. Smart refrigerators make it simple to set timers, make lists, and keep track of perishables' expiration dates.

EVVR Offers Excellent Solutions For Smart Elderly Living

EVVR is not just any other smart home brand; it is a sense of care and well-being for all, especially for older people. Our products and services are directed toward making the best of each experience, from turning on the lights through EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug to controlling all the smart devices around the house through EVVR Center Lite. So, choose EVVR today and forever enjoy smart living with no hassle!

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